Voting Is A Waste Of Time

In reality, what difference does one vote make? I am sure there have been elections determined by one vote, but those have to be very few and far between. Those contests were probably at the municipal level in a smaller community.
So the idea your vote matters is false.

Unlike other countries, we only have one day in November to cast our ballet. You are planning to vote, but your crystal ball is fuzzy; you end-up sick or just feeling apathetic from a bad day at work. It isn’t your fault for not requesting an absentee ballot.

The polling place can be a pain. First you have to figure out where it is located and how to get there. And how many times has your Smartphone travel app. led you astray? For me, quite a few. Plus, once there, you have to find a place to park which could be a mile away. Then you have to stand in-line forever. With the COVID guidelines, a person could be stuck there for hours. And you don’t have control of the weather. It could be rainy, cold, windy or any combination there-of. Who wants to freeze their butt off for anything, let alone casting a single ballot?

Once you get into the booth, the ballot has so many choices! Everyone knows the Presidential race, but what about County Commissioners, Judges or the dozens of other elected positions? It can be overwhelming. A lot of the offices aren’t affiliated with a political party, so voting for them can seems like wasting time. And if you did all the research prior? That is a lot of stuff to remember. In essence, you are basically going there to vote for just a few people. Is it worth all the trouble?

The other major issue is none of the candidates are worth voting for. You have a specific list of what political beliefs the individual needs to hold. He or she may have a high number of those attributes – eight or nine out of ten. But not every single item, so you would be sending an imperfect candidate to Washington. Why vote if no one meet your standards?

If these “Reasons Not To Vote” ring true, I have some Bad News: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

In WWII alone, over 400,000 men and women died protecting our Freedom to Vote. The same Freedom, citizens in China, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria and countless other countries long to have: Their voices heard. They have no say in how their government governs. And if those same people push too hard for the Freedom you take for granted? They will wind-up either in prison or dead.

Ironically, you have the Freedom not to vote. But you are giving-up the most basic of Freedoms for no rational reason. When America heads in a direction you don’t like, you can complain all day. But the reality is YOU did nothing to prevent it.

When the Far-Left starts to Defund Police, Eliminate Bail, Reduce the Number of Prisons, Decide the Types of Cars on the Road, Increase Taxes and lead us down the Road to Socialism, then YOU will wish YOU had voted.

But guess what? It is too late. The Liberals just made the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico states. Implemented laws on how the popular vote is counted. They have done everything possible to stay in power until another Civil War breaks-out.

And all of this occurred because YOU are one of the 100 plus million who decided it wasn’t worth your time to Vote.

Not voting is disrespecting the best of what this nation stands for.
- Thomas Hauser

Unlike other modern elections, the outcome of this Presidential Race may very well create dire consequences for future generations. Do you really want to be the one who tips the first domino towards America’s ultimate demise?