Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem Leads Adrian Fontes by over Six Points in Arizona Secretary of State Race: Poll

A new poll from The Trafalgar Group shows Trump-endorsed State Representative Mark Finchem (R-Oro Valley), who is running for Arizona secretary of state, more than six points ahead of his opponent, Democratic former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. Conducted between September 14 and 17, the survey of 1,080 likely voters by the Republican-aligned pollster found that 47.5 percent chose Finchem and 41.1 percent chose Fontes.

Finchem told The Arizona Sun Times he believes his lead is due to championing election integrity. “Our lead in the polling comes from our message that the people want to secure their elections, they want clean and accurate voter rolls and they want someone to prosecute the fraud,” he said. “The grassroots in Arizona have done a great job spreading this message: #JustFollowTheLaw.”

Finchem led on election integrity while serving in the Arizona Legislature, sponsoring bills and holding an election integrity legislative hearing in Tucson last December, where he produced an email from an anonymous sender who alleged there was a plot by Democratic officials to insert 35,000 fraudulent votes into the Pima County 2020 election.

In contrast, Fontes has come under fire for presiding as Maricopa County Recorder over the problematic 2020 presidential election, as well as a series of other mishaps during his tenure from 2016 to 2020. Arizona Republic columnist Abe Kwok stated in an article near the end of Fontes’ tenure on Sept. 13, 2020 that Fontes had some “dramatically bad moments” during his term. He said some voters considering whether to vote to re-elect him that fall might view his tenure as “recklessly irresponsible and deserving the boot.”

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