Trump - Cowardly Lion or America's Savior?

Mr. Trump chose to run for office. There weren't thousands of petitions circulating with millions upon millions of signatures begging him to run - the opposite of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D, CA) today.

Nor was a gun put to his head, or the use of blackmail. No, Mr. Trump freely made his own choice to run - probably more for his ego than anything else. Until he actually won, it easily could have been a strong move to increase the "Trump" Brand.

After squeezing out a victory against Hillary, something strange happened. His boisterous tone - Winston Churchill minus a lot of the intellect - resonated with Americans.  Mr. Trump immediately grasped the low-hanging fruit: Fossil fuel production, lowering of taxes, the drastic reduction of Islamic terrorists, border security and a sense America was the World Power.

By the most recent election, his promises for the future were based on sound logic: Reshoring critical business commerce - in particular, seriously needed pharmaceuticals and being more involved with rare minerals - in essence, keeping China in check.

He focused on additional jobs being created or kept here, Americans keeping more of their take home pay, and correcting his biggest flaw from the first term: government spending. Going forward, he planned on lowering the federal budget, thus reducing the size and scope of D.C.

Obviously, COVID was a fly in the ointment, but not enough to keep voters from overwhelmingly re-electing him to a second term. Well, minus the fraud captured in countless videos and affidavits. We are then led to believe a senile Mr. Biden actually received more votes than Mr. Obama! And is now our official President.

The final tally pegged Biden at 80 million votes with Mr. Trump receiving 75 million; with so much fraud, it is easy to believe Mr. Trump's actual number was in the 90s.  And how many conservatives didn't vote? Pretty scary for Liberals.

This is where Mr. Trump's problems began. He swore multiple times there wouldn't be socialism in America during his lifetime.  But since November 4th, he has largely been quiet.

One could argue the President was simply caught flat-footed - no safety nets in place to take on the fraud. Perhaps, his legal team wanted him to stay low profile while they worked their cases. Or maybe Mr. Trump was embarrassed how easily the 2020 Election was stolen from him.

Regardless, he kept his mouth shut. Even after Mr. Biden was sworn in, Mr. Trump still remained relatively low-key for someone of his temperament. Has he given up? Just wants to play golf every day? Or focus exclusively on the eleven or so Republicans he wants out of office?

As each day passes, his legacy grows weaker, not stronger. His constituents see him less as the President who seemingly was on their side, and more of the carnival barker who yelled 'You're Fired!' on a reality show.

His support has gone from a strong boil to the point where we are not far away from it being a cold, Rocky Mountain stream.

Mr. Trump didn't strike while the iron was hot, but he still has the chance to completely flip the script: Start his own party within the Republicans. Think of the Tea Party, only better organized with a formidable leader out front - Himself!

In one fatal swoop, millions upon millions would join his group. Other conservatives would fold themselves into it. Why? His strongest characteristic is leadership. Mr. Trump would have an organization the likes this country has never seen before. For all practical purposes, he would envelop the current Republican Party.

It truly is our only hope. Without a force of tremendous magnitude and the money to put the proper organization in-place, conservatives don't stand a chance.

There isn't anyone else who can accomplish what needs to be done. It is Mr. Trump, or liberals for life. The Left will control the voting mechanisms; they will expand the government to new heights with little opposition; they will create a socialist society with no resemblance of the greatest country every to exist - America.

So what will Mr. Trump do? Will he be the cowardly lion who fades off into the sunset? Or a man hell-bent on saving the greatest Land of Opportunity - the last, best hope for mankind on Earth?

Only time will tell. And it becomes more precious by the day.

"Freedom is never more than generation away from extinction."
 – Ronald Reagan 

Mr. Trump - and us joining with him - is the only hope:
  • For our future generations to have all the freedoms we hold dear.
  • To have the belief dreams can be realities. 
  • To live in the Greatest Country ever created under God - America.

Revised & Updated from previously published article on Scragged.