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The Democrat Party - The Afterbirth of a Nation

Is the Democrat Party even legitimate? "Republicanism" birthed our nation, the Democrat Party became its afterbirth as the most ruthless, deceitful, bigoted, crooked "party" ever.

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Leadership Skills

What do great leaders have in common?

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The Downfall of the Lincoln Project

A review of the Lincoln Project's downfall. Good riddance.

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Metal Escapism as Mental Strategy in Maddening Times

The author celebrates heavy metal music for its freedom and rebelliousness—arguing that it provides an escapist antidote to living in these fascist-authoritarian times.

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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 103: The Equality Act is really about a Fundamental Transformation of America.

My take on this liberty stealing act, done in the name of equality.

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Locked Up: How the Modern Prison-Industrial Complex Puts So Many Americans in Jail | The Resistance Library Podcast
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  • 02/24/2021

On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast Sam and Dave discuss the prison industrial complex in the United States.

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Democrats Rarely Turn on One of Their Own. So Why Cuomo?

Hint: It's not because of principles.

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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 102: In memory of Carman Licciardello

His style of Christian Music combined African-American Gospel with other styles of music and art. He was especially popular with the MTV Generation, and such he spoke their language.

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Our Brave New World

The kinder, gentler drug policies of the Biden-Harris Administration will result in more drug use, more addiction and more social decay.

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