Ten Tough Lessons from the Great Election Robbery of 2020

I am an angry man right now. I would have to have a non-functioning central nervous system NOT to be angry. And if you are not also angry, you must be dead. Or you must have a mental disorder. Come to your senses. Embrace your anger, for it will focus your thoughts…

I think that it should be obvious to all but the willfully blind, hopelessly ignorant, and mentally dead that MY VOTE AND YOUR VOTE (IF YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP) WERE STOLEN AWAY FROM US IN THE GREAT ELECTION ROBBERY OF 2020. This was an unprecedented historic achievement for the criminal gangsters than run the American Deep State. And it was an historic turning point for America, clearly revealing for all to see—in case you did not already know—that the United States is a profoundly corrupt country, much like other s---hole bananarama countries around the world.

There, I got that out of my system! Oh, but there is more…

I think it is supremely ironic that Donald J. Trump—who surely made much of his fortune in the rough world of international real estate in less-than-purely-honest ways—stands today as the most honest and virtuous thing in the swampy smelly raw-sewage-filled cesspool of Washington, DC. That’s why half the country has loved this man for the past five years, ever since he announced his candidacy. This blunt-talking, rough-edged, flamboyant, outsider businessman/TV star was a wonderfully welcomed breath of fresh air in the filthy Swamp—and a paragon of unrivaled virtue compared with the criminal political Establishment scum. 

And now, about a week after the 2020 presidential election was boldly stolen from him by the biparty Establishment, President Trump stands today, as usual, basically alone as he speaks the truth and fights against the avalanche of BS that is burying him. He is a natural, perpetual fighter, he continues to fight, and he will continue to fight for as long as he possible can. But his prospects in this battle do not look promising. No matter how much evidence is revealed about the organized fraud of the election (such as the evidence that the voting machines, which were made by a company with financial ties to Pelosi and Feinstein, were designed to shift at least 3% of Trump’s votes to Biden in all the key states), the fraud is likely to prevail. The Establishment wants this damn outsider gone finally and forever. So, the odds are overwhelming that he shall indeed be gone, when all is ultimately said and done.

The Establishment authoritarians are confident that they will get away with this historic crime. After all, what the hell can the deplorables, like you and me, do about it? They have already gotten away with their virus hysteria hoax, their gubernatorial power grabs, their business shutdowns, and their lawless riots and looting in this Twilight Zone year of 2020. The Great Election Robbery was just the icing on the 2020 cake for them. And you and I have no choice but to live with it. Just like we have been forced to live with the damn masks/muzzles, restaurant and bar closings, bannings of parties and family gatherings, and other senseless authoritarian BS nonsense this year. The Establishment will go on to build their swampy socialistic crony-capitalistic authoritarian empire while they censor our whiny complaints or just laugh at our impotent angry rants (like this essay). We have been rendered effectively powerless and voiceless in an American society and culture in which they control essentially all the reins of power and influence. We are their slaves. (Do you think we will ever get reparations?)

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…”  Ha! What a sick sick joke!
Hell Has Been Unleashed in the American Soul

I do not think the Establishment realizes the hellish anger they have unleashed within the minds, hearts, and souls of about half the American population (the half that is not brain-dead, like Biden). Maybe there is not much we can do about this outrage now in practical terms. However, there are going to be major societal and psychological consequences from this historic crime that will forever change America. This nation is permanently altered in horrible ways that we probably cannot even imagine today. We can never go back. Here is the big news: The Establishment may eventually come to deeply regret the hell they have unleashed this year within the American soul.

Therefore, it is high time that conservatives stop their delusional ever-optimistic happy-think and happy-talk. I have been very sick of that for a very long time, but I have had way more than I can take of it now. Conservatives can be extremely irritating that way. Always looking at the bright side (like that idiot that called up Rush to proclaim that all was wonderful because Republicans MIGHT have retained the Senate; plus the GOP picked up that coveted dogcatcher seat in Bisbee, Arizona). Always thinking things are not so bad. Always sure they will win again, and that truth and justice will prevail. Well, if this Great Election Robbery doesn’t finally open your eyes to the ugly reality of our times, nothing will. Face the facts!

The America that you love is gone forever! It does not exist anymore, except in your starry-eyed hallucinations. Truth and justice will not prevail in the end. And please stop saying that “our best days are still ahead” and all of the other fantasy claptrap flag-waving rubbish that the millionaire right-wing talking heads like to feed us (as they cynically pocket their handsome profits from the very system that they publicly condemn). It is time to turn off all the talking heads, to think for yourself, and to face the bitter harsh reality of the thoroughly corrupted and decadent country that we actually live in today. Truth is always better than lies, but you have to be tough to take it and to deal with it! Most Americans today are very weak, and they cannot even begin to deal with it. What about you?

As conservatives/libertarians/constitutionalists confront this ugly modern reality with wide-open eyes, there are several tough lessons that we must fully learn, fully comprehend, and fully absorb. And we should use these lessons to guide our thoughts and actions from now on. These lessons are difficult to accept, because they are going to drastically and permanently change how you think about this country and maybe about yourself. But you need to take these tough lessons like an adult and face the raw naked truth of the bright but harsh light of day, or else you are going to continue to play the weak fool and the helpless slave for your Establishment masters. 

So—after that rough, raw, ugly introduction, and assuming that the election results remain unchanged—here are your top ten tough lessons to learn from the hellish tyrannical year of 2020 that culminated in the Great Election Robbery:

The Ten Tough Lessons

1) The American election system is an illegitimate fraud. Democracy is dead. If you ever vote again, you are a useful fool and a pathetic pawn of the Establishment.

2) The American court system / legal system is an illegitimate fraud. Sorry Superman, but “truth, justice, and the American way” are dead.

3) The federal government and many of the state governments are illegitimate frauds. Their primary interest is simply to exercise their control over you and to push you around with their power.

4) In relation to the previous point, the U.S. Constitution is not a functioning document any longer. There have been growing indications of this for decades, but now it is clearer than ever—the U.S. Constitution is dead.

5) The omnipotent, omniscient, evil alliance of the politics-government-big business-media-social media-pop culture-education system Establishment will never stop in its holy jihad to completely crush you, including disenfranchising you and destroying most of your individual freedoms and liberties. Thus, considering these first five points, if you think there is still an “America” out there that will protect your freedoms and liberties and that is worth waving a flag for, pledging allegiance to, or fighting and dying for, you are a sad silly sap.

6) If the Establishment gets away with stealing this election, they will be able to get away with anything. The socialistic crony-capitalistic authoritarians will now proceed to fulfill all of their wildest tyrannical totalitarian wet dreams with no meaningful opposition. Any “opposition” will be toothless and spineless and limited to token, pathetic mumblings from the likes of Collins, Romney, Bush, etc. America has morphed into a one-party authoritarian regime.

7) If you like being a disenfranchised, disrespected fool with ever-diminishing rights and freedoms, then you should be pleased living in the newly permanent one-party authoritarian regime of America.

8) If you want to try to live as a free person, then you have three main choices. First, you can try to gather like-minded angry people together to physically fight against the enemies within in a real new civil war, with the goal of setting up a new free America on part of this land. Good luck with that futile dream; the military/law-enforcement Establishment will put a quick end to your fantasy. Second, you may choose to move to some other country that is less decadent and more to your liking. But where would you go? Most of the world has been infected by the deadly authoritarian virus to one extent or another. Third, another alternative is simply to withdraw into your own personal psychological “cave,” in which you just “drop out” from the crooked overall system and the wider sick society as much as you possibly can. I think I prefer this third option for myself. It is the most realistic option for this 60-year-old old fart. It is also the healthiest option. The more I withdraw from the societal BS of America, the more my ultimately unhealthy anger will subside, and the more peace of mind I will find. I will be a psychological caveman hiding deep within my mental forest for the rest of my life.

9) It has become clear that freedom, liberty, and truth are very fragile things. They are all subject to rapid annihilation by the authoritarian powers and the brainwashed mob. Ultimately, your only real sense of freedom comes from inside yourself (or from God, if you so believe). Never rely on any government for your freedom. You have the ability to make yourself free inside your own mind and soul—even if you are physically trapped inside a prison.

10) No matter how the results of Trump’s quixotic election challenges turn out, it is clear that America has reached a point of historic decadence and decline. It would be amazing and great if Trump prevails in his fight against the fraud, but even if he does, we will be back at this same point again in four more years. The Leftist Authoritarian Establishment is culturally far more powerful than we are, and they will never stop until they achieve total victory over us and we have been totally vanquished. 


To summarize, my fellow conservatives/libertarians/constitutionalists, this is a definite turning point in American history. Because of the evil corruption of the Democrats/Leftists/Establishment in this election, on top of the rest of their previously unimaginable tyranny in 2020, we will never be the same. America, as we knew it, is forever over. Hell has been unleashed, and no one really knows what the consequences and fallout of all this will be over time. Only time will tell. But you will have to decide for yourself what role you are going to play as the toxic fallout rains all around you.

As for me, I am now selecting the basic furnishings for my secluded cave, into which I soon will be withdrawing. Please send a messenger to the forest to let me know if anything cool or fun happens in the outside world—like if Trump sets up an alternate presidency at Mar-a-Lago next year. 

About the author:
A. J. Smuskiewicz is a freelance writer who will soon be living in a cave with no modern technology. But for now, he can still access his email at: ajamerica2017@yahoo.com.

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