The Left’s Politics Are Now Little More than Trying to Destroy Their Opponents With Lawfare and Prosecution


There’s been a strange transformation on the left in recent years, as its rhetoric has turned from championing real issues to bashing the right and salivating over putting Donald Trump and his associates in prison. Since the internet and social media have opened up so many new channels of information, the left is losing its former power over the flow of information, and has become forced to debate issues on the merits. Despite still maintaining a stranglehold over education, the legal system, the MSM, large corporations, and most of big tech, a new study found that teenage boys are the most conservative they have been in half a century.


In reaction, the left is trying to deflect and avoid real debates by tarnishing the right with lawfare since the left now dominates the legal system. When you can get a judge to twist the jury instructions, disallow legitimate evidence and witnesses based on bogus excuses, and skew the jury pool by refusing to transfer the case outside of a heavily Democratic area like Washington D.C., you can ensure victories every time.


The right allowed the left’s domination of the legal system to happen, because we were too busy going to church, raising families and participating in typical Judeo-Christian charitable work — instead of spending our free time volunteering on busybody state bar and judicial committees, hanging out with politically correct legal groups late at night drinking and networking. 


This is why there has been such a rise in lawfare, it’s now the left’s most successful strategy for winning; destroy the right’s arguments by creating the illusion they are so bad their opinions should be illegal. The judges all go along with it, because as I’ve written previously, they are terrified of having their pristine, mostly behind-the-scenes reputations destroyed, and their families harassed in public. 


The Democrats never talk about Joe Biden’s positions on issues. They never discuss his latest initiatives. They know no one takes Biden seriously due to the dementia, and Democrats have lurched so far to the left that trying to take a defensive position and prop up their positions is futile. The transgender issue is a classic example; it’s impossible to defend child mutilation, so the left is losing that debate. The best they can do is duck the argument and gaslight, changing the topic to magnify the flaws of Trump and others on the right.


Unlike the right, the left never gets any satisfaction from watching people come to see the light like #WalkAway, or by giving a speech commending their leaders’ bold visions. They don’t even make a pretense of it anymore like they did last century (pretending Jimmy Carter had bold vision was a stretch). So in order to find some satisfaction, they have resorted to disguised fascist tactics, using the legal system to squelch free speech.   


The average American, who doesn’t pay close attention to politics but still votes, can be easily swayed by this tactic since no one wants to be associated with a “criminal.” Polls show that support for Trump greatly decreases if voters are asked whether they’d vote for him in prison.


The left has a proven track record already, by successfully targeting fringe people and groups like Alex Jones and Q/QAnon. Since few conservatives aligned with them, they were a cinch to take down, and now the left has a blueprint to easily follow — even labeling people as QAnon who aren’t.  


This transformation to this psychotic approach took place in part due to COVID-19 lockdowns driving mental illness on the left. Since the left insisted on locking down hard, unlike the right, they experienced more social isolation. One of their jobs that expanded during the lockdowns was trolling people on the right online from home, which further exacerbated the mental illness, being stuck with that miserable job all day long. 


The left has successfully changed real political debate into a terrifying “gotcha” Orwellian era, the beginning of fascism. Turn to the MSM and it is endless coverage of Trump’s legal battles, as if there’s little else going on. Their leading pundits like Ron Filipkowski hysterically post round the clock about every minor proceeding in the lawsuits and prosecutions of Trump. 


The Democratic Party should be honest and change its platform so that every prong states what it is really doing — take Trump and his associates down with lawfare, particularly through prosecution. Minor prongs are taking down his associates with lawfare. 


I keep wondering, “When are the grown-ups going to intervene and stop this Orwellian lawfare?” The Supreme Court has shown that it will not intervene in anything related to election fraud, but I predict it will draw the line at allowing Trump to go to prison, realizing that’s a terrifying slippery slope to go down. While that intervention will stop people from deserting Trump, the Democrats have mastered election fraud so they won’t need him in prison in order to “win” the presidential election. Their approach is “by any means necessary,” so they are working all sleazy angles to avoid legitimate political debate.


The Democrats have successfully implemented radical Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, diverting attention from real political issues to destroying their political opponents with character assassinations. Since the average American doesn’t have time to figure out the complex legal issues involved, they’re getting away with it, as their comrades in the MSM hype up the caricatures of conservative leaders as traitors. 


It’s not easy, but the right is going to have to figure out how to stop this transformation of political debate. I am forming an organization to combat the lawfare, especially against conservative attorneys. But that’s only one angle, we need something pronto to get people to wake up and realize we no longer have free political debate in this country.

Reprinted from Townhall
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