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Candidates for Maricopa County Attorney Scramble to Make the Ballot

There was barely any time for candidates for Maricopa County Attorney to collect signatures to get on the ballot due to the current DA just resigning, so who are the six likely to make the ballot?

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Arizona Officials Brace for Surge of Illegal Border-Crossers as Biden Administration Ends Title 42 Restrictions

Unlike Texas, most of Arizona's land on the border is untouchable by the state and local governments, so there is little that can be done when Biden lifts the Title 42 COVID-19 restrictions.

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Democrat Arizona Secretary of State and Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs Praises Biden for Removing Title 42 Restrictions at the Border

While many leading Democrats, including both of Arizona’s U.S. senators, Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, are upset with the Biden administration’s decision to end the Title 42 COVID-19 restrictions on U.S. borders, far lef

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Champions of Conformity, Enemies of Free Speech

Censorship imposed by the state is totalitarianism.  When we allow others to impose it, it’s cowardice and ignorance. 

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Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Asks Cochise County Attorney for Felony Criminal Investigation into Arizona Secretary of State Hobbs

Hobbs has thwarted election integrity efforts constantly, even filing 12 bar complaints against Brnovich and his staff attorneys, which were all dismissed. Now she may be intentionally trying to stop Republicans from gett

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Thought Criminals: Benefits of moving to a National Popular Vote & inflation caused by Fed meddling

IC Editor Rachel Alexander and Newsmax contributor Ralph Benko discuss the advantages of moving to a National Popular Vote to elect the president, which got Rachel viciously attacked by some on the right for suggesting, a

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If We Had a National Popular Vote, Election Fraud Would Become a Lot Harder

One issue that some conservatives get, but others don’t, is that sticking to the old system where a few key swing states decide elections isn’t going to allow Republicans to become president much longer.

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.338 Lapua vs .308: Do You Really Need a 338 Lapua Magnum? | The Resistance Library Podcast
  • by:
  • Source: Ammo.com
  • 03/31/2022

On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast Chris and Dave talk about .338 Lapua vs .308.

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Will Smith and Chris Rock both share the blame for the Oscar outburst

Many conservatives stand with Chris Rock on this, but we should not let him off the hook either. He could have been sympathetic to Jada's plight...and I give Will Smith an earful as well.

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Arizona Legislature Passes Two Bills Centered on Transgender Issues, All Eyes on Gov. Ducey Now

Two Republican governors recently vetoed transgender bills. So will Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey sign these two?

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Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Wins Preliminary Injunction Stopping Biden Administration from Halting Nearly All Deportations

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich continues to score victories against the Biden administration's overreaching left-wing policies. He has sued Biden more than probably any other attorney general.

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How Can The Government Make Housing More Affordable?

With over half a million people in the United States homeless, citizens from all over the nation have made a cry out for help from the local, state, and federal governments.