This is not Satire. It's a Threat and God Fearing Parents must Take a Stand

The cultural and political battle lines are being drawn, and most of them are not being drawn by the so-called “Christian Nationalists” who actually…well…have been playing defense for way too long.  The battle lines are actually being set by the Progressive Left, who has control of way too many key industries coupled with higher culture institutions.  Now they are not just playing for keeps and for territory, but for control of the greater zeitgeist.

The arts and entertainment industries and organizations were always filled with the free spirit, free thinker (not necessarily militant Big A Atheist, militant Humanist types, but had some contempt for God and his Law) who wanted to express themselves and their worldview without any retribution from middle America who more likely than not disagrees with their godless worldview…but the times are a changing as you can see in Nashville and then some…and these leftist elites want an America (or whatever they want America to be) that is Free of the Biblical God and empowers the human race with God Like Powers.  They will do this any which way they can.  The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has thrown down the gallant, and through song they admit what they want to do to help usher in the Brave New World…and/or the world of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

At first glance, you could say the SFGMC is tongue and check, basically owing the claims made by Christian Activists and others of Conservative Orthodox Faith.  A musical number that could find its way on Steven Colbert hands down, and maybe Jimmy Kimmel if not Jimmy Fallon.  Don’t forget James Corden and Seth Meyers who come on later, or Samantha Bee on TBS who recently became a dual citizen of American and Canada.  But thanks to the likes of Todd Starnes, and Dinesh D'Souza and other conservative activists…the SFGMC is unlikely to get booked on any of these progressive talk shows that take the guise of late night entertainment and comedy…but they do show who they truly are.  I highly doubt they will appear on the serious shows like Rachel Madow, Brian Williams, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Lawrence O'Donnell (who is part of Hollywood elite), Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Wolf Bitzer. 
No, the CNN, NBC (and MSNBC), CBS, PBS, NPR types are going to social distance much likely on this one.  The true colors must not be exposed.  Too late, because I am partaking in the expose, of the Coming for your Children song.  Let us go over the lyrics.

You think we’re sinful
You fight against our rights
You say we all lead lives you can’t respect
But you’re just frightened
You think that we’ll corrupt your kids
If our agenda goes unchecked
Funny, just this once, you’re correct
We’ll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
Quietly and subtly
And you will barely notice it…We don’t care
We’ll convert your children
We’ll make them tolerant and fair.
We’ll convert your children
Reaching one and all
There is really no escaping it
‘Cause even grandma likes RuPaul

Pause the song.  Really...Really...Really do our grandparents love RuPaul?  If you still love Dance Club music, I can see it.  Can't speak for my grandparents...they have all passed.

And the world’s getting kinder
Gen Z’s gayer than grindr
Learn to love
Learn to vogue
Face your fate!
We’ll convert your children
Someone’s gotta teach them not to hate.

Pause the Song.  They will be taught to hate.  The children will taught to hate God, his Holy Law, his Son Jesus Christ, their Body of Believers and if their parents were holding for the Faith, their children will renounce it…for man’s definition of Love.

We’re coming for them
We’re coming for your children…
…Your children will care about
Fairness and justice for others
Your children will work to convert
All their sisters and brothers
Then soon we’re almost certain
Your kids will start converting you!

Pause The Song Again, they can only convert you if you want to seek to keep the peace, not make peace.  Meanwhile the conversation of America’s children continues.

But you don’t have to worry
‘Cause there’s nothing wrong with
Standing by our side
(The gay agenda)
Get on board in a hurry
Because the world always needs
A bit more pride
(The gay agenda)

Stop…now this sounds similar to John Lennon’s Imagine, or Ed Robertson’s Dream a Dream. 

We’ll convert your children
Then we’ll turn to you
Giving up the fear inside
Is freeing like you never knew!... You’ll forget you were ever upset
We’ll convert your children
And make an ally of you yet!

Rather than call this disgusting and silly, I shall treat this cheesy song as the threat that it truly is.  It is threat to God’s people, and they seek to not only take and convert their children into typical pagans if not take them into the LGBTQ lifestyle, but to make all of America just like the elite locales of LA, DC, NYC, and let us not forget SF.  When we conservatives as whole called their bluff, then these talented pieces of riff raff wanted to self-censor…which they did.  But some of us in the movement including Todd Starnes and Dinesh D'Souza are going see to it that this song is shown to enough parents of faith and hopefully take action to make sure that the LGBTQ+ is held back and put in their place.  Lest we forget that Harvey Milk himself was molested by the LGBTQ+ before becoming not only one of them, but also a child molester himself.  This has been the classic way (not just the only way) to covert children not only into joining the Rainbow Jahid…but the overall Pagan Progressive Marxist cause.

To paraphrase Ivan Moody; To Me this choir of open gay men "is a cancer," Parents listen to me…"WAR IS THE ANSWER"…and these singers have declared it.  This is nothing but a group of radicals who seek power, and this is just another way of using the Saul Alinsky playbook.  It’s not their minds of children that they are after, but their souls as well…and that is what the devil himself seeks to claim.    

The SFGMC are now complaining about death threats and claiming it was satire.  First of all, Show me the proof that you actual got the threats, and second don’t actually trespass onto private property if you are truly coming for the children…cause Smith & Wesson, Colt, or whomever might be helping the parents in stopping the likes of you from accomplishing your wickedness.  They don’t find it funny, and neither do I.  Targeting children has been a goal of the LGBTQ+ for a very long time.  One more thing, God Does not necessarily hate you as men or boys that never grew up…he hates Homosexuality and other sexual perversions that eventually lead to death.

Two songs written by Steve Camp come to mind.

Fire and Ice, darkness and light
Can never live together
Its day or its night
Its wrong or its right.

And Good and Evil can’t co-exist either.

We may not be ready but we serve a mighty Lord
And He's made us more than conquerors
So what are you waiting for? Let's run to the battle.

Parents, Conservatives…Especially Christians.  The time has finally come to RUN TO THE BATTLE!!!

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