We the People AZ Alliance Introduces AVII Ballot Hand Count Method to Senate Elections Committee, Already Adopted by Maricopa County Republicans

The Senate Elections Committee heard a presentation from We the People AZ Alliance (WPAA) co-founder Shelby Busch on Monday regarding its plan for restoring trust in elections by including hand counts of ballots.

Both the Arizona Republican Party, the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC), and Arkansas Republicans have already implemented the AVII method, which is known as the Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative, in its party elections. Republicans in Arkansas want to make the AVII method law by putting the question to voters as a constitutional amendment.

Busch showed the committee a 3-minute video about AVII, which displayed footage of the procedure in place during the MCRC election last month. She said the method proved successful since “[t]wo slates ran in a heated race and no one challenged the election.”

She said the procedure optimizes transparency and eliminates errors, describing it as “trustworthy, transparent, accountable, and accurate.” Busch said the reason hand counting is necessary is due to “confidence decline,” citing polls that show Americans don’t trust their votes are being counted accurately. She said the decline was due to black box voting and electronic tabulation. Also, Busch said it reduces civic participation.

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