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Last Chance to Save the Soul of the Nation

Democrats are replacing America's conscience - its clear sense of right and wrong - with radical, fabricated concepts, like DEI, CRT, and gender-affirming care.

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AZ Supreme Court Upholds Arizona’s 1864 Law Banning Almost All Abortions

The Arizona Freedom Caucus, composed of conservative members of the Arizona Legislature, issued a unanimous statement praising the decision and criticizing politicians who issued statements calling upon the legislature to

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Trump’s Former Attorney John Eastman Relays His Disbarment Story at Davos in the Desert’s Lawfare Event in Phoenix

Donald Trump’s former attorney and constitutional scholar, John Eastman, spoke to the civic organization Davos in the Desert Wednesday about the lawfare he experienced, which resulted in disbarment and prosecution.

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IC Editor Rachel Alexander discusses lawfare at Davos in the Desert event

IC Editor Rachel Alexander participated in a lawfare presentation with Trump's former attorney John Eastman Wednesday night. She went over the latest egregious lawfare abuses against conservatives.

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Conservative Candidate Brad Miller Running Against Election Fraud Denying Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkner

Miller points to a long list of problems with the office, including mishandling criminal issues and election integrity, as reasons change is needed. He cited how former Pinal County Elections Director Virginia Ross “comm

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Arizona Republican Party Joins Two Other State GOPs Filing an Amicus Curiae Brief in Kari Lake’s and Mark Finchem’s Voting Machine Tabulator Lawsuit

The complaint emphasized that the lower courts “conflated standing with merits, twisting the standing rules to require much more — that the complaint prove facts sufficient to grant relief.”

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Wisconsin Election Integrity Journalist Who Exposed Allegedly Illegal Democratic ‘Smurfing’ Donations Arrested

Peter Bernegger, president of Election Watch in Wisconsin, was arrested last week after filing complaints against officials and candidates he exposed for accepting donations allegedly facilitated by progressive activists

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Crowdfunding launched for massive seminar with legal experts analyzing the sleazy Trump lawfare

In addition to the Trump lawfare event Davos in the Desert is putting on in Phoenix on Wednesday featuring John Eastman, they are launching an even huger "Get Trump" lawfare seminar all online on May 21.

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Election Integrity Investigator Releases New Information About Likely Manipulation of Maricopa County’s Voting Machine Tabulators in the 2020 and 2022 Elections

One of those findings was that unauthorized executable programs were installed on the machines at least three times during the 2020 election, which could be used to alter election results without detection.

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