Was Iran Right About That “Great Satan” Thing After All?

When I was a young guy in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I laughed when Iran condemned the United States as “The Great Satan.” That was when America was still clearly a good and free country. What the heck were those crazy Iranians shouting about?

Well, I’m not laughing now. In fact, I’m wondering if maybe Iran was right. I’ve never been religious, but I see hard evidence of Satan—that is, evil—ruling the United States at all levels, from the federal and state governments to big corporations to much of the American population itself.

America is in an obvious state of social, cultural, moral, ethical, political, and economic decline and decadence. Yet, Americans, as a whole, apparently continue to view themselves as vastly superior to the rest of the world, clinging to the illusion that they have the right to tell the whole world how to live. I believe that the highly sophisticated, insidious, omnipresent propaganda of the giant elitist institutions of American government, corporations, and media have thoroughly brainwashed Americans, along with much of the rest of the world, into this mindset. Most of the regular people—the common folks—do not even realize that they have been transformed into the mindless zombie slaves of these institutions.

As I said, I’m not religious, but I think that the Bible or some other religious text says something about Satan deceiving the world with a smiling face and charming demeanor. That seems to be the United States these days—deceiving huge segments of the domestic and global population into believing that it is a force for good, while it is actually increasing and expanding its rather evil deeds and corrupting influences day after day and year after year. The US certainly started out good in 1776 and has done a lot of good things in its history. But we have fallen a looong way down a dark pit during the past few decades. Satan seems to be in pretty firm control now.

Yes, the evidence has been accumulating for decades. And it has now grown into such a big ugly stinking pile that you cannot help but notice it—once you detach yourself from the propaganda of the government-corporate-media globalist Conglomerate. That is very difficult to do, since these powerful globalist propagandists have almost total information dominance. But try. Remove your blinders, set your mind free, and carefully consider what is actually going on today as a result of the vast power of the US-based government-corporate-media Conglomerate, which controls essentially all aspects of American society, as well as much of the rest of the Western world.

Individual freedom is under massive assault by the Conglomerate. Hundreds of thousands of people who disagree with the Conglomerate’s agenda and narrative are being silenced and persecuted in North America. They have been banned from social media platforms and other outlets of expression, they have been fired from their jobs and have had their incomes cut off, they have had their livelihoods and their lives destroyed, some have been arrested and incarcerated (such as the January 6 and vaccine-mandate protestors), some have even been killed (such as from confrontations with police or adverse effects from forced vaccination) or driven to suicide. The Conglomerate justifies its assault on freedom by creating mass hysteria. We have seen this most recently with the COVID and Ukraine hysterias. Both were purposefully manufactured by the Conglomerate in order to control the public. Most of the public goes along with it—like they are incapable of either independent thought or free will as they are held captive by Satan’s magnetic power. Those who do not go along with the hysteria are crushed. This is a form of pure evil that didn’t exist here in previous times.

Both the COVID and Ukraine hysterias are key aspects of the US-centered leftist globalist agenda of world population mind control. It has been said that Satan seeks to conquer the world by controlling the population—by controlling the minds, hearts, and souls (spirits) of the people. And Satan exercises and implements this control with a charming and convincing smile, while his slaves are lulled into a feeling of acceptance and even contentment.

The acceptance comes because the hysteria is designed to generate fear—fear that only the Conglomerate can alleviate. All you have to do to feel better is trust the Conglomerate and faithfully obey its commands always—regardless of how stupid and perverse its commands may be. Wear your masks, get your vaccines. They will keep you safe. And if you do not obey, you will be punished. The Conglomerate and its rabidly loyal followers will destroy you.

The Conglomerate issues a new command for you: “Be afraid of Russia. They are evil. We are good. We will protect you from them.” These are the lines and lies that the US uses as it forces Russia into a war over Ukraine. Furthermore, US leaders act as if they actually want to provoke a nuclear war with Russia (and maybe China too). That’s about as evil as you can get! But Satan loves war—especially a globalist war against one nation that seeks to uphold its right to security as a nation-state. Satan hates nation-states. They get in the way of his crusade for global governance—a one-world government with an authoritarian leftist agenda. One American human face of this particular aspect of Satan is George Soros.

Post-World War II history suggests that the United States loves creating war, chaos, confusion, destruction, and death around the world to advance its imperialist, globalist, corporatist, and now woke-ist agendas. Its military actions have killed many millions of people and destroyed countless lives in numerous war-waging adventures within the past several decades, including in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, and elsewhere. But unlike Russia, the US never gets punished with international sanctions or multinational business closings—because, unlike Russia and its old-fashioned nation-state ideas, the US is a key crusader for the globalist movement. Thus, all the other globalists (EU, UN, WHO, multinational corporations, etc) are on the US side. And regular people suffer like hell. Satan is running the show.

International chaos is an important part of Satan’s agenda, but so is domestic chaos. Genuine democracy is in an advanced gangrenous condition of rotting decadence in the United States—even as the US claims to be defending nonexistent “democracy” in Ukraine. Recent evidence of the gangrene has been on display with the stolen presidential election of 2020, as well as with the punishments (job firings, arrests, ostracization, censoring, news blackouts) for mask/vaccine resisters and Ukraine-narrative dissenters. But election results have become meaningless anyway. The real power stays always in the hands of the Deep State leftists and giant woke corporations—regardless of which candidate or which party wins any election.

The United States is the main source of the social and cultural decadence that is rapidly spreading from the West to all parts of the world. Social division and hatred are purposefully stoked by obsessions with the most intimate personal matters—skin color and sexuality. The education system is primarily concerned with indoctrination. Traditional religions are corrupted and polluted to such a gross extent that most people reject these religions, along with the positive influences that they used to have in society. (I repeat, I’ve never been personally religious, but I do recognize beneficial social influences of religious beliefs.) 

Other traditional values that are being purposefully and blatantly corrupted and destroyed as Satan grows in power include the support and love of the traditional family (father, mother, children), real in-person social interaction, and personal contact with the outside natural world. All these essential aspects of normal, healthy human life have become casualties of US-created-and-promoted electronic technologies, which keep people addicted to artificial “devices” and keep them isolated in artificial indoor environments. The results have been neuroses and psychoses and the fundamental altering of basic human behavior. One American human face of this particular aspect of Satan is Bill Gates.  

Satan loves all those ubiquitous, always-advancing, instant-gratification “pleasure” technologies—smartphones, computers, apps, Internet, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, other things that I’m sure I don’t even know about… He also loves spreading the pleasures of US-promoted hedonistic pop culture and never-satisfied materialism. All you need to enjoy these pleasures is a credit card, which you don’t even have to pay off as you bury yourself under a mountain of endless debt. One American human face of this particular aspect of Satan is Jeff Bezos.

While Satan grows in power and while the millionaires and billionaires keep getting richer, the majority of people keep getting poorer and poorer, in many different ways, including both financially and spiritually. But do they even realize it? They are so addicted to and hypnotized by their magic devices that they can probably remain satiated with pleasure even as their quality of life plummets, as their souls and minds become ever more vacuous, and as their nature-given freedoms are increasingly stifled by the Conglomerate’s authorities. Satan smiles.

As American and Western culture is rapidly collapsing into this pit of total decadence, the US and its international allies are successfully spreading their cultural influences throughout the rest of world. The decadence spreads around the planet like a pandemic. And as with COVID, the masks, vaccines, and other things that you might grasp for are not going to protect you from the effects of the decadence, which are much deadlier than any virus. This is Satan on the verge of complete world conquest.

So in conclusion, I think that Iran was only partly correct. The US is not literally Satan, in and of itself. But the US is today the most prominent and influential face that Satan (evil) is using to extend and strengthen his control over the world.

I used to love my country. But I feel as if I don’t even have a country anymore. Whatever remnant of the USA that still exists is not any kind of America that I recognize. I see it as mostly some strange alien evil entity that has nothing to do with the freedom, liberty, individualism, honesty, goodness, and fairness that I value. I don’t know if Iran’s angry slogan was accurate in 1979. But it sure seems pretty damn close to the truth in 2022.

Hail Great Satan!

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