Who Owns Your Body (God and/or You, Or The State)?

Dan Bongino is fighting a lonely battle at least on his front regarding the vaccine mandates.  Radio company Cumulus Media has mandated that everyone working for the company to be jabbed.  Now Bongino himself took the vaxx, but he still opposes the mandates, and Cumulus has laid off people who would not submit to the jab.  The Biden administration is also forcing major companies to submit to a mandate so that almost the entire population will take the vaxx.  And now there is a jab for children ages 5 to 12, and it will be pushed big time and demanded by the teachers’ unions, certain local school boards and local governments, and the Biden Administration to top it off.  It does not matter if you had COVID-19 or not, or if there is a medical exception or even a faith exception.  Everyone must get the jab; we have to nip COVID-19 once and for all.  Besides its Science.  Yeah “Science” in quotation marks.

If Biden and the Left are successful in getting everyone jabed, it will accomplish two things.  One, there will be no control group, and with no control group these medical bureaucrats will find it much easier to wash the blood off their hands (there will be blood or deaths at the minim, make no mistake) and escape accountability for any death they may have committed.  So much for the Nuremberg Code.  Second it will show that the government (aka The State) does have control over us; Mind, Body, and even the Soul.  This kind of control is what the hard-core globalist progressives (especially in America) have desired for years.  My Body, My Choice?  Only if you want to Kill the Unborn in your womb.  Otherwise, it’s a joke.  If the jab mandates succeed, the left will be overjoyed knowing they control us all and they are going to move forward into making us lab rats, guinea pigs, cattle, and then some.

Let me tell a story about what could happen in America if we fail to push back on this.

The year is 2060, and America has been in lock down since October last year due to COVID-59.  The population is now 65 percent No Religion, and people of faith especially God fearing Jews and Christians are the most persecuted people in the country.  The likes of Americans United (AU) and Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) have been very successful in cleansing any mention of faith not only in the public square, but actually making Humanism and Atheism the official faiths of America.  Churches and Synagogues that dare to have live service and human gathering are raided by the COVID-59 Gestapo and as well as the Federal Police which replaced the local level police in 2055.  Of course, the chain supermarket is ok along with the local liquor store…oh let us not forget the abortion clinics are open for business as usual (from Planned Parenthood to the small and likely unsterile ones…and while Kermit Gosnell died in prison he was pardoned somehow) but regular checkups?  That is put on hold…but we must continue to honor the so-called woman’s right to not be a mother.  Abortion is not only legal up to birth in America these days, but should the abortion fail, the woman can legally have it starved to death.  What started in New York State is now legal across the land.  The legacy of Roe v. Wade has been permanently cemented. 

It is now May, and the latest vaccine to combat COVID-59 has been released.  Or so our government and major media say.  The federal government is requiring everyone to take these vaccines into their arms…no exceptions at all…none…well secretly our government officials will get the real meds to combat COVID-59.  It is just not for the unwashed masses who the elite rule over…they get the jab.  Two high profile doctors working for the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) discuss this among themselves…I forgot to tell you this, they have been the best of friends since meeting each other in college.  Andrew Crawgan and David Rolland.  Crawgan has just been confirmed as the Secretary of Health and Human Services and Rolland has been promised a spot in the President cabinet.  At lunch they discuss the real agenda of COVID-59 and Crawgan being the sociopath that he is (his father was just as bad) confides in the misguided but well-meaning Rolland.

Crawgan:  It is almost time.

Rolland:  You’re taking about the Vaccine of course.

Crawgan:  Well to the unwashed masses it is.  In reality its designed to kill off a certain amount of people.  Other vaccines will sterilize certain women, but it will help us reach the goal of knocking off 500,000 people in this country.

Rolland:  The President is all on board with this?

Crawgan:  He sure is, and he agrees with me and those who have supported before us.

Rolland:  Us, what do you mean us?  I did not exactly sign up for this. 

Crawgan:  Yes you did, or have you forgotten your education?

Rolland:  Look I have issues with the religionists, but I don’t support mass murder.

Crawgan:  Keep your voice down stupid, this is not the time to grow a conscience.  Do you understand the need to sacrifice for the greater good? 

Rolland:  Most of the time, it’s those who are poor and lack the power that make that sacrifice that are always called to do so, if not doing it involuntary.  Look my father told me about this so-called greater good every time we played Chess and he was really good.  Used that the teach me about the world.

Crawgan:  Your father is right you know.  Right on the money.  It is been that way for years, and it will be that way for years to come.  Do you see a someone like Nero giving up his way of living to do that?

Rolland:  Of course not, but that does not make him a good person.

Crawgan:  But it made him RESPECTABLE!!!  He made the people fear him and his power.  No wonder these Jesus freaks felt that he might have been THE anti-Christ.  These religionists seen nothing yet.  Even if Nero started the fires in Rome, the people remained loyal to him and Nero would only wish that he was truly the anti-Christ…if it gave him supernatural powers…which I don’t quite believe in? 

Rolland: Quite?

Crawgan:  Still, Nero had the Respect of his people and they remained loyal to their leader.

Rolland:  Come on Andrew, don’t sound so cruel.  They are sacred, and they are truly lonely right now.

Crawgan:  They better be, cause it’s going to get worse. REALLY Worse.  We are never EVER opening up these houses of worship ever again.  You see, there are a growing number of people that are now doubt their faith and they renouncing their faith.  Much to the delight of this needed global reset, not to mention to the delight of myself.  These same people are turning to us, the State, Science, Reason.  Should these religionists try to push back we will encourage them to turn them in, and then we can put these God nuts through a real life hell…(laugh) I just can’t wait.

Rolland: Not everyone will, and some will begin to push back.

Crawgan:  Let them, and they feel the wrath of the federal government as well my wrath now that I lead the HHS.  We own the American people David, and as such we can shape them into what we envision or just chuck them like trash.  Science is now in control, not this faux God, and we shall make it better…well at least for us who are well off and never have to sweat (lol).

Rolland:  Andy, do you hear yourself talk?

Crawgan:  Yes David, I do!  I may be married with two children and children I would protect them for the sake of my wife.  Still, I am not cut out for love, and if I were you, I would bury your desires to love as well.  The United Nations is breathing down our necks demanding we reduce our population in America.  Now this current COVID pandemic has given us a golden opportunity to meet the UN’s demands.  Granted the UN has made sure that this never got out to the media at large…just in case they want to turn on this cause…but if they did know, more than not, they would support this program and keep their mouths shut.  Now GET with the program DAVID, because you are in are you in a world of wishful thinking.  We will make sure that their NO CONTROL GROUP!  I can also make arrangements for your death…it would be just another “suicide.”

Crawgan’s rage, scared Rolland and likely into submission…but who really knows.  Rolland’s role of the story ends here.

Weeks later the media reports on healthy people that are suddenly dropping dead.  The ages are various but no mention of the COVID-59 vaccine.  At a local hospital that Crawgan himself visited, he comes across a patient who is getting her COVID shot.  Seconds later she is convulsing out of control, and while the doctors try to save her…the faulty vaccine so-called is doing its job, for it finally killed her quickly as she flatlined and her body went limp.  Crawgan from a reasonable distance, smiled and quietly chucked as he walked away.  He said to himself; “It feels really good to legally murder, and this is only the beginning.”  His chuckle turned into a quiet evil and wicked laugh, as if he knew or not that the devil himself was pulling strings.  Basically, using other people to destroy the human race in hopes of delivering the final blow to his father…God Almighty himself.  Nuclear weapons, toxic waste, or elevator music?  Those who thought that long-term credit could be a magic tool of the devil was way over their head (other than scaring people into paying the debts in the real world).  You should have looked into the vaccines, and the mighty powerful syringe to crush God’s beloved creation “once and for all.”      

Folks, it may not all come true, but SOMETHING like this can and eventually will happen.  If not this way, then maybe something like this as pointed out by Emerald Robinson who is the White House correspondent for Newsmax. 

The pandemic is to force you to get the vaccine.
The vaccine is to force you to get the vaccine passport.
The vaccine passport is to force you into the social credit system.
The social credit system is to force you into obeying the government.

Either way, this no different than George Orwell’s Nineteen Eight Four, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.  I also think of the short story Examination Day written by Henry Slesar, which was adapted on the second Twilight Zone series that aired in the 1980’s with the teleplay staying true more/less to Slesar’s intent.  If someone else owns YOU, especially if they are truly indeed a sociopath…watch out…they want to do lots of harm…these so-called freethinkers can be full of you know what.  If you believe that God himself owns your body or that YOU own your body and not the State, you must speak up and push back now.  Don’t test these power-hungry punks…they will never be grateful or appeased or gratified.  They are gluttons who eat and drink like crazy (not to mention abuse others), and they only want more of it.  They love everyone else’s suffering and deaths.  The only deaths they will hate will be their own…and I can only hope they have pity for their families should they face suffering.

I am not anti-vaxx or anti-syringe.  If these vaccines honestly worked, people would be rushing to get it without question.  There is honest to goodness reasonable doubt about the so-called COVID-19 Vaccines.  I am just anti-evil, anti-tyranny, and anti-junk science…nothing more and nothing less.

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