The Pima Integrity Project and CONELRAD Group Expose ‘Malfeasance,’ ‘Maladministration’ and Possible RICO Violations in Pima County’s Recent Elections

The CONELRAD Group, a team of mostly former intelligence and military officers located primarily in southern Arizona that exposed what it believes is malfeasance in Pinal County’s 2022 election, has teamed up with the Pima Integrity Project (PIP) to expose similar malfeasance in Pima County’s elections. Led by database expert Tim Laux, the group of election researchers in PIP said it believes it found doctored canvassing reports and large numbers of newly registered voters who voted before they were eligible, among other illegal activities.

Jack Dona of CONELRAD told The Arizona Sun Times the findings could rise to the level of criminal racketeering. Dona holds 43 intelligence and technical certifications and diplomas from civilian colleges, technical schools, and military academies and served in military intelligence, retiring as a master sergeant/first sergeant.

“The overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence presented by Tim Laux and the Pima Integrity Project leads me to believe that there is a strong indication of maladministration, malfeasance, and possible criminal activity that violates the federal RICO statute. Law enforcement authorities in Pima County need to investigate Laux’s findings regarding all of these ballots being mailed out,” he said. “If county election officials are knowingly mailing out ballots that have fraudulent addresses, then that could be a strong possibility of mail fraud, which is often a charging component of racketeering.”

PIP requested voter records and data from Pima County within the last few years to conduct its analysis. The project found that the canvassing report from the 2020 primary election appeared doctored. In multiple parts, all the words and numbers, including the numbers of registered Republicans, were in the same font and aligned — except for the totals of registered Democrats and other parties.

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