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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 82: Kengor's new book looks at Marx, his affection of the Devil, and it's impact and consequences upon the world

Karl Marx may not have honestly believed in the devil, but he had an affection for him and loved the underworld Lucifer chose for himself. Paul Kengor points this out and the consequences it has had on our world.

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Pennsylvania State Court voter fraud case will not give Donald Trump a second term.

President Trump would have done well to have surrounded himself with strict originalist advisers who comprehended the cancer of judicial supremacy and "living constitution" heresy, but he did not surround himself with suc

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Unconventional notes on the election

Here are a few thoughts from a voter who did not support either of the two major candidates.

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Eugene Stoner: The Forgotten History of the Man Who Created "America's Rifle" – the AR-15 | The Resistance Library Podcast
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  • 11/24/2020

On today’s episode of the Resistance Library Podcast Dave and Sam talk about Eugene Stoner. Stoner, the father of the AR-15 and the M16, is a titan in the world of both military- and civilian-use firearms. If he had done

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Ways To Become More Aware Of Politics

A basic primer for those looking to get involved in politics.

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A. J. offers a new song that he hopes you can relate to, especially if you're an old conservative guy struggling to take in these crazy changing times.

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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 81: COVID-19 Lockdowns are really a Soviet Marxist Experment

If you have doubts about the COVID-19 lockdowns you should. They are not humane, but rather inhumane and rooted in Soviet ideology, if not downright Marxist to the core.

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VIDEO: Interview with IC Editor Rachel Alexander about where we're at with the election challenges

As the former Maricopa County Elections attorney, Rachel discusses where we're at in the election dispute, including the MSM's claims that there is no "evidence" of election fraud.

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Let's Stop Having Children Run the Debate

Greta Thunberg is not a scientist or an expert, but a former high school dropout and petulant child. She has little of value to tell us and certainly doesn't deserve to be lionized in her own documentary.

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Following The President Wherever He Goes

When the President wanders off into an alternate reality, other members of his party shouldn't follow him there. After all, Republicans' willingness to do so has hurt them in the past.

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Lawyer Indicted on Multiple Felonies? If You’re Connected on the Left, the State Bar Doesn’t Care.

There is a two-tiered standard of justice when it comes to overseeing and disciplining attorneys. This is because state bars are controlled by the left, and the majority of them across the states are mandatory, similar to

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Racism and the Current Troubles

This essay addresses the recent cries of "racism" and the plague of the "cancel culture," fed by political and historical miseducation.