With Loose Definitions, Everything’s a Crime

The Violence Against Women's Act's vague categories of abuse can be used to mean almost anything.

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Finally! An automated greeting card subscription service,

IC Editor Rachel Alexander explains why she uses to handle all of her greeting cards, otherwise she would forget birthdays, holidays, and never get around to sending thank-you notes.

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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 110: Colorado getting the All Star MLB game exposes the real heart of the Democratic Party.

Major League Baseball's move of their annual all-star baseball from minority majority Atlanta, to majority majority Denver is all about politics. Northing More and Nothing Less.

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A One-two Punch Upon America

The self-inflicted border crisis will have devastating and long-lasting implications for the country.

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America's Frontiers: Then and Now

How does the life and lessons of one man help America's Current Frontier?

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Policing For Profit: How Civil Asset Forfeiture Has Perverted American Law Enforcement
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  • 04/09/2021

What happens when due process isn’t upheld? Issues like policing for profit. Learn how civil asset forfeiture has been increasing and how it can impact you.

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“Q” – The King Of Prophecies: What A Joke!

"Q" where are you? All those predictions on Trump remaining President while the Deep State and other vile humans were dealt with. What happened? Or have you simply been exposed for the fraud you truly are?

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Please Be White, Please Be White, Please Be White! Darn

Islamic Terrorists aren't a problem in America. It is a bunch of white racists doing all the mass shootings. If you don't understand, the Liberals will explain.

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Trump - Cowardly Lion or America's Savior?

Trump still controls his destiny, and how history will regard him. He is our last best hope to save America from the Liberals; he doesn't even have to run for office to stop the Left. But will he?

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Conservative GoFundMe Alternative Under Attack

GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding site that launched in 2015 to help Christians raise money for things like mission trips and medical bills, has been viciously attacked by the left merely for allowing a fundraiser for

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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 109: Those Were the Days

The theme song to the hit sitcom "All The Family," sings about the times that were more God honoring and asks what went wrong? I have an answer in this year's Easter/Passover piece.

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Vaccine Verification: Hitler Would Be So Proud

Vaccine Verification on a Smartphone? It would give Big Tech – and by default, the Government – something NAZI Germany would have salivated over: The ability to track their citizens’ movements and associates.