‘Maricopa County Transit Slush Fund Tax’ Looks ‘Optimistic’ for Legislative Referral to the Ballot

"Cities like Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe have cannibalized hundreds of millions of dollars meant to be spent on regional projects in order to build trains to nowhere. Taxpayers have spent billions of dollars for these boondog

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The Ongoing Shame of Donald Trump

IC has always been about publishing multiple viewpoints on the right, and there is one writer for the site who is not a fan of Trump. Would Lincoln have agreed with the applicability of his original quote here?

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Shamed Dogan – Radical Democrat Running as a Republican for St. Louis County Executive

Shamed Dogan is a prime example of why the Republican Party is being taken over by radical leftists running on a Republican ticket -- forming a uni-party electoral system. About 40% of "Republicans" are Trojan Communists

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Five Arizona Cities, Led by Queen Creek, Are Among 15 Fastest-Growing Cities in the Country

The five areas are Queen Creek, Buckeye, Casa Grande, Maricopa City and Goodyear. While Phoenix was further down on the list, it was one of only two of the largest 10 cities in the country to gain residents.

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City of Phoenix to Vote on Increasing Phoenix Police Officers’ Starting Salaries by 40 Percent

The Phoenix City Council is set to vote Wednesday on a salary hike for new recruits that would lift their base pay from $48,942 (or $51,459 if they have college degrees) to $68,661 – or 40.8 percent.

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The Strange Contradiction of Criticizing Candidates for Having No Experience While Criticizing Others For Having Too Much

Been in office too long? Don't have any experience? Too wealthy? Used to be a Democrat? A lot of these accusations are purely bogus.

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Maricopa County Spokesperson Admits 20,000 ‘Late’ Ballots Were Scanned Before Verification; Expert Says Likely a Crime

In an email exchange with The Arizona Sun Times this week, a Maricopa County Recorder’s office spokesperson may have unwittingly admitted that the county mishandled thousands of ballots from the 2020 general election that

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Arizona Senate Plan to Address Water Concerns Would Scale Back Governor’s Proposed Arizona Water Authority

People are freaking out about how Arizona and the states around it are going to run out of water. What is really going on - is it all due to California - and how can we fix the problem?

Depp Proved Victims of Occasionally Abusive Men Can be “Primary Abusers”—And Nobody Seems to Have Noticed

Depp's victory proved that women who are the primary perpetrators in mutually abusive relationships have had the deck stacked in their favor.

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To save our students, let’s debate everything that contributes to school shootings.

The tragedies caused by the abuse of firearms can't be eliminated by restricting Second Amendment rights. All contributing factors must be examined.

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Thought Criminals: Absence of fathers in school shooters' lives and in abortion debate & blockchain

IC Editor Rachel Alexander and Newsmax contributor Ralph Benko discuss Dr. Warren Farrell's expert advice on solving school shootings and abortion: The problem is the absence of fathers. The left is in a twilight zone whe

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Leading Candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Schools Shiry Sapir Explains What's Wrong With our Schools

Shiry Sapir, the leading conservative candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Schools, says what we're all thinking, like how badly the COVID-19 lockdowns hurt our kids yet millions were thrown at the schools.