Time to Mount Your Warhorse and Fight for a New Country


Now, if you still cannot see that and accept it—after all the unholy crap that has happened during the past year—then you are either willfully blind or hopelessly stupid.

All the crap led up to yesterday, when some angry pro-Trump demonstrators finally had the courage to confront the evil political scumbags on the scumbags’ own Swampy turf—the first solid signs of a long-delayed righteous rebellion. And what happened? The government police attacked them, arresting them and shooting them down. At least four were killed and numerous others wounded. And so-called “conservatives” in the political and talking-head classes condemned the brave protestors for “unacceptable behavior.” (As if people have any other choice now but to protest and riot and engage in illegal action—when every single legal institution and avenue in this sick, decadent country has utterly failed them.) And, of course, Trump was blamed by all the know-it-alls and banned by the social media fascists. And, of course, such professional outrage was totally absent when BLM and Antifa thugs were staging their riots and setting fires all over the place. This hypocritical tyranny is mind-blowing!

But this is the precise way that America’s new masters, China, deal with their protestors. So, the well-crafted plot that the Chinese launched by purposefully releasing the virus on us has culminated in the U.S. government now thoroughly mimicking the totalitarian communist regime. The United States is now China, and China is now the United States—no difference. This will become increasingly obvious—even to you—after China’s fool stooge, Dementia Joe, and Cacklin’ Kamala complete the coup later this month.

Yeah, America is dead. So, sit back and listen to my funeral dirge for America 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a4VrEAWTUs
Dr. Phibes rises again!

Not the country my grandparents came to

Needless to say, this is not the country that my grandparents had in mind—“the land of the free and the home of the brave”—when they immigrated to the United States from Poland in the early 1900s. America has turned into the land of the slaves and the home of the cowards (with examples of high cowards being the Supreme Court justices, Pence, and almost all Republicans, who bend over so willingly for the Democrat tyrants to have their pleasure with them).

My paternal grandfather, Joseph Smuskiewicz, came to this country with his brother, Andrew, in 1913, when they were both teenagers. They came from a poor rural family in western Poland. They had to walk and hitch rides to France, where they caught the boat to the U.S. After arriving in this country, they first went to California and then Texas in search of work. They didn’t know anybody here, so they had to find their own way. (Interestingly, Texas was the site of the first Polish settlement in the United States—Panna Maria, in Karnes County, in 1854.)

By 1917, my grandfather was serving in the U.S. Army along the Texas-Mexico border. He was in a mounted unit under General John “Black Jack” Pershing (before Pershing was sent to Europe for World War I). My grandfather’s unit was based in Brownsville (across the Rio Grande from Matamoros). He was part of the military mission to capture Pancho Villa, who had been causing quite a lot of trouble in Texas towns. 

I have a wonderful photo of my grandfather wearing his Army uniform and mounted on his Army horse in Brownsville in 1917. I’ve posted the photo with this essay. I’m very proud of that photo. To me, it represents my family ties to Texas (my favorite state) and to the tail end of the Old West (my favorite part of American history). My grandfather left an old country (for his own reasons), and he came to a relatively new country, where he soon joined the armed forces and fought for it.

After his Army service was completed, my grandfather eventually ended up in Chicago, where I would be born in 1960. He told me that he moved to Chicago, along with his brother, because that was where they could find work. My family has lived in the Chicago area ever since. But I have been captivated by the idea of Texas my whole life. I am in love with Texas for many reasons, including its history of standing up for freedom and liberty, as well as its cowboy mythology and its amazing music. I want to eventually move to Texas—but the Texas I want to move to is a new, free, independent Republic of Texas—a Texas that is formally and officially separated from the other states (the sick, decadent “slave” states, like Illinois).

Time to abandon this country and fight for a new country

I have previously explained my dream of Texas and I made my case for Texas secession and independence in another Intellectual Conservative essay:

As I have previously noted, I have completely given up on the United States. The old America—the real America—is gone forever. And it ain’t ever coming back. This is now a sick land that is fully controlled—every single institution is fully controlled—by the Leftist authoritarian corporatist crooks. And these government and corporate tyrants, in turn, are controlled by their masters in China. The only thing standing in their way was Trump, and they have succeeded and relished in destroying this unique and special man. So now it is all over, and we are left with a completely illegitimate and evil government, including both major parties, as well as an evil corporate class.

Thus, I am in favor of rebellion and revolution as the only option we have left at this late point. That is why I was encouraged by the boldness I saw displayed by the angry protestors/rioters yesterday in Washington. They scared the hell out of those evil politicians! Yes, they did! But where do we go from here? I still believe that most Americans in most states are hopelessly compliant zombies and weak little sheep, as clearly demonstrated by the widespread obedience to the irrational rules and regulations that state tyrants imposed after the virus outbreak. Americans will bend over and take as much tyranny as big government and big corporations will stick them with, as long as they get to keep their credit cards, their online pornography, and their other shallow self-centered immediate gratifications.

Although I am in favor of the secession of like-minded freedom-loving states, and the fighting of a third civil war if necessary, I do not think that is likely to happen. There are not enough Americans left with the functioning brains and selfless bravery to pull it off—except in one state. And that state is Texas. I believe that Texas is the only place that has a genuinely realistic chance at achieving secession and independence. And I believe that there is enough common sense left in Texas that they might even be able to pull it off successfully without firing a shot. There is a very active organization that I support called the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM): https://tnm.me. The TNM is working toward a state referendum on Texas independence. I think that this effort is the only way to form a new American nation that has any realistic chance of success in the foreseeable future. And if you want to have a chance in your life again of seeing an American nation where individual liberty and freedom are alive again, then you should also support the TNM. In my opinion, it represents the only hope that freedom-loving Americans have left.

So, when I say “mount your warhouse” in this essay’s title, I am not necessarily talking about a real civil war with physical fighting and shooting. There may be another way to fight for and win a new free county. And Texas may show us the way. 

Nevertheless, it is also my personal opinion that additional “riots” like we saw in DC yesterday may be necessary to keep demonstrating to the government and corporate tyrants that there is a significant number of Americans who have had enough of their crap and who are willing to fight physically if necessary—just as people had to fight against tyranny in the Revolutionary War, or at the Alamo. The tyrants in Washington, the various state capitals, and the corporate centers have to know that they cannot get way with their authoritarianism and destruction of free speech and natural rights without some kind of a fight from Americans. They have to know that not all Americans have become zombies and sheep! 

But, ultimately, I am sure that the last hope of saving American freedom will come down to Texas.

My family tradition and my blood

While my family responsibilities temporarily keep me in Illinois, I dream of ”returning” to Texas, where my grandfather fought for the United States more than 100 years ago. But this time, I want to return to help Texas fight for and preserve its independence, in whatever way I can.

Yes, I like to think that there is some part of the Old West and the Texas cowboy mythology in my family roots and family tradition. But my family also has roots in another interesting and historic mythology. My maternal grandmother came from the Gorale culture of the Carpathian Mountains in southern Poland. This culture traces its origin to the Carpathian area in Romania, including Transylvania. Dracula! Thus, I like to imagine that I also have some vampire in my blood.

In an era where men can be women and whites can be blacks or American Indians, I do not think it is too much of a stretch for me to be able to declare myself a Polish-American Texas cowboy vampire revolutionary. Watch for me riding my warhorse across the Texas prairie and hunting for blood as I fight against zombies for my freedom. Yeeha!

Joseph Smuskiewicz 1917 by N/A is licensed under N/A N/A