What The Hell?

I know I speak for a lot of Trump voters: What is going on? The lack of credible information provided to us, the voters, is laughable.

We can read dozens of new stories each day covering the fraud. But which are true and which are pure baloney? Which are a credible piece of the puzzle and which aren’t?

I am to believe Trump signed an executive order giving the government power to seize ANY business involved in voter fraud? How can an intelligent person truly believe in such garbage?  The burden of proof required would be unbelievable.

Story-after-story. Server acquired from Germany. 10,000+ dead people voted in Michigan. Lawsuits filed in this or that state. Mathematicians have calculated the numbers cast for Biden are improbable.  A fraud expert has determined 1.25 million votes are not legal.


Do not give me – or the other Trump supporters – the theory nothing can really be talked about because the case is too big. Well, Sidney Powell, a Trump Team lawyer, has been part of numerous interviews pertaining to the fraud.  As brilliant as she is, ten minutes with Lou Dobbs or Maria Bartiromo only gives us a glimmer of hope.

Nor, do a lot of us want to hear about simply having faith. Yes, I am a religious person, but the necessary research will not happen by itself. It requires the dedication of experts in a multitude of fields to make the court case(s) not only a reality, but winnable.


This is Marketing 101. In the White House, Trump and someone from his legal team should get out a whiteboard. They draw “squares” representing each legal group: What they are focused on and their leader.  There may very well be overlaps. Overall, there has to be a “lead” team designated to coordinate what each group is focused on; this ensures the entire puzzle is coming together. There is no way, with a case this significant, any one is working in vacuum.
Now, they simply need to add one more name to the very top of the whiteboard: The Official Spokesperson. This person requires a strong legal background, and isn’t overseeing the daily activities of the legal teams.

Not a cheerleader.  The individual must instill confidence, know what facts can be provided and just as important, handle any question with ease. I would prefer the spokesperson be a woman or minority. Why? It “sells” the facts a lot better to the American public than some old white guy. Plus, it really seems to annoy Liberals when a woman or minority isn’t in their party.

And let’s get Ted Cruz on a focused podcast. His impeachment podcast garnered huge ratings in such a short amount of time. Besides, he is arguably one of the most intelligent Republicans; he can break down matters of law in simple terms.

Now, the last hurdle I’ve heard is the most ridiculous. How will anyone hear these facts? Mainstream Media won’t cover it. Well, somehow 70+ million of us learned enough about Trump to vote for him. There are more than enough Conservative platforms to get the message out.

“To live without Hope is to Cease to live.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky

We voted for Trump. Share the voter fraud facts with us on a continual basis.
America needs Hope.
Trump President Uncle Sam by Gerd Altmann is licensed under Pixaby Pixaby