When will Democrats apply the same standards to Biden that they did for Trump?

Democrats, who accused Trump of corruption and breaking the law for years, have turned a blind eye to the dishonesty of President Joe Biden, his administration, and his family.

For years, politicians such as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), congressional Democrats, and left-wing political pundits all touted, in a cultish, well-rehearsed, creepy sort of unison, that no one was above the law, “not even a president.” But something is rotten in the state of Biden.

Yet, as time has passed, that affirmation has been anything but true. In fact, the only time Democrats seem to care about upholding the law is when the person involved has the last name Trump. When it comes to Biden and his family, there have been a completely different set of standards held compared to former President Donald Trump. Everything surrounding the investigation of Hunter Biden has been suspect since the beginning.

Say what you want about Trump’s legal problems and multiple indictments. There is a miscarriage of justice here that reeks of corruption. Democrats are not applying the same standards to Biden that they did for Trump. When Trump was in office, Democrats were determined to investigate and hold anyone accountable for their illegal acts and corruption. Since Biden has been in office, Democrats' efforts at accountability have been much less vigorous. It's almost as if they created two separate realms of justice.

Look no further than last Friday’s appointment by the Department of Justice of a “special counsel” to investigate Hunter Biden. The person assigned to “investigate” Hunter Biden, David Weiss, is the same person who negotiated the president’s son’s plea deal earlier this year. 

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