The Right Needs a New Type of Leader

There is a vacuum in American conservative/libertarian/constitutionalist leadership today. With all the twilight-zone insanity going on these days—the virus hysteria, economic destruction, racial violence, erasure of American culture and history, overall national decline and decadence—there seem to be no elected leaders standing up as strong voices against this radical Leftist revolution. I see only a handful of Republican congressmen, like Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, speaking out on certain issues from time to time. But I don’t see any elected leaders who are consistent bold voices of support for the much-maligned core principles of the Right and against the ascending fascism of the Left—leaders who are out there every day fighting back hard against the nonsense and speaking out for the truth, no matter how tough the truth might be for some people to hear. There is so much societal pathology happening day after day, but pretty much all we hear in response are crickets. Meanwhile, the nation is being burnt to the ground, and the ashes are drifting away in the wind. 

In 2016, Donald Trump filled a void on the Right that desperately needed filling. And he successfully and amazingly withstood attack after attack after attack from the Left to accomplish some very good things for America. Unfortunately, I believe that Trump has lost his way since the start of the virus hysteria. His actions and words in response to that hysteria, as well as his response to subsequent Leftist subversions, like the racial riots and statue destructions, have been confusing, contradictory, inconsistent, rather weak, and ultimately self-defeating. He has, sadly, missed his opportunities for true leadership during these manufactured crises—because he let himself get manipulated by the Leftist eggheads (like Anthony “Goggles” Fauci) and he has not been tough enough with the Marxist mobs. For example, Trump should never have allowed the shutdown of the economy—not a single business should have been closed because of the virus—and he should have ordered large numbers of federal troops to forcefully and promptly stop all the riots. Trump often speaks the right words but does not follow through with the right actions.

I am sure that Trump and the Republicans are headed for a massive defeat in November; the endless attacks from all directions have taken their toll. The Republicans deserve to get wiped out. They are a pathetic excuse for a political party and belong in the dustbin of history. But Trump does not deserve his inevitable fate, because, despite his shortcomings, at least he tried harder than most Republicans. 
Trump will be, for all practical purposes, the last president of the United States of America. After the Democrats take control of everything in 2021 and after they institute their radical communistic agenda and change all the rules in their favor, the USA will—in any meaningful sense—cease to exist. Oh, there will still be something here called the USA, but it will be in name only. America will actually be a one-party communist/fascist tyranny, with little or no connection to the real America that was born in 1776. 

Looking for a Leader

Many conservatives are becoming increasingly depressed and dispirited as they stare in horror at the purposeful destruction of the country they love. What makes it even more intolerable is the lack of pushback from any prominent elected officials. All we seem to have on our side are some radio, television, and Internet personalities, such as Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin. They help to bolster the spirits—so we don’t feel all alone—but they have no actual power to institute any policy changes. We need a strong leader in a position of power to not only rally the troops on the Right, but also to lead the way in taking the government actions that are needed to stop or at least slow the decadence and decay. 

People need leaders to accomplish major societal reforms. Most individuals are natural followers and incapable of accomplishing meaningful societal change on their own. If people have no leaders, their efforts are likely to become increasingly aimless and ineffective. A leader can provide focus and the knowhow needed for getting things done. At this point, I suppose we will have to wait for such a leader to possibly emerge in the apocalyptic devastated landscape after the November elections. Perhaps then, this currently unknown leader will be able to finally guide us out of the dystopian Orwellian zombie apocalypse. To meet the unique needs of these strange, scary times, this leader will need to be unconventional, charismatic, transformational, and revolutionary in a way that the Right has rarely seen. Trump was kind of like that for a while. But what we need now is something like Trump magnified, triple Trump, Trump on steroids—combined with the discipline to stay more consistently “on his game.” 

The Left has had its share of well-known transformational revolutionary leaders in the past, such as the communists Lenin, Mao, and Castro. Such leaders are harder to identify on the Right, unless you count fascist dictators like Hitler and Mussolini. However, I count those dictators as members of the Left, because they were all about government power. The Left is about government power and control; the real Right is about personal freedom and liberty. Today, the American Right needs a leader as transformational and revolutionary as those historic leaders of the Left—but this time the revolutionary leader needs to fight for the uniquely American principles of individual liberty and personal freedom. We need a strong and effective anti-tyranny leader.

Beyond those characteristics, the type of leader we need today must possess certain other traits to effectively counter the insanity, ugliness, horror, and fascism that the Left has unleashed on us. I am looking for the following characteristics and policy positions in a new leader—a leader for the great conservative/libertarian/constitutionalist cause to build a renewed America. (Although I use the pronoun “he” in the following text, the new leader might very well be a “she.” Hell, I don’t even care if the person is transgender, as long as he/she can fight effectively for the Right! It is also possible that multiple leaders could emerge and work together in their efforts.)

Characteristics and Positions of the New Leader

• The new leader must always advocate for the core principles of individual liberty, personal freedom, personal responsibility, self-reliance, pride in American history (of both the North and South), traditional cultural values, adherence to constitutional principles, and equal opportunities for all but no special favors based on race, gender, or other personal traits.

• He must defend the right to free speech and maintain tolerance for dissent. However, if you openly advocate anti-America views (like many journalists and Democrats today) or engage in anti-America actions (like Antifa and BLM), these will be considered treasonous crimes, and those traitors will be punished. (There will be a lot of America-hating journalists and cop-hating “activists” in prison, where they belong.)

• He should be charismatic, passionate, smart, articulate, outspoken, blunt, honest, and inspirational. He must bluntly and consistently speak the truth, regardless of who it upsets. He must be capable of inspiring people to thought and action, strengthening public resolve, and winning over converts, while never sinking to the level of pandering or political correctness.

• He must be honest about the present manufactured crises (virus, economy, racial riots), talking to Americans like adults and appealing to reason and intellect, not emotion or fear.

• On the virus, the leader needs to remind people that they simply have to live with risk. The virus (whatever it really is) is here forever. People have to accept the small risk of getting sick from the coronavirus, just like they do with any other disease. Just deal with it, dammit! That is the only realistic option to get society back to the old normal (which is the only acceptable normal). Furthermore, there should be no requirements for masks or goggles or social distancing, because such requirements violate basic freedoms, as well as delay the development of natural immunity. We have to let the virus run its natural course (even if the virus itself may have been manufactured in a Chinese laboratory). And we cannot let the virus hysteria interfere with the economy anymore. These are the essential truths that I have been longing in vain to hear from any person in government or politics!

• On the economy, the leader must stress the crucial importance to the country of fully and immediately re-opening all businesses and getting all people back to work—with no special regulations or restrictions. The primary focus must be on quickly restoring normalcy to the American economy and on regaining the robust economic growth that Trump had begun establishing. In terms of the overall well-being and health of Americans, nothing is more important than a strong economy. A good job and decent standard of living generally equal good health. The lack of a good job and insufficient income generally equal poor health. Why isn’t anyone saying this today? Working today is more important than waiting for a vaccine tomorrow!

• Regarding the BLM and Antifa protests, riots, tearing down of statues, and burning and looting, the leader has to make it perfectly clear that such anti-America, anti-police violence and destruction will not be tolerated. Such acts will be punished with arrest and imprisonment. These thugs cannot be allowed to wreck a nation, the way they have been doing. If you hate the country so much, then go live somewhere else. The new leader must point out that “racial justice” has nothing to do with BLM, which primarily wants a complete communist takeover of America. The only thing that really matters to Black Lives Matter is the destruction of America and all the good things that America traditionally stands for. (Trump finally called BLM “Marxist” on August 5. Yay!) All those big corporations and professional sports teams that are bending over for BLM should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, and they deserve to go out of business. Our new leader must also point out that Antifa is fascist rather than antifascist. The increasingly ignorant American public needs to be educated about these facts by a wise leader with the guts to tell it like it is.

• The new leader must promise to work in any ways possible toward restoring intellectual and political freedom in the education system, academia, science, media, pop culture, corporate culture, and other influential institutions that have been hijacked by the Left and controlled by the Left for decades. The Right needs to have at least equal influence as the Left in these institutions. The total loss of these institutions to the Left is the main reason for the ignorance of the US population and the decline of American culture and society.

• The leader must also promote a total overhaul in the way of thinking about how to handle political and social problems. The Republican party is a useless relic of the past. Thus, a new political movement must be built on the Right. This movement must look beyond elections, which have become virtually pointless as a result of them being corrupted and stolen by Democrats. Democrats have rigged the system. Instead of focusing on elections in the current twisted political climate of the United States, a new leader on the Right should work to build support among conservatives/libertarians/constitutionalists for some form of secession. Yes, we have come to that point (in my opinion). So, you better come to terms with it now.

Preparing for Secession

I believe that the most important issue that a new leader has to strongly promote to the public is secession—a breakaway of the Right from the present Left-dominated nation. The path to eventual secession has to start getting paved now. I have concluded that the ever-expanding power of the Left makes secession the only viable option for conservatives who want to live in a country that reflects their values and principles. It’s not going to happen in the United States anymore, because the Leftists have become too dominant in all aspects of American culture. Their tenacity has made them victorious over us. Accept it and deal with it. Thus, a strong new leader on the Right has to openly advocate for secession as the best way for conservatives to come out on top in this era of deep, profound national cultural divisions. There will have to be two separate American nations—one controlled by the Left (as is the present US) and one controlled by the Right. 

The geographic divisions of secession should reflect the cultural/political divisions as much as possible. Generally, big cities will be part of the Left nation, and rural and semi-rural areas part of the Right nation. Current state boundaries are mostly irrelevant in terms of how the new divisions will likely play out. For example, Cook County and Chicago would logically be part of the Left nation, while downstate Illinois would logically be part of the Right nation. But generally, much of the North and East would be expected to be in the Left nation, and much of the South and parts of the West would be in the Right nation. Perhaps—if allowed by the Leftist authorities—the divisions could be decided by voters via a nationwide referendum. People of each county could vote for which nation they wish to belong to. 

The eventual various parts of each new nation are unlikely to all be geographically connected if the results are based purely on county-by-county votes. There will probably be some “islands” of the Left that are surrounded by the Right, and vice versa. This outcome would not be ideal, but in this age of immediate virtual Internet connections, physical geographical connections are not as important as they were decades ago. Thus, divided and separated parts of a country connected only via the Internet might make for a functional system. It is at least worth considering.

Needless to say, the Left never willingly relinquishes any power. Leftists want to control everything, and they never give up anything. Thus, they are unlikely to allow a secession referendum or any form of conservative secession. So, if national divisions and secession cannot be achieved through peaceful means, civil war may be necessary. I don't want war, but when you are living under the thumb of tyrants, you might get forced into it, if you value your liberty. A new leader of the Right would have to prepare people for this very real possibility, making the case for why it would be worthwhile. He would be like a new George Washington, inspiring the people to fight for their freedom in a new nation. This point highlights the need for the leader to maintain close ties and alliances with the military and police, because he might have to resort to the use of force to defend the right to secession. Perhaps the new leader will himself be a military figure.

Whenever and however the New America is finally established, the leaders of this breakaway nation must institute the original constitutional principles of the old USA. And they have to always stick to these principles—even in the face of inevitable attempts at infiltration and corruption of the system by the Left.

Where is the Leader We Need?

Of course, our new leader would not have to spell out all the details of secession right away. His immediate task will be to rally the forces of the Right together, inspire them, give them hope, and show them that there is a way out of this hellhole that the Leftists have forced America into.

Where is the bold new American leader that we need to accomplish these goals? I hope that this leader is not far away. We cannot wait much longer. We are suffocating, forced to wear the Leftist mask of tyranny. We need to breathe again. We need to live free again. And we need to get back to the real America again.

About the author:
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