R.I.P. – William Nathan Alexander

My tribute to Nathan

Nathan’s obituary

Video of prelude to Nathan’s Memorial Service

Video of main part of service with family and friends speaking

Video of end of service with dad speaking and bagpipes

Eulogy from mom and dad

Pics from Memorial Service at Troy U. on Aug. 24, 2009 (not complete yet)

Nathan’s, friends’ and family’s posts at Caring Bridge during his final months

Family photos

Short video clip of Nathan in Cabo San Lucas last spring with Elisa, Rylee & Hollee

Sometimes the Good Die Young – a tribute from longtime family friend Andy Perdue

A Few Words About Nathan Alexander – speech by Troy U’s Associate Provost Dr. Hal Fulmer given at Nathan’s Memorial Service at Troy U.

Nathan’s Hope – a tribute from one of his favorite students, Emily Ham

This dove mysteriously appeared in a brand-new nest outside my door within hours after Nathan died. It was bizarre because I never saw it until then, never saw it building the nest, and I frequently used the outside light. Nathan used to always go around saying “peace” and giving the peace symbol. It raised two babies there, then flew away. I’d hear it cooing around the clock, and for months I heard no other birds chirping early in the morning, they all oddly disappeared.

Other stories about doves appearing after loved ones have died

Click here for my favorite song that will always remind me of this

The Elisa Alexander College Fund has been set up for contributions in Nathan’s memory. Mail checks to VEST Payments, P.O. Box759226, Baltimore, MD 21275-9226, for account #10202577 (it doesn’t accept online contributions).

From James “Zak” Szakmary, Vietnam War veteran:

Dear Rachel,
My sincerest condolences for your brother Nathan. I had no idea. I was just led to the IC website and saw his photo and  realized that he was no longer with us. Although I didn;t know him personally, we used to email all the time – especially about Viet Nam and the books he read about the war. I remember when he told me he moved to Alabama. Now I see he was born as I was on my way to land in Da Nang, just in time for Tet. What a great all around guy. When I’m less choked up, hopefully by tomorrow, I will be able to read the obituary and watch the videos. The both of you are true friends to the veteran community.
Jim “Zak” Szakmary
Long Island, NY
Zak/USMC/F 2-11/Viet Nam/’68-’69
This was Nathan’s favorite pic of himself, taken at dad’s retirement party around 2001
Nathan and his beautiful daughter Elisa
Memorial Service bulletin – click to enlarge
Alexanders 2009 Christmas card – click to enlarge
Alexander 2009 Christmas letter – click to enlarge
The family after Nathan’s funeral, including extended family
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