Vaccine Verification: Hitler Would Be So Proud

I am a Jewish Prisoner at Auschwitz. I have an arm tattoo featuring my serial number. This allows the Germans to monitor my every move – Sleep to Work to Death.

A Holocaust may never occur here. But the monitoring has already begun.

Vaccine Verification on a Smartphone? It would give Big Tech – and by default, the Government – something NAZI Germany would have salivated over: The ability to track their citizens’ movements and associates.

And if they – for any reason – wanted more on you, they would have it: Phone conversations, texts, e-mails, Websites visited, activity on Social Media…anything.

This gives them their Final Data Solution…to identify their “enemies.”

Don’t be naïve. There is no other legitimate reason to put such a verification system in-place.

We are talking about a virus with a 99% survival rate. The people who have already gotten the shot have little to worry about – they are vaccinated.  So what legitimate reason would there be?

COVID literally is only a contributing factor in nearly 100% of associated deaths. Those who passed had underlying health issues: cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, obesity or were simply old.
This isn’t the Black Plague.

Guess What? There are legitimate reasons for Americans NOT to be vaccinated: A Doctor may determine there are allergies or other underlying health issues. Plus, factor dependent, he may want you to avoid the shot; then, if you get COVID, your natural defenses increase against the virus.

If the Radical Left continues to attack our Freedoms, they will find-out the true number of Conservatives in this country.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  
 – Thomas Jefferson

Either through political means or states seceding, Liberals are heading down a path where the consequences are grave.