COVID-19 Thoughts Part 88: Tron Simpson's hope for a second term of Donald Trump is wishful thinking

Tron Simpson, a long-time broadcaster in Colorado Springs market, correctly pointed out the final options that Vice President Mike Pence, and Republicans in elected offices at all levels of state and federal government can do to thwart the likely swearing of Joe Biden and his incoming administration on his weekend radio talk program heard Sunday mornings on heritage News/Talk outlet KVOR.  He may not be a “Constitutional scholar” like his friend and colleague Mark Levin is, but he tries his hardest and best to get there.

We know that the courts at all levels don’t want to take on any of the cases, and let’s face it, many of these judges and justices are indeed of a progressive mindset regardless of who sits in the White House and appointed them.  The vote count indeed sounds illogical but nobody cares.  President Donald J. Trump must go…seems to be the quiet cry by these halls of justices.

Now on January 6, 2021; Pence indeed does have the power to choose the electors, coupled with the GOP state legislators in the very swing states in question according to our very own U.S. Constitution in Article II, Section One, Clause Three; and yes, we do have alternate electors in case a state feels that there was a strong case beyond reasonable doubt that the election was stolen and that the President elect who ever that might be…is not the legit President of the United States.

Now while Tron says that he is critical of President Trump at certain times and to be fair, he was along with Levin.  However, Tron sadly does come across in my honest opinion as a cheerleader for Trump which in itself is fine.  I just think it makes for bad radio and lack of meat in the content which is important to any media outlet.  My honest opinion should not and must not make Tron and myself enemies.  I just tend to seek the truth first and foremost, and push back on any kind of group think…even among people I would agree with on many issues.  I have stated in previous pieces that Trump indeed loves America and indeed wants to make America great once more.  His only flaw is playing by the rules of Maurice Duverger when it comes to the endorsement of establishment Republican candidates.  Otherwise, Trump has indeed advanced an agenda that the conservatives have advocated for and approve of.  Its just the establishment find Trump to be a problem when it comes to their own personal gain, and as we have seen, the Republicans are ready to move on with Joe Biden as POTUS (President of the United States) #46 and more likely Kamala Harris eventually becoming POTUS #47.

Let me explain to Tron and everyone else why 2020 will not be like 1876, and why the Republicans will cower to the pressure of the Democrat mob.

Starting with Mike Pence, as governor of Indiana he cowered to the Rainbow Jahid (aka the LGBTQ+ mob) and modified Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to allow the Jahid to go after business who don’t agree with their agenda and declare it discrimination against people based on sexual orientation.  If Pence can’t honor the people who conscience does not allow them to accept same sex marriage and anything else that contradicts their faith and allows these people of faith to be opened up to lawsuits and more just to make them submit to the jihad (including the loss of their business), do you think he will stand up for his boss on the issue of the contested 2020 Election.  Pence could, but I would not be holding my breath.

The Republicans in the contestant battleground states will throw in with the Democrats and make sure that Biden gets the Electoral College votes that he has supposedly earned without question.  They don’t want to deal with the Democrat mob both in and out of the government…more so the radicals on the outside who have been acting like the Brown Shirts and I am not just talking Antifa or BLM, but the teachers unions who have shown their true colors during the COVID-19 pandemic and other leftist groups.  Unless they really have the courage and the guts to stand up to these people, they will back down.  I hope I am wrong, but I really don’t think so.  Biden is our next President like it or not.

The voting machine companies, Dominion and Smartmatic are pushing back against the accusations that they have rigged the election.  They even put pro-Trump news media outlets Newsmax and OAN (One America News) on notice and they are buckling on the issues.  Even in the 21st Century, those who are accused of any crime are still deemed innocent until proven guilty.  If you can’t prove it, then you have to back down until you can prove otherwise.  The rule of libel and slander still apply.  We as conservatives should be taking this to heart if CNN, CBS, PBS, NPR NYT, NBC and MSNBC etc (including the entertainment media, especially the late-night talkers), try to make any statement about conservatives that is truly false beyond reasonable doubt.

Tron, I know that we will never be close friends, and we have socially distanced for so long that we have known each other, but I don’t take it personally.  There is no bone of jealousy or contention within me.  We just have some respectful differences…that’s all.  It is just that my worldview is been shaped differently by people who I feel need to be heard and then some.  People like Peter Boyles and Steve Deace who encourage people to really think critically about the world around them.  Conservatives should not fall into group and/or cult like thinking and believe me we do have a Trump Cult which needs to be dismantled regardless if Trump can pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Trump should never concede the election, but he will have to hand off power to a man who has finally won oval office after all this time.  Don’t give the Democrat Party press too much rope to hang yourself on.

The podcast in which Tron Simpson disscused these issues can be heard here until January 3, 2021.

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