With Ukraine, “Conservatives” are Suddenly Champions of Leftist Globalism

If Russia was still the USSR—a good communist country beloved by Democrats in the 1970s and 1980s—maybe the United States would not be so worked up over Ukraine today. But here we are in 2022, and it is US –not the USSR – that is now leading its own form of worldwide leftist authoritarian expansion. We call this expansion “globalism” instead of communism. And it is being driven by the governments of the US and other Western nations, their big corporations, and the UN and other giant elitist international entities. 

Russia and its “19th-century man” Putin (as I heard one talking-head elitist try to deride him) are standing in the way of this globalist crusade by asserting their right as an independent nation to defend its citizens, its borders, and its national interests. Lonely ol’ Russia is fighting the awesome collective power of the modern-day globalist forces, including the United States and its puppet/vassal-state government in Ukraine, the UN, NATO, EU, and the multinational corporate and media behemoths. 

Most “conservatives” like to claim that they are opposed to globalism. But they—based on the words of many allegedly conservative politicians and news commentators—are supporting the hell out of globalism now. In fact, Republicans are being bigger warmongers about Russia than Democrats. (Well, that is at least like the good ol’ days, isn’t it?) All these war hawks and Russia haters are willfully ignoring countless basic facts about the conflict, starting with the fact that Putin had to do what he did as a result of US/Western imperialist/globalist policies.

Ignoring or Denying the Facts

The illegitimate, nondemocratic, puppet government in Ukraine was installed in a US-instigated coup in 2014 in order to position a hostile NATO-backed regime right on Russia’s borders, while simultaneously making Ukraine a very profitable place for crooked business dealings for the West—most notably those of the Biden family. (Of course, the US got its own illegitimate government, headed by Biden, with the stolen election of 2020. Notice a pattern here?)

The 2014 coup rapidly led to human rights atrocities and acts of terrorism committed by the Ukrainian government and its neo-Nazi militia allies against Russians living in eastern Ukraine. Those civilians there have been targeted with systematic attacks and killings, bombing and shelling, economic warfare (food blockades, blocking of water supplies), and suppression of the Russian language and culture. (Russia has historical connections to that area that go back centuries.) Because of these attacks, refugees have been forced to flee into Russia. This has all been going on for the past eight years. But these events and Russia’s concerns about them have been ignored and even denied by the US, EU, OSCE, UN, and international human rights organizations. 

The recent intensification of these anti-Russian actions by the Ukrainian government, combined with the continued ignoring of Russia’s security and human rights concerns and increasingly hostile rhetoric from the US government, led directly to Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine last month. Putin decided it was finally time for Russia to take this matter into its own hands and try to rectify the situation itself. No, contrary to US propaganda, it was not a move to rebuild the USSR.

As all Western and globalist institutions condemn Russia for its actions, it is revealing to recall that these same institutions have been silent in recent decades as the US has conducted its imperialist military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, and other sovereign nations. Why this double standard? Because the US is a champion of the globalist movement. Russia is not.

So now there is a deadly serious and brutal war going on, with thousands of people getting killed. Well, this is apparently what the US government has wanted all along, since every policy it has taken or not taken forced Russia into this desperate situation. And now the US government and its allies are making Russia even more desperate with drastic acts of economic warfare. So, it seems that the US must want a nuclear war next. 

I have heard much greater understanding of some of these issues among certain progressive Democrats than among most conservative Republicans.

More Hysteria, Just Like COVID

On the most basic, fundamental level, this Ukraine BS is all about US-led globalists verses the independent nation of Russia, which is fighting for its right to defend its own national interests. The US government doesn't care what's best for Ukrainians, Russians, or Americans. After all, US politicians have been actively destroying America’s constitutional foundations and Americans' freedoms with their increasingly fascist policies for years—especially during the COVID hysteria of the past two years. The US today is all about the authoritarian globalist agenda, and that agenda is best advanced through the hysteria manufactured by the government-corporate-media complex. They manufactured the COVID hysteria for that purpose. Now, as more and more people grow weary of that, they manufacture the Ukraine hysteria. But it's all just more of the same endless BS.

As with COVID, the suppression of free speech and alternative narratives regarding Ukraine is the number-one essential aspect of the globalists’ propaganda campaign. Yesterday, when I turned on my TV to watch the news, I saw that DirecTV had suddenly cut RT (Russia Today), with no warning or announcement to subscribers. RT is just about the only news source that is not controlled by the American corporate/government combine. I have found RT to be a refreshingly different source of information that offers perspectives from both the Left and the Right and everything in between. You might condemn it as all propaganda controlled by the Russian government, but if you actually watched its diverse programming, you would see that is not the case. There are elements of propaganda in all information. Americans get lots of propaganda when they watch any American corporate media—from Fox and Newsmax to CNN and MSNBC—but they don’t notice it because they are so used to it.

I became very angry when I turned on the RT channel and saw only the words “This channel is no longer available.” I immediately phoned both DirecTV and AT&T to complain, calling them cowards, suppressors of free speech and open dialogue, and tools of the government, and I told them that they should be ashamed of themselves, contributing to the war-mongering hysteria. Hysteria just like with COVID. The strict and narrow authoritarian narrative must be regimentally controlled and adhered to by all. Controlled media propaganda = hysteria among the people = firm authoritarian globalist control of the population.

The Indian guy who handled my call to AT&T actually seemed to agree with my angry rant. I told him to be sure to give my message to the appropriate corporate asshole.

RT host Scottie Nell Hughes—who was kicked out of Fox News years ago after she accused a popular host there of sexually assaulting her—tweeted her response to DirecTV’s move: “It’s great to know how big of an impact we were making on the world by showing all sides of a story, no single political ideology. Their obsession to take [us] down shows the greatness of the network in reach & their fear of people being exposed to something other than their narrative.”

RT has also been cut by many other media outlets on TV and the Internet, and there will probably be more to come. The American government can spread its propaganda and fake news through thousands of TV channels and online platforms, but not even one single TV outlet is allowed to tell the other side of the story. That is a clear sign of moral cowardliness and intellectual bankruptcy on the part of those in control. As of today, RT remains available on its online platforms at https://www.rt.com and https://www.youtube.com/c/RT/videos.

The Science of Propaganda

The US and Western Europe condemn “propaganda” from RT. But they themselves have perfected the art and science of propaganda to a level of advanced sophistication that Russia could never approach.

Numerous examples of lies about Ukraine in the Western media have been brought to light. Lie: Ukrainian fighter jets shoot down Russian plane. Fact: The images were from a video game. Lie: Brave Ukrainian president Zelensky, in full military uniform, visits troops on the front lines as Russians close in on Kiev. Fact: The images were from an early 2021 inspection of troops in eastern Ukraine. Lie: Russian tank purposefully rolls over car, just for the fun of killing its civilian driver. Lie: It was actually a Ukrainian armored vehicle whose driver lost control. Lie: Various videos of Russia bombing Ukraine. Fact: Actually old videos of US and NATO bombings of Yugoslavia, Iraq, and other countries.

These are all examples of obvious propaganda, fake news, and disinformation—things that are fairly easy to detect. What is much worse than that type of old-fashioned propaganda is the modern sophisticated, insidious, cleverly deceptive propaganda that is far more challenging to detect. Such propaganda is amazingly effective at controlling public attitudes and the overall narrative, as we have been witnessing the past couple years with COVID. Yeah, the globalists got that down to a genuine psychological science. Nevertheless, independent thinkers can still detect the BS with a little effort. Unfortunately, independent thinkers are an exceedingly rare and critically endangered species throughout most of the zombified, sheepified, and clonified world of the early 21st century. So now the masses of compliant little zombie sheep clones can proudly and self-righteously dump out their Russian vodka while wearing their dependable little face diapers. Such fun!

Pick the Right Side 

“America, my country right or wrong”… “US good, Russia bad”… “Interventions and invasions always bad, unless US does them”… These are all really stupid and really dangerous attitudes to have today regarding this Ukraine thing. You are more intelligent than that … aren’t you??

Conservatives, freedom lovers, and all people supportive of an independent nation’s rights to self-defense and pursuit of its own national interests against the globalist forces of evil should support Russia in this conflict. Support Russia against the leftist authoritarian globalist movement that ultimately seeks to strip away all of our freedoms in its quest for total dominance and absolute control. And although war is hell, you should at least admire Russia for fighting for the security of its own people and borders as its leaders think best, despite the hostility and power of the ever-expanding globalist empire.

I think it would be nice if American leaders cared even half as much for US citizens and borders.

Maybe the globalists will succeed in using Ukraine to destroy Russia and its “19th-century man,” making the world safe for continued Western social, economic, political, and spiritual decadence. Maybe Russia will prevail against the odds and strike a victory for the rights of independent nations. The result is uncertain at this point. But we know that the globalists usually win in the end—thanks to their support from the masses of gullible, ignorant people whom they have brainwashed with their advanced scientific propaganda. 

If that is indeed the result of the Ukraine conflict, we will all be bound more tightly by the chains of the globalist authoritarians.

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