The future of the Abortion Debate in America

In my last piece I talked about how the Abortion lobby/cause/business has turned many modern women into downright honest ghouls.  So many of them like to attribute Margaret Sanger as this great woman who liberated them and empowered women.  Trouble is, the abortion movement is really downplaying another person who really pushed for abortion on demand and up to birth.  Now the movement leaders are now crossing to the line once again, for they are pushing infanticide and making that legal for women who felt they could be mothers…but can’t for whatever reason…regardless if they honestly can’t raise the child or just seek a cop out.

Truth of matter is that in her lifetime, Sanger never supported surgical abortion and felt it degraded women.  She did however support birth control and contraception prevention, and sadly supported eugenics and was in fact a Marxist-Anarchist.  All that said, it is time to shine the spotlight on another evil, vile and wicked person who was mentored by Sanger and while giving her too much credit…he should be THE ONE given credit for convincing women that abortion empowers them…that’s right I said He.  In fact, I did mention his name in my previous piece in passing a few times, but now it’s time to really go deep into the man called Lawrence “Larry” Lader.

Lader was born in (1919) New York City and would DIE (2006) in New York City.  He was a lifelong and proud New Yorker for his entire 86 years of life.  His family were Non-Religious and Larry himself would also be such.  Lader attended a prep school named after Horace Mann (one of the founders of America’s modern Public Education system), and would enroll and be accepted at Harvard University in Boston.  During his time at Harvard Lader would write for their on-campus newspaper The Crimson and would program Harvard’s college radio station.

After graduating from Harvard, Lader would meet a woman by the name of Jean MacInnis.  MacInnis would introduce Lader to the radicalism of her college circle at Vassar College.  Lader was himself a liberal but would move further to the left due to MacInnis’s influence.  Larry and Jean would marry, but their marriage only lasted four years.  The two would remain friends in spite of their marriage not working out.

Lader would serve our country in the Army.  He was able find work with Armed Forces Radio as a script writer for the show Voice of the Army which also aired on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).  He would write his first piece in the New Yorker while stationed in the South Pacific.  Life in the Army did not change or mellow Lader’s radicalism once he was discharged.  He served under Congressman Vito Marcantonio, who was an open socialist believing that socialism would help working class, poor, immigrants, labor unions, and forward the cause of African-American civil rights.    However, Congress itself at the time grew to be anti-Communist and would put an end to Marcantonio’s political carrer.  Lader however would be able to push the radical left’s agenda over time, and would have pieces published in Collier’s, The Saturday Evening Post, Look, and Parade.  Lader would treat sex as if it was a contact sport and/or something that couples in love with each other simply just do (just like animals I guess).  According to Lader, there were no pregnancies produced by attention of relationships with the women Lader himself was with.  Lader would become president of the Society of Magazine Writers.

Lader was not a feminist but apparently was fascinated with strong women who challenged “the prejudices and molds of the past.”  He wanted to write about one of these kinds of women.  He eventually found one, by the name of Margaret Sanger, who was the leading woman in the Birth Control movement.  Lader and Sanger had a uneasy working relationship as Lader was writing her biography.  Lader would melt the ice and promised Sanger final say and demand changes in her biography before it was published.  Sanger herself withdrew her support of Lader’s biography and the book itself was a flop.  Still Lader had an intellectual non-sexual infatuation with the birth control leader, and learned very much from her (even if Sanger was uncomfortable with Lader).  That infatuation would led him to take the next step in his carrer.  Political Activism and taking the next logical steps regarding birth control, eugenics and the loosing of sexual morals in America (all of the above supported by Sanger).  That being the support for not only Abortion Rights, but for the right to have an abortion up to the moment of birth (i.e. Abortion on Demand).  It should be noted that in her lifetime, Sanger opposed abortion, believing that such surgeries to end a pregnancy devalue a woman’s worth.  Knowing that or not regarding Sanger’s convictions on abortion, Lader was still driven to become an advocate of abortion rights.

During the rise of the feminist movement, abortion was far from most minds of women.  Only the likes of Gloria Steinem and Wisconsin’s feminist radical Anne Nicol Gaylor were more interested in legalizing abortion…right up to birth.  The wanted to take personhood away from the preborn child and make it the property of the mother…making it easier to end pregnancies and kill the preborn and/or make sure it dies.            

Betty Friedan who co-founded the National Organization for Women (NOW) originally had abortion far from her mind.  So, who herded NOW into supporting abortion on demand?  You guessed it, Larry Lader.  Lader believed that if Friedan could rally her members, then abortion would have a greater chance of being made legal if not accepted in America…more/less.  Friedan would eventually call Lader the Father of the Abortion Movement.  Lader and his allies including his then close associate Bernard Nathanson (who likely felt he is doing a humane service to women before turning on Lader and his cause and becoming pro-life) wanted a quick fix to making abortion legal in America.  The pieces came together and enter Roe vs. Wade which went up to the Supreme Court.  SCOTUS was compromised by the women in their personal lives in spite of most of the judices appointed by Republican presidents.  Coupled with Harry Blackmond citing Larry Lader’s book “Abortion” to justify upholding Roe and making Abortion legal in all 50 states.  America was one of the few countries in which abortion was decided by judicial rule rather than by the citizens which was done my countries and most countries actually supported abortion up to 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Of course, Lader wanted no limits on abortion and support abortion on demand and convinced women that this would embolden and empower women.  Some of Lader’s other goals other than a world of legal preborn baby murder was also the destruction of the Catholic Church and its Protestant and Evangelical counterparts who were against his cause.  Sadly, Lader did intimidate many Catholics and Christians into compromise and silence. 

But Lader wanted a world in which people of faith had no power over Lader and others like him.  He declared Abortion to be the final freedom for women, and that womencan be free of a pregnancy they did not want to have.  “Once sex had been detached from pregnancy, Women’s Liberation could construct its own ethics on the ash-heap of puritan morality,” Lader said.  He also held the traditional nuclear family in contempt as well and like many people that share the same worldview as Lader called for its abolishment 

Lader would continue to push abortion and birth control in America including the abortion pill RU-486.

Roe is gone and the Mid Term elections are coming.  The Democrats and the left claim to have the wind behind their backs when it comes to women and protecting so called abortion rights.  The left has done a good job putting Lader and other men in the shadows to convince women that abortion is all about them.  However, that is white washing history and tricking women to get pelted by rocks by those who mean to do harm to them.  Then again there are women who support sex as something to, if they feel it comes naturally…or at least admit it and own it.  Either way, you can thank Lawrence Lader for taking America to this very likely dark place in what is about to take place.

Lader was truly an evil man.  A man of pure evil.  Over 64 million so-called potential lives were not given a chance because of this spiteful man.  We all feed on death, but to get satisfaction from it should be a humanitarian concern.  That is why one of God’s eternal commands is; Do NOT Murder.

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