Weak, Old, Befuddled Biden is Perfect President for Zombie America

“Old man, take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you.” (Neil Young, “Old Man,” 1972)

Many Trump supporters are confused as to why all indications are that Biden is going to defeat Trump in the presidential election. They wonder how anyone could possibly vote for a weak, old, befuddled Biden—the virtual walking dead—compared with the strong, vibrant, accomplished Trump.

But Biden’s certain victory can be explained very simply. Biden is the perfect fit for today’s American culture, because weak, old, befuddled, zombie Biden is a lot like today’s weak, old, befuddled, zombie America. Biden asserted in the first debate, “I am the Democratic Party.” He could have said, “I am America.” America is a lot like Biden.

Trump, by contrast, does not fit in well with America today, because everything about him is a throwback to a better, stronger, saner, long-ago time. Trump is a strange anomaly in our twisted world today, so he will be erased. It was a weird fluke that he got elected in the first place. After this anomaly is annulled, Biden will be a return to the normal arc of history—the American decline that has been underway for decades.

Following is a discussion of seven symptoms of advanced decline that are shared by Biden and America.

Biden is a man in decline; America is a nation in decline

1) Biden is an old man, and he looks and acts old. He seems to have no energy.

Likewise, the United States has become an old country, and it is showing the signs of inevitable decline and decadence that always affect nations when they have reached a certain point in societal development. The majority of Americans no longer understand why the nation was formed in the first place. We are now living in a post-Constitution era, in which our main foundational document no longer forms the basis of our government or society—despite the lip-service given to it by politicians whenever it suits their agendas. Instead of the limited government and individual liberty that America was founded on and that always made America special, Americans today demand an ever-expanding and ever-more-controlling government. 

The COVID-19 “planned-demic” has revealed a lot about the true character of Americans in 2020. For example, it is clear that many Americans would rather stay home wearing their masks and collecting government handouts than going out to earn their own living. They are more dependent on big government today than ever before—not only for their income, but now also for their imagined “safety” in a world in which they have been brainwashed by their government masters to fear the very air that they breath.

Yes, America is clearly following the same path toward totalitarianism that aging societies typically follow. This is why Americans are embracing blatant socialism in this election.

2) Biden seems weak, frail, and infirm. But he often tries to talk tough. 

American officials frequently talk tough on the international stage, and the United States has an enormous military-industrial complex that is often touted as a sign of our strength. However, America has not conclusively won a war since 75 years ago. Instead, the United States has gotten involved in a series of stupid military conflicts that turned into major disasters, from Vietnam to Iraq. America talks tough, but other countries do whatever they want to do anyway. Iran and North Korea are examples. We have a big, tough, expensive military, but it is unable to win a war and it is useless in achieving policy objectives. Thus, the United States is weak and getting weaker. And as we decline in the world, China is rising in the world. The virus that the Chinese purposefully unleashed on the world was designed to speed America’s decline. That plan is working out wonderfully for them. And the radical Leftists in the Democrat Party—the operatives behind Biden—are applauding and cheering.

Like a zombie, Biden is dead, but he doesn’t know it. His body has been taken over by, and his mind is controlled by, the radical Left. And Biden’s election will show that America, too, is dead, though it may not know it yet. America is the Zombie Nation.

3) Biden is frequently confused, and he displays apparent symptoms of dementia. Furthermore, he obviously does not know what he stands for until he reads whatever lines have been fed into his teleprompter or until he is pushed into certain positions by the radical Left. 

Similarly, U.S. government policies, including laws, regulations, and the latest state pronouncements, often seem jumbled, confused, incoherent, and senseless—not to mention unconstitutional. With no firm foundation in the Constitution anymore, politicians, as well as the public, flounder about from one trendy, hyped-up social media issue to the next, always with the idea that government will solve any problem by grabbing more power over people’s lives. So, politicians pass more laws, but instead of solving the problems, they make matters worse. This is surely a sign of either mass insanity or mass dementia. 

America, like Biden, doesn’t stand for anything anymore. Instead of standing for Constitutional principles, America today prefers to kneel for the National Anthem.

4) Biden always seems to be afraid. He is afraid to honestly state his own opinions (which, as suggested by the previous point, he probably does not even have). He is afraid to answer tough questions. He is afraid to leave the “basement” for extended periods. And he is very afraid of the virus, now sometimes even wearing two face masks (one useless piece of fabric on top of another useless piece of fabric).

Americans, too, have turned into frightened, passive little sheep. Americans are afraid of everything today. Afraid of the virus—obeying all the fascist government dictates without question. Afraid of speaking out and giving their opinions—unless they adopt the officially sanctioned opinions of the mass media, pop culture, and social media. Afraid of learning about real history or real science—preferring the official pseudo-science propaganda that is sanctioned by the elite. Afraid of getting offended by words or offending others with words—thereby negating the concept of free speech. Afraid of life itself, demanding that government protect them from all the dangers of living, with endless rules and regulations—seat belts, bicycle helmets, suits of armor for playing sports, ingredients in foods, sizes of soft drinks, emissions from cars, sizes of toilets, and on and on and on and on… 

When you live in fear of everything, you will fall for anything that the power-hungry politicians are trying to sell you.  

5) “Vacuous” is a term that could apply to Biden. He is an empty vessel that is now being filled with all the long-time hopes and dreams of American socialists, communists, and globalists. His confused mind is uninhabited of original thought and vacant of core beliefs. The bland, unaccomplished record of his half-century career indicates that he has always been rather empty-headed, grasping at whatever seems most politically expedient at any given time. Now, in his state of mental decadence, he is grasping at a far-Left agenda that is being pushed on him by people whose goal is to destroy whatever remains of the real America. At the same time, however, his teleprompters feed him words designed to hide the most radical parts of that Leftist agenda.

The American population in 2020 is also a very vacuous bunch. Thanks to the corrupt, propagandizing public school system, mass media, social media, and pop culture, the vacant minds of the public have been filled with lies. So, people are basing their votes on those lies. Following the lies is the easiest and safest approach. Go with the flow. Group-think. Whatever you do, do not be an individual. Individuals are bad. Goodness is possible only within the group. You have to think like everybody else. The independent, enlightened, revolutionary spirit of the American Founding Fathers—and their belief in individual liberty against the power of the state—is as alien to today’s America as would be a visitor from the Andromeda Galaxy. For such people, Trump is a frightening, evil space alien.

6) When I was writing this essay, I tried to find a better-sounding word for “mealy-mouthed,” but I could not find any. “Mealy-mouthed” is the most accurate term to describe the way in which Biden expresses himself when discussing policy. The same term might apply to Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and countless other politicians who are fluent in typical Washington political speech. It’s all nothing but BS. Blah blah blah, say whatever people might want to hear, but mean none of it. Most importantly, do not offend any of the “special” classes of people, like blacks, illegal aliens, gays, or Muslims, and never NEVER say anything that might be considered controversial. If you do, you will be promptly shut down!

Biden talks in the same meaningless way that Americans have been trained to talk by our current standards of acceptable and non-acceptable speech. I have found in my own conversations that talking with most people today is like talking to clones, robots, or zombies. It’s as if everyone has an internal censor that blocks them from saying anything original, honest, meaningful, substantive, or controversial. But I am the exact opposite—I pride myself in speaking my mind. That is why I have few friends. People generally hate honesty. And that is also why so many people hate Trump. 

Trump is brutally honest, with no internal censor. It is what I like most about him. I loved him in that first debate with zombie man because of his bluntness, directness, and aggressiveness. But even his self-proclaimed “supporters,” like almost all the right-wing talking heads on radio, criticized his performance in that debate. I found that criticism to be extremely disappointing. But it served as further evidence that even many conservatives today are part of the modern mealy-mouthed, feminized, pantywaist America.

7) Corruption—not Robinette—should be Biden’s middle name. Throughout his five decades in the Great Washington Swamp, he has used his government positions to enrich himself and his family. This is clearly evident to anyone who cares to look. The recently released Hunter Biden emails make this corruption more obvious than the plugs in Joe’s head. But, of course, the media refuses to look or talk about it. Thus, the average ignorant American has no idea.

These days, American institutions seem more corrupt and compromised than ever before. Not only government agencies, but also private companies and corporations in all manner of industries, from pizzas to banks to shoes to cell phones to sports. Notice how prominent business/Wall Street leaders (who give most of their political contributions to Democrats) and television commercials today recite all the correct “woke” BLM/Antifa/Marxist propaganda to ensure their favorable public relations on social media. But at the same time, they use slave labor in Communist China to maximize their profits as they make the trendy, pricey products that Americans crave. It is all so corrupt and hypocritical. But that is the American way today—speak the politically correct language for the masses, while acting in the most craven, greedy, self-serving manner you can get away with.

I have noticed that ever since the virus hysteria has reshaped much of American life, even local businesses are jerking people around more than ever with dishonest promotions and higher prices. I suppose they are trying to make up for income lost during the shutdowns. But it still amounts to making things more expensive and difficult for regular people. And it adds to the dishonest, crooked BS that people have to deal with every day, making society seem ever more coarse, cynical, and evil. It seems like you can’t trust anyone anymore, not even the local, neighborhood shops. This is not the America that I remember from decades ago.

Trump does not fit in with the American “zeitgeist” today

“Zeitgeist” is a term that means “the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time” (according to the Oxford English Dictionary). I have tried to outline the current American zeitgeist in the previous section. It is clear that Trump definitely does not fit into this zeitgeist. He might as well be Andrew Jackson time-transported from the 1830s. He is way out of time!

In contrast to the twin-like similarities between Biden and 2020 America that I outlined in the above section, the following differences distinguish Trump from Biden and the modern American zeitgeist. Trump is a very imperfect person (we all are), but he is superior to most Americans today in these points. (That is probably why he has been so successful in his life.)

1) Trump may be old in years (just four years younger than Biden), but he certainly does not act or look like an old man. He has more energy than most people who are many years younger. 

2) Nothing about Trump suggests weakness. As perfectly displayed in that first debate with zombie man, Trump is unashamedly alpha male strong—totally out of step with our current pajama-boy, walking-on-eggs culture. Like a true warrior, he even shrugged off his infection with the China virus—rather than cower in fear until he died. In fact, his refusal to express fear about the virus and his inability to die were probably his most egregious sins, as viewed by the Left.

3) Trump is never confused. Ever since he and Melania came down that escalator, he has always been very clear and confident about want he wants and what he stands for, regardless of what the establishment know-it-alls say and regardless of who gets offended by his words.

4) As noted in my second point, Trump shows no fear. The bold and brash way in which he expresses himself indicates that he is not afraid of anything or anybody. I love his press conferences in which he obviously enjoys beating down the communist journalists as they vomit their hostility at him. He has always been his own best press secretary (though not as cute as Kayleigh).

5) In contrast to the vacuousness and group-think of Biden and America, Trump clearly has firm convictions, he has original approaches to issues of importance to him, and he charts his own path and thinks his own way. Because of his independent mind and strength of personality, he has moved the Republican Party far beyond its traditional, lame, country-club positions, to try to achieve real solutions to long-festering problems.

6) Whatever you think about Trump, you would never call him mealy-mouthed. The man is always blunt and direct with his words, including in his Twitter posts, speeches, press conferences, and interviews. I have always found this to be very welcomed and refreshing. It is sickening, however, that many Americans, including many so-called conservatives, criticize Trump for this positive personal characteristic. For as long as I can remember, people have always complained about “lying” politicians and they have claimed to long for an “honest” politician. Well, they finally got what they asked for in Trump, and they hate him for it. So, it turns out that the American people are just as full of BS as the politicians they complain about! 

7) The sick corruption of the Great Washington Swamp has been unable to corrupt Trump. Unlike Biden, Trump does not need the Swamp to enrich him and his family. He achieved his success and wealth in the private business world—something that most DC politicians would be incapable of achieving. Even for a tycoon in the shark-infested seas of New York City real estate, Trump is untainted by corruption compared with most crooked DC politicians. 

You get what you deserve

In all these characteristics, most Americans today are much more like Biden than Trump. Americans understand Biden because they are like Biden. They do not understand a strong, independent man like Trump. In fact, Trump’s strong points and best virtues are viewed as weaknesses and sins by most Americans. He must be something from an alternate, alien dimension. Although he somehow managed to get elected in 2016, America 2020 will not allow a repeat. 

America has been teetering on the edge of the precipice for decades. But the combination of the China virus, the race riots, and the economic shutdowns—all perfectly planned and executed by the Communist China-American Left international conspiracy—finally pushed America over that edge. The country is now totally in freefall and upside down. Bad is good, and good is bad. Wrong is right, and right is wrong.

So, congratulations America! You are about to get what you want and what you fully deserve—the destruction of all the freedoms and liberties that used to make America a special place. America will soon be just another socialist/communist/fascist wasteland. Reagan said that freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We are that generation.

Trump is too good for Americans today. If I was him, the last thing I would say on my way out the White House door is “F--- you, America!” Then, I would stick out my middle finger at the country—the country that Trump did more than most other presidents to help, even in the face of the massive, irrational hostility directed at him from the most powerful institutions in the country. 

America 2020, you thoroughly disgust me! I hate what you have turned into. But you did it to yourself with your own ignorance. You have turned yourself into an old, pathetic, walking dead zombie. You are the Zombie Nation. And you are in need of “mercy.”

About the author:
A. J. Smuskiewicz is a writer who currently lives in the increasingly fascist state of Illinois, but he plans on abandoning this nightmare and moving to his ancestral homeland of Poland. People there still know how to have a good time. The views expressed in this rant are his and his alone. You can direct any hateful emails to him at  [email protected]

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