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On Salmon’s Exit, Founder of Arizona’s State House Freedom Caucus Urges ‘Principled, Stalwart Conservatives’ to Support Kari Lake for Governor

Former Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon dropped out of the Arizona gubernatorial race and urged his supporters to support Karrin Taylor Robson, but State Rep. Jake Hoffman thinks real conservatives should go with Kari Lake

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Arizona 2022 Legislative Session Ends with $18 Billion Budget, Failure to Ban All Abortions, and 79 Bills Waiting for Ducey

The nearly $18 billion Arizona budget, composed of 12 bills, is full of pork – one example of which is a large tax credit for Hollywood the Republican leadership insisted on passing.

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Kari Lake Challenges Fox News Host Bret Baier for Not Covering Election Fraud: ‘Mama Bear Takes Down a Fake News Baier’

During an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier on June 27, Kari Lake turned the focus to Fox News’ lack of coverage of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Baier has consistently expressed skepticism of former Pres

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Move Over J6 Protesters, the Left is Back Outdoing You With Violence

The protests organized by the pro-abortion group Jane's Revenge are far more violent than the J6 protesters, as were the riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, yet the Democrats continue public hearings into Jan. 6 a yea

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Clint Eastwood: The Spaghetti Western Star Who Defined a Generation
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  • 06/28/2022

Clint Eastwood is an American Icon who put the Spaghetti Western and 44 Magnum on the map with his iconic roles in High Plains Drifter and Dirty Harry

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The Downfall of Roe Vs. Wade

My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling, plus the hypocrisy of the Progressives and Jewish Holocaust and the Atheist/Humanist groups that are actually front groups for Progressive/Marxist agendas.

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Vicious Attacks During Both Final Forums for Arizona Sec State and Treasurer

3 candidates for Arizona Secretary of State, and 3 candidates for Arizona State Treasurer debated, and one candidate during each really went for the jugular. Was it effective?

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Sparks Fly at U.S. Senate GOP Primary Debate in Arizona Between Brnovich, Lamon, Masters, McGuire, and Olson

Who performed the best of the three leading Republican candidates for Senator at their first (and likely only) debate? I think Brnovich did, but you be the judge.

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Kari Lake’s Campaign Says Former Friend, a Drag Queen Who Called Her ‘A Complete Hypocrite,’ Will Be Subject to Defamation Lawsuit

In a detailed statement released Sunday, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign said the frontrunner is filing a defamation lawsuit against Rick Stevens, a former friend of Lake’s who is a professional drag queen in

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