The Truth about Covid-19 with Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., and Urgent Care, Dr. Dan Erickson

The Truth about Covid-19 with Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., Urgent Care, Dr. Dan Erickson

Prepared by David R. Usher, [email protected]
CEO, Civitas Economic Engineering
President, the Center for Marriage Policy

This document clarifies and establishes a simple reference of epidemiological facts about covid-19 and respiratory diseases. Governors and legislators must know the facts to make good decisions. Much of lockdown policy does not agree with established epidemiological policy because the “experts” controlling local policy are motivated by fear, conflicts of interest, or political goals. I will cover false science, medical corruption, and political aspects of the Covid crisis in separate articles which will be linked here later.


· Epidemiological Vaccine Facts by David R. Usher.  This my reference document being regularly updated containing source data facts about why the vaccines are not reducing infection or death rates.  Links to a large body of international field data from the UK, Sweden, Isreal, Iceland, and other countries reflecting the fact that the vaccines do not work.  Please bookmark this link and look for updates.  At this time, the document is Revision 5.  I have 475 pages of research on this.  Only the most convincing information is in this article.  I prepared to for use by law firms and individuals to use in litigation.  It is obvious to all that drug companies selling drugs that are expired and non-functional, may be held liable for economic, emplyement, and other harms that cannot be considered "unintentional".   Pfizer has a history of criminal marketing of drugs and paid the largest fine in DOJ history over intentionally mismarketed drugs in 2009.

· Stand Up! State websites. Studies, Reports, and State organizations to end unwarranted and arbitrary Constitutional and medical abuses of authority.

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Knut Wittkowsky’s background and policy quotes

Knut (pronounced “K Noot”) has a Masters in Biostatistics, Ph.D. in computer science, a Doctor of Science in Medical Biometry (incl. genetics and epidemiology). He is CEO of ASDERA, a company developing interventions for autism, and for a common underlying factor of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases (MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingtons), cardiovascular, and metabolic. Applied to virus diseases, this broad-spectrum intervention reduces replication of viruses by slowing down the rate by which viruses are taken up by cells and reducing the building blocks needed by cells to create the next progeny.

Knut says that the virus could be eliminated in weeks and herd immunity developed quickly if most people were allowed to lead normal lives. [video]

“There is no fundamental difference between the flu and COVID”. This means we should not be taking the exceptional measures we have been taking locking down healthy people and the economy.

Knut’s sole focus is on epidemiological science and policy. He does not play politics: “I’m not paid by the government, so I’m entitled to actually do science.”

Flattening the curve only extends the pandemic”. “We should protect the elderly and fragile, because when they get pneumonia, they have a high risk of dying off of pneumonia …. On the other hand, children do very well with these kinds of diseases …. and so they should keep going to school, which means after about four weeks, at the most, the elderly people could start joining their family.”

“With all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them will not even recognize that they were infected or had very mild symptoms. So it is very important to keep schools open … to get herd immunity as fast as possible …. And the elderly people should be separated and nursing homes should be closed … they can come back and meet the children and grandchildren after about 4 weeks when the virus has been exterminated”.

He says that “shelter in place” for the young and healthy is causing more cases and death in the elderly population because herd immunity is delayed. It will also cause a second wave “If we had herd immunity now, there could not be a second wave in autumn … herd immunity lasts at least a couple of years …. If we are preventing herd immunity from developing, it is almost guaranteed that we will have a second wave as soon we either stop social distancing or climate changes with winter are coming” … “the second wave is a direct consequence of social distancing”. (That’s what happened in the South).

Regarding the “lockdown”, Knut says “it’s not the first coronavirus and it won’t be the last .. for all respiratory diseases we have the same type of an epidemic. If you leave it alone it comes for two weeks, it peaks, and goes for two weeks, and its gone”.

If there had been no intervention, the epidemic would have been over like every other respiratory disease epidemic ,,, “about 2% of all symptomatic cases will die”.

“There are no indications that this flu is fundamentally different from any other flu”.

“Spending more time outdoors … because outdoors the virus cannot be easily spread. That is a form of containment. “Going outdoors is what stops every respiratory disease”.

Data shows that the pandemic peaked before governmental responses were implemented. Knut reports that social distancing made no difference in infection or death rates in China and other countries because it was not implemented until “after the infection rates had peaked .... herd immunity had already been reached … but by installing social distancing, they prevented it to actually getting to the final point … that is why we are still seeing new cases in South Korea several weeks after the peak”.

“You cannot stop the spread of a respiratory disease within a family … and you cannot stop it spreading to neighbors … even in times of social distancing they still have contacts”. The infection “will go on forever unless we let it go”.

Knut does not see vaccines as a precondition for opening the economy. “vaccines would help create herd immunity ... but for some reason we do not understand … nature has a way of making sure that we survive”.

He found that our reporting systems are not following standards established during the aids crisis. “every case was reported with the day of diagnosis and the day of reporting ….With COVID-19it’s not so we cannot deconvolute this data”.

“There is never a 10-fold increase in cases from one day to the next ….. There is nothing to be scared of .. nothing is fundamentally different from the flus that we see in other years”.

Knut says that the internet is spreading panic and chaos. He says that social distancing is causing depression.

The links below are for full length interviews of Knut Wittkowski and Dr. Dan Erickson, for those who have the time to acquire more background and detail.

· Mark Levin interviews Knut Wittkowski Re: covid-19 Coronavirus 04 10 2020 (16:06) – Only a small minority people will feel sick – most have strong enough immune systems to stop the infection without even knowing they were sick. There was no reason to destroy the economy. We are seeing the normal number of deaths during the flu season. Covid-19is no different than other flu – they all are most dangerous to people with co-morbidities. History: During fear campaigns of the 1980’s, Knut was right about HIV not infecting a large percentage of the heterosexual community. Government should listen to independent epidemiologists trained to handle epidemics – which are complex non-linear, and cannot be accurately predicted by models. With Fauci, “there is a lack of understanding of the fundamental nonlinear dynamics of epidemiologic … diseases.” …. “Closing schools is the worst thing you can do” …. “Children have one day of a runny nose” …, “they develop immunity without putting others at risk and filling up hospitals” …. “we protect the elderly”. Levin: we do not want paranoid people running around with medical degrees … because nobody can answer my question about when we can come out.”

· Dr. Knut Wittkowski on Laura Ingraham's Show (May 18, 2020) 5:21 -- Lockdowns did not change the course of the viral infections, schools should not have been closed but nursing homes should have been closed.

· Knut Wittkowski - New York - The Horse was Out of the Barn (15:21) -- Knut proves that by the time lockdowns were initiated, Covid-19infections had already peaked, so that it was too late to “flatten the curve”.

· Did the Lockdowns Save Thousands of Lives? A Soho Forum Debate (1:26)

· Dr. Fauci vs. Dr. Wittkowski: Endless Mitigations or Herd Immunity (10:35) -- Knut proves that several things Dr. Fauci says are epidemiologically incorrect. Letting the flu run its course is the fastest way to end the flu with the least loss of life. Fauci actually argues that government intervention can make herd immunity unnecessary! Instead, if there should be a “second wave” this fall, it is because lockdowns prevented herd immunity.

· Prof, Knut Wittkowski: Testing Is Neither Necessary Nor Effective – (1:25)

· Dr Knut Wittkowski & Dr. Dan Erickson (Urgent Care) | Lockdowns & Herd Immunity (21:03) – Experience from China and Europe indicated that lockdowns are counterproductive and cause more death. The U.S. should not have locked down. Vaccines are just another way to achieve herd immunity, but they are not that effective – about 30% efficacy. There are likely more collateral deaths caused by shutdowns than deaths from the virus. In nursing homes, employees should live in the nursing home until the virus was passed.

· Rockefeller University's Knut Wittkowski on Coronavirus & Herd Immunity (9:27 One America News Network) -- We see that governmental measures are not a substitute for allowing herd immunity to build naturally. There is no reason to quarantine the healthy or shut down the economy.

· Knut Wittkowski covid19 (5:46) -- With respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. We should keep schools open, which is the fastest way to achieve herd immunity -- and to protect the weak and elderly until herd immunity is established. Testing for respiratory diseases is neither necessary or effective.

· Perspectives on the Pandemic – Knut Wittkowski (Part 2) (1:04 - May 26, 2020).(CENSORED) — Note: Part one had over 1.2 million views but was removed by Youtube because it did not adhere to the Establishment view. Please watch this video or see my transcription below. See the table proving that Covid-19peaked the first week of March, before any governmental actions were taken. Everything done was too late and did not prevent death. Youtube deleted Part 2 as well.

· "The Highwire" April 09, 2020 - Knut Wittkowski with Del Bigtree (28:28) --- Social distancing only broadens the curve and has no other useful effect. Had we let the flu run its course like they allowed in China. South Korea, Australia, Sweden, and Austria, Covid-19would have been finished in the U.S. by April had we let herd immunity develop. If we have a “second wave” it is because the shutdown prevented herd immunity. We should use models that are grounded in reality. Qualified epidemiologists were not involved in models developed by virologists to date. (Interviewer): Deborah Birx said they will put Covid-19as the code on every single person that dies even if despite co-morbid issues … that surely would have killed them. Knut: This makes in much more difficult to determine strategy and cause. Changes in collection strategies and definitions are causing spikes in graphs. Coronavirus is considered cause of death even if it had an effect or not. This is “ridiculous”. There is no evidence anywhere it the world that the lockdown had any positive effect. There is a lot of evidence that it is negative. It prevents herd immunity from building up. You can keep these rebound and waves going for a year or more by doing these lockdowns. Epidemiologist mathematicians were not involved in determining policy. Virologists are experts in viruses, not epidemics. We should isolate and protect those who are old or have co-morbidities. We should not shut down schools and businesses. Protecting the elderly protects hospitals from being overrun. We are causing mental health problems involving increasingly-depressed and isolated individuals with guns. “If we push the entire society into the realm of society, I don’t think that will be beneficial to the society.”

· Is Social Distancing Working? Knut Wittkowski PhD with Del Bigtree – This is a shorter version other Knut Wittkowski interviews with focus on the effectiveness/impact of social distancing.

Interview with Dr. Dan Erickson, Accellerated Urgent Care, Bakersfield, CA.

“There is no fundamental difference between the flu and COVID.”

“The CDC website says that some years the vaccine has little to no effect”

“With the flu, vaccines are not that great, it might help a bit, yes, but it does not make much of a difference.”

“Every virus that spreads is a new virus. We may have vaccines for similar viruses, that have something called cross-immunity, that might help a bit.”

“Regarding Sweden, which is mostly open; what we have seen in Sweden is not disaster that people have expected. …. The collateral damage is more devastating than the disease itself”

“South Korea was very proud not to shut down the country …. It lasted about three weeks, and the epidemic was over”.

“We must differentiate between virus testing and antibody testing. Antibody tests are important for the epidemiologist because it tells us how many people are already immune. If we were to open up everything today, if there should be a rebound, it would be very low.”.

“Schools should be opened immediately. We should open everything to move towards herd immunity.”

One opportunity and obligation we have as scientists to reach out to politicians even if they don’t like to scientist to say we have something to say and there are things we can provide to prevent further damage from being dumb”.

On lockdowns vs herd immunity: “vaccines reduce the time to get to herd immunity, lockdowns prolong the time.”

On the subject of “excess deaths”, which the establishment claims add to the official covid death rate: “These deaths may, in fact, be "related", e.g., caused by COVID hysteria”.

Highlights of the followup Interview with Dr. Dan Erickson, Accelerated Urgent Care, Bakersfield, CA.

(The original interview was censored by Youtube in May)

The Followup Interview with Dr. Dan Erickson and Knut Wittckowki begins with Dr. Erickson stating that a large number of highly-respected practicing physicians who work the front lines and know what is going on recommend ending lockdowns . “Academic institutions that sit in their offices and fire off emails” are “not the people we should be listening to”.

Dr. Erickson:

“U.S. Surgeon General Jeremy Adams (and I quoteJ “The mask actually increases the risk the person’s risk of contracting Covid”.

“In Kern County, we looked at 13 deaths. About six of them were on hospice. That means you are at the end of your life. You know what the diagnosis was? Covid”.

Knut Wittkowski explains why lockdowns killed more people than if we had done nothing other than isolating those who are at risk (see 3:22 in the video).

“The old people and those with co-morbidities are at high risk. You can isolate them for a short period of time, but if you “flatten the curve”, as people tried to do, you are prolonging the time people need to isolate, so you have more death not only from suicide and other consequences of depression and aggression, but you also have more death among the elderly simply because the isolation is “risk taking”

On vaccines:

Dr. Erickson: “I was reading on the CDC Today website and they said that some years the vaccine has little or no effect:” … Just because you have a vaccine …. A lot of the time, 40-50% of the population won’t take it …. And of those who take it, it works in about 30% of the time.”

Knut Wittkowski: “The problem is that every virus that spreads is a new virus .. otherwise it would not spread. And if it’s a new virus, we don’t have a good vaccine against it. We may have a vaccines against similar viruses that have something called “cross immunity” so they may have a bit. It is not like the smallpox where we knew we had a vaccine …. And if you take it you do not get the disease. With flus, it is never the case like that.”

On Sweden:

Dr. Erickson: so you are saying that the collateral damage is more significant than from the actual disease from the virus.”

Knut Wittcowski: Yes. Sweden is much better than the United States.

Dr. Erickson: “If we had not done a lockdown, do you think our herd immunity would have spiked and come down by now?”

Knut Wittkowski: Yes,.The duration of the epidemic would have been much shorter. We knew from Italy that the elderly are at particularly high risk. Very early on, in February, in Seattle, a lot of people in one nursing home died. That should have been a red flag and we should have closed all the nursing homes, paid the staff to stay for 3 or 4 weeks. This would have prevented thousands of deaths.

On Wuhan and Korea:

Knut Wittkowski: “The first lockdown, they just locked down the city of Wuhan …. But they did not force people to stay at home, so life within Wuhan went on as before. There was a lot of hospital building and then there was huge drama it was over. So obviously its not so bad.

South Korea is a country with a lot more credibility. In South Korea, the government was very proud not to shut down the country … to run counter to the concept of Democracy. After the peak, there were three weeks of decreasing cases, and that is what we would expect until herd immunity builds and the epidemic is over.

On Testing:

Dr. Erickson: What is your take on testing? Do we need to do it, do we not need to do it?

Knut Wittkowski: The first thing is do differentiate between virus testing and antibody testing. Virus testing tells you if you are currently infected. Antibody testing whether you have been infected.

Virus testing for an epidemiolist is not so important. If may be important for a clinician because you will be treating first, not testing first.

The antibody tests are important for the epidemiologist because it tells us how many people are already immune ,,,, these tests have been done in the Germany, Sweden, New York. All the data is consistent showing that about 25% of people are immune. Even if we opened up everything today, if there was a rebound it would be very low ---- nothing to fear.

On opening areas with different population density:

Knut Wittkowski: I think there is no reason anywhere in the United States to continue this prohibition. I do not see any reason to continue the lockdown in high risk or low risk areas.

On opening schools:

Knut Wittkowski: The first step is to undo what never should have been done before .. closing the schools. The first step is to open the schools. Schools should be opened immediately.

Covidiot by Courtesy of the CDC is licensed under CDC CDC