The Audacity Of Hopelessness

2020 might aptly be described as the year of contradictions. The same people who say America is the greatest country on Earth also say she is such a mess (she is) that we are on the verge of civil war (we may be). The same people who argue mask mandates & shutdown orders are tyrannical, totalitarian government power plays (which they are), also like to say that Americans must “obey [police] orders or be shot”. Is the irony lost on these people? One can’t have it both ways, logically. But are Americans even capable of basic logic any longer, or has a century of Cultural Marxist reprogramming dulled our wits to the point that a safe, comfortable, low-crime serfdom is now understood to be a state of liberty?

The citizenry is so ignorant, so deluded, so stupid, it is increasingly hard to be optimistic about much of anything to do with America. And for the first time in my adult life, I feel completely disconnected from the political process. The candidates aren’t even talking about the stuff that matters. They offer no solutions to the real problems plaguing America. Fiddling as America burns doesn’t even sum the situation up.

The dissident right more or less acknowledges this, wisely, and as such has resorted to supporting candidates based upon which one is more likely to lead America to total collapse, so that something might be salvaged from the wreckage. Biden will legitimate and bolster the Marxist craziness, so support him! Trump will drive the Bolsheviks crazy, which will in turn lead to more chaos and disorder, so support him! Is this really the state of our movement and country though? So because we have no viable candidates actually addressing the essential issues we care most about, we are relegated to debating which candidate will destroy what little is left of America faster? Unreal.

If the country really is as polarized and dysfunctional as it obviously is, we should be talking about the peaceful partition of America. Yet our pundits mock and lambaste anyone who speaks with such frankness. Denying the sordid state of America makes one a "serious person" according to the Meghan McCains of the world. Things are clearly not working out though. Our parasitic left-wing elites might wish they were, but they’re not. Oligarchs and crooked power players have their own reasons for wanting to keep America together, by force of course if necessary, but why should ordinary citizens want that?

There are serious discussions we absolutely should be having, but we aren’t having them. If social conditions devolve any further, that may cost us dearly. The two major parties evidently each hope to be able to rule over a thoroughly vassalized citizenry, to wield the illegitimate power of a corrupt imperial regime in ways beneficial to the material interests of their donors and themselves. Few have any interest in helping ordinary people. It is hard to be enthusiastic about the electoral process in such an environment. Our leaders seem intent upon priming us for serfdom rather than serving us.

Politicians like President Trump extol law and order, but those who continue to extol law and order have no real appreciation for what the law really is in modern America. Our legal system has been thoroughly Sovietized. There are laws about most everything and they are written deliberately vaguely and broadly to make arrests and prosecutions as easy as possible, and to maximize government power and discretion. Small government? Pah. The Founders would be absolutely aghast at what the American legal system has become.

The jury trial is almost an extinct species. Most of the “crimes” people are arrested for and in most cases convicted of, the government never actually proves in a court of law via actual evidence. The government instead just arrests folks, often on the flimsiest bases, then simply threatens the accused with a lengthy prison sentence, and consequently the accused pleads to some, often lesser crime, so as to avoid the worst possible outcome. The government proves nothing 95% or more of the time, even when folks are convicted. That, in sum, is your system of “justice”. Arrests, which are basically gossamer allegations often concocted by the liars in blue, have been transformed into what are essentially convictions now.

Needless to say, plea bargaining should be abolished outright. The government should have to prove every single element of every single count in open court. That will keep law enforcement focused on serious crimes, which by the way is what the criminal law was designed for, since far more resources will be expended per case, and it will stop the police from making arrests too early in the investigative process and when the evidence is marginal (think Kyle Rittenhouse). After all, it shouldn’t be making those arrests in the first place.

At this point, the law is but a weapon, nothing more, wielded by partisans and sociopaths, against enemies of the state and the state religion of diversity, and used increasingly to advance the interests of the corrupt, and to expand the power of the already powerful (and also to protect those allied with the leftist US power structure (think paramilitary groups like Antifa & BLM)). There is no rule of law in America. That is obvious. Those calling for law and order don’t want law and order, they want order, nothing more. Well, I have news for you, North Korea has order, and a lower homicide rate too! I imagine everyday conservatives would love it there, if we were to take their half-baked logic and “back the blue” bootlicking seriously. Just obey the commands of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un (like mask wearing, it’s not hard!) or be prepared to be shot!

Nobody in power or seeking it, seems to have the faintest clue as to what plagues America. Americans, our leaders included, are completely divorced from reality. The political correctness, the ceaseless MSM propaganda, the academic establishment, have all done their work well. Furthermore, diversity is tearing America apart at the seems. Social trust is in the toilet. The oligarchs who enrich and select our leaders are raking in the dough. The hysterical, irrational COVID shutdowns actually made America's richest far richer, even as the rest of us have been decimated by the government overreaction.

Meanwhile, conservatives all over social media are celebrating the opportunity presented by RBG’s death to nominate another right-leaning justice to the high court. We will finally get a text fetishist in there who will save America and own the libs, am I right? A few months ago, Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts ruled to expand Civil Rights Act’s protections to degrees hardly comprehensible to anyone with an IQ over 100. But if we just get another normie con virtue signaler, who has adopted half the African continent, on the high court, America will finally be rescued! Ordinary people on both political wings increasingly speak of elections as if they were life or death matters. In truth, the dominant institutional, demographic, moral, and sociopolitical forces in this country have tremendous inertia.

So pardon me if my optimism is muted. Do you really think the Supreme Court is going to rescue America from the quagmire she is in? Do you really think routine electoral politics are? America has been thoroughly third worldized. It is hard to admit, but it really doesn’t matter who wins in November. It is difficult to see how either candidate so much as helps America. As for saving her, “hopeless” is the word that springs to mind.
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