Signs of the Resistance to Authoritarianism, Even in Illinois

After months of seeing people wrapped in face diapers wherever I go—in meek compliance with the unconstitutional dictates of Illinois Governor J.B. Pumpkinhead—I have recently been encouraged by signs that an increasing number of businesses and citizens are fighting back and resisting.

Last week at a bar in Burbank, the generally blue collar southwest suburb of Chicago where I grew up, the place was packed with maybe 70 or 80 people sitting right next to each other at the bar and at the tables—drinking, eating, talking, laughing, and having a good friendly time, just like in the normal pre-COVID days. Nobody—none of the customers, nor the bartender—had a mask. The only people wearing masks were the two servers who were walking across the floor. And the bartender put on her mask whenever she left the bar to walk across the floor. An observer might conclude that the virus must be transmitted through the butt hole while walking, because as soon as that hole is blocked upon sitting still, all is apparently safe. Ha!

What made the scene even funnier were the several signs posted on the walls, warning people to wear their masks and maintain social distancing. Yeah, right! Those must be there for when the Gestapo inspectors drop by.

Although that bar scene had some illogical, contradictory elements, the sight of happy people in a large maskless crowd out enjoying their freedom and liberty to have fun and get drunk was extremely encouraging to me. What a refreshing sight, compared to the armies of frightened compliant brain-dead mask-wearing zombies that I have seen almost everywhere else since all this hysteria began a year ago.

But yesterday my friend Bill told me an even more encouraging story. He said that he was recently at a restaurant in Manteno, a small town in Kankakee County, Illinois. He reported that the people there were not only all maskless, but the place also had signs on the walls proclaiming that neither masks nor social distancing were required—proudly, boldly, and blatantly defying Gov. Pumpkinhead! He texted me a photo of the sign, and I think it is the greatest thing I have seen all year.

I've posted the photo of the sign here. But in case it did not reproduce well enough to read on this web page, here is what it says:

The government is NEITHER my mommy, Savior or God. The government is NOT my master, it is my servant.

MASKS are not required. Be as Close to Others as You Want.

You Have Liberty. If You Have Common Sense, Use it.


This is a Constitutionally Compliant Business.

We WILL NOT infringe on anyone's unalienable rights. By law, we do not follow any of the governor's, mayor's, health department's, or other government agency orders or suggestions pertaining to social distancing or mask wearing. Your health is your responsibility.

The Constitutional Law Group is our Assistance of Counsel.

Like I said, this sign is the greatest thing I have seen all year. Living in fascist/communist, corrupt, cowardly, drenched-in-propaganda Illinois, I often get depressed and discouraged that I am all alone in my love of freedom and liberty and constitutional principles. Now, I know that I am not alone. We may be in the minority, but we are not alone. And perhaps our numbers are growing.

Nevertheless—despite the uplifting signs that people are fighting back—it is maddening that in order to exercise your God-given freedoms, you have to hire a law group. And then you'll have to cross your fingers as you work your way through the crooked court system. 

What a weird country this has become!

The author, a resident of Lockport, Illinois, can be contacted at: [email protected].