COVID-19 Thoughts Part 90: The Trump Rally Riots

Let me make one thing clear.  Most supporters of our fallen President of the United States Donald J. Trump have not supported or approved of the violence that just took place in Washington DC or the breaching of the Capitol building during the recent rally in support of President Trump and what many believe to be a stolen election.  Yet there are fringe groups like the alt-right QAnon and don’t you dare count out Antfia or Black Lives Matters regarding the Trump riots.  Don’t think for one minute that they would never infiltrate our ranks to cause trouble with the goal of making us look bad and impowering an already empowered Democratic Party who seems poised with their desire to “take the world” if not rule it.  I strongly believe that Antifa, BLM, and their supporters have brought Trump clothing for the purpose of trying to make the honest protesters look bad.  If it was ever pointed that dark money was used to fund this operation, I would not show my shock face.

A close friend of mine who is older than dirt and has become shut-in in his own home in recent years (but still has the fight in him) grew up in Chicago during the time when that respected city was truly ran by the Chicago Outfit.  I have actually met him through Tron Simpson back when he still working for a radio station that was not owned by the major radio companies.  I am truly grateful for this relationship and always appreciated this wisdom.  Growing up in Chicago, he understood that certain conflict could not be resolved by peaceful means; especially if the raging parties themselves are both ideological.  This is the reason why you have war.  Neither side to wants to give or make reasonable compromises and they certain don’t want to concede to their arch-enemy. 

So how do you get someone to submit to you and your ideology?  Break out the Big Guns, have a Big Bang, and make sure that you put your gun into the mouth of the leader of the rival worldview and your worldview prevails.  However, a Civil War of any kind should only be advocated as a final resort if the party in question and/or a group of people honestly does not have any legal peaceful recourse.  As conservatives we have to be peace makers and not peacekeepers.  Peacekeepers more often than not, want to maintain the status quo regardless if someone or some group is truly oppressed.  Steve Deace also warned that the left wants a civil war declared so that they will have the tanks up and ready to go…just like China did back in 1989.

My best since high school, actually took his wife and children to this Trump rally.  If anybody is a loser in this or seen as the enemy its not just me who voted for him, it is also my friend and his family that will be seen as the enemies…maybe half of America should the Obama Democrat political machine get their way once more.  Make no mistake, Biden/Harris will be Barack Obama’s “third term” in spite of the delay of that respected term.  Leftist radicals leave nothing to chance.  They claim to have a vision of a better tomorrow.  The more you learn however, they don’t really have a vision.  Rather they would allow communities and cultures to be destroy in favor of a centralized government in which they get to be just like Big Brother or worse…”just like God.”  My friend and family would have much to lose if they did what these rouge protesters did do along with many others who took the time to make the pilgrimage to Washington DC.  Just like my friend, they have jobs, and they provide for their families; they don’t have the time to cause chaos and destruction.  Now these people don’t want a civil war at all, but don’t test them and try to find out where they live, they just might have gun in the home and they know how and not afraid to use that very gun.

Donald J. Trump now accepts his loss but as promised, he shall fight on as a private citizen.  The riots are not Trump’s fault, but the Democrats and their media puppets (in the press and entertainment) will work hard to forever link him to these riots.  Because of this, Trump’s chances of a second non-consecutive term or playing king maker could be diminished.   The big take away that people should learn from this is how centralized government does impact people and how it truly does steal people’s freedoms in the name of “I’ll Take Care of You” and ‘I am the government, ready, willing and able (not really) to help you.’  The Republican Party does not want either Trump or its hard-core conservative base (other than using them to buy votes).  Mitch McConnell proved that and more.  They can blame us for the violence that took place, but will truly socially distance from that one. 

We need to focus on the local elections beginning with the Dog Catcher, but in truth that would be the local sheriff.  We need to get back to pushing for a Convention of States over the protests of a fearful John Birch Society who thinks that we just need to obey the Constitution…pure and simple…but yet they really don’t how to push back against the communists…other than a strong God Fearing Bible Believing Church which is truly needed more than ever now.  We also need to look into forming a brand-new political party with the goal of actually replacing the Republican Party...just as the Republicans did when they replaced the WHIGS.  Those are my peaceful remedies…what say you?

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