A few days ago, I was fired from my part-time job as a fully remote, 100-percent work-at-home writing coach (editor) for a university, because I refused to get vaccinated against the overhyped China virus, thereby becoming a dangerous criminal according to the illogical fascist mandate from that senile old fool Biden.

I was required to write a letter of resignation to the university's HR department. I share that letter with you below (with the university's identity withheld to prevent me from getting sued):

Human Resources Department
Z University

“I have often been asked, what are my ideas of vaccination. I have no use for it at all nor any faith in it since witnessing its slaughterous work. It slew our armies in the sixties and is still torturing our old soldiers, not to say anything of its more recent victims whose number will run up into tens upon tens of thousands. I believe that instead of passing laws for compulsory vaccination, a law prohibiting the practice and providing heavy penalties for violations would prove a wholesome experiment.”   — Dr. Y, founder of Z University, 1910 

Dear Z University,

I was told that I have to submit a letter of resignation from my position as a writing coach because I refuse to get vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. I am submitting this letter to HR, but I request that a copy of the letter also be forwarded to Z University President X.

I was very disappointed and dismayed, as well as rather shocked, by the email from Dr. X about employee vaccinations. The email informed writing coaches that they will have to become “fully vaccinated” to continue being employed in their 100-percent remote part-time positions. This is especially disturbing considering that Z University was founded by Dr. Y on principles that embraced natural healing and rejected manufactured pharmaceuticals.

You are requiring me—in order to remain a part-time remote employee—to get myself injected with strange new artificial and potentially dangerous chemical concoctions that I do not want inside my body, supposedly to protect people against my transmission of a virus to them on campuses that I will never set foot on while I work in the isolated privacy of my own home, in order to comply with the fascist-like “mandates” of an out-of-control power-intoxicated federal government. 

That is breathtakingly illogical, it is highly unethical, it is immoral, it is outrageous, it is unconstitutional, and it is downright un-American. You offer a “medical or religious exemption”—with the added requirement of weekly testing. How about a test-free “liberty exemption”?  Has the China-started virus been so potent that it actually turned the United States of America into Communist China? Or are we now living in George Orwell’s 1984?

The university is bowing to the authoritarian Big Brother threatsof a $14,000 fine to be imposed by the government for "each vaccine mandate violation," which is used in Dr. X’s email as a rationale for the employee requirements. That is not a logical rationale. It is merely a fearful reaction to a government penalty. Such threats and penalties are the way that authoritarian regimes throughout history have always imposed public and institutional compliance with illogical or immoral "mandates." But the strong and brave individuals and institutions resist such mandates, despite the negative consequences to themselves. By contrast, the weak and fearful say they were “only following orders.”

Dr. Y must be rolling over in his grave as he watches his renowned namesake institution cave into the government bullying and national hysteria regarding SARS-CoV-2. Your policy, as stated in that email from Dr. X, violates everything that Dr. Y stood for and everything he founded his school on. If you continue with that policy, it will be a dark ugly permanent stain on the integrity of Z University.

This is particularly ironic considering that the current issue of the Z University magazine, which I received in the mail the day before I received the employee email, touts the legacy and heritage of Dr. Y. Your policy on vaccination has turned that excellent article into meaningless words of mockery and hypocrisy, suggesting that the university has morphed into yet another institutional shill for Big Pharma and another frightened subservient pawn of Big Brother.

No, I will not get vaccinated, despite the bullying and the forced quitting from a job that I liked. You have fired me from my job, a job that I performed well and never received any complaints about—as a result of an illogical mass hysteria that has seemingly stripped our society of all common sense. That is unfortunate for me—and for many other people who are facing similar circumstances today. This is indeed a dark period in American history. But at least I have preserved my own principles as an American who knows, understands, appreciates, and fights to keep his natural and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and liberties against the spreading totalitarianism of our time. I will move on and I will survive. But I have lost all my respect for Z University.

Thank you for allowing me to work as a writing coach for university students for the past two years. I have truly enjoyed it, and I plan to continue with the rest of my scheduled days through the end of November (when the vaccine mandate takes effect). I will not let my loss of respect for your university affect my work for the students. In many ways, they have also been victimized by the ongoing irrational gross overreaction to a virus.


A. J. Smuskiewicz

I have received no response from the university to my letter. I didn't expect to. They probably just shrugged it off as being from a right-wing nut.

I am so angered by this illogical bullshit that I composed a song to express my anger and my refusal to comply with the mass insanity regarding the damn virus and vaccine. I share that song with this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okgbPey6zpE 

Mask and Vax by AJ Smuskiewicz is licensed under