Shamed Dogan – Radical Democrat Running as a Republican for St. Louis County Executive

For decades, Republicans have been solely focused on winning races without vetting the candidates they support. Shamed Dogan is a pristine example, whose dark history is after my analysis.  The analysis below is necessary so policy makers, politicians, conservative media, and Truthers know that we are being massively gaslighted by many, if not most of our Republican elected officials.

On the dark side of truth, we must face the reality that progressive donors and Democrats pursued Saul Alinsky’s model buying off Republican leadership so their radical Democrat candidates are supported by the Republican Party.   The consequences are devastating for Conservatives.  In many states and in Congress, we have a Uniparty slate.  No matter who you vote for, we end up with Democrats running everything while real Republicans are unable to get good legislation enacted.  

Such is the corrupt state of affairs in Missouri.  We have exploding state budgets. Our economy is below par for the nation.  St. Louis has the highest violent crime rate in the nation.  Drug cartels essentially control urban elections and much of state elections reported by Fox 2 News coverage of Col. Joe Adams – a highly-credentialed military veteran of our border war and international special ops old enough to be Dan Bongino’s father. 

Missouri Republican politics have been hijacked to the Left by massive donations from Missouri billionaire Rex Sinquefield, the Koch Brothers, and national donors such as George Soros’s Drug Policy Alliance, funding a conglomerate of pro-marijuana-legalization businesses such as Big Beer, Big Marijuana, and Big Tobacco drooling to sell drugged cigarettes, beer, and vape products at every gas station and retailer. 

The Missouri Republican Party is practicing Bidenomics instead of Trumponomics.  State leaders and mid-term candidates consistently spin fairy tales claiming that Missouri is in great shape, when in fact the opposite is true. A few members of Missouri conservative media are touting Dogan like he is a friend of President Trump.  These guys are not stupid.  They are working for the Left, financed by it, and we both know it.

Missouri Party leadership and candidates pretend that the People will benefit from wacky terbaccy tax revenues despite the fact that legalization of medical marijuana is causing a dead-weight annual spending drag of at least $2.8 billion annually – at least 6% of Missouri’s Bidenesque $49-billion state budget, against paltry revenue of $13-billion

The MRP Establishment has been a disaster for at least twelve years.  It has done nothing sensible to solve problems.  For example, our excellent substance abuse bill that would give families a tool they can use to heal chemical dependency in the family has been killed several times by party leadership.  Substance abuse in the family is, in fact, the primary driver of all forms of violence and in particular mass shootings both in and ouside schools

Governor Parson sat idly while Governors Abbott and DeSantis protected their states from unconstitutional invasions of harming State's Rights and citizens of the state.   With 40% of Republican legislators being Democrat and a Governor passively letting Biden destroy the state, Missouri is a Blue state, not a Red one. 

Missouri needs an active hands-on governor willing to act promptly, issuing executive orders to block the onlaught of federal attacks on State's Rights, while giving the legislature time to enact sound legislation.  Missouri must be properly protected like Texas and Florida.

We need a state's attorney willing to file four federal lawsuits that will immediately shut down everything Biden is doing to destroy State's rights and our economy. Those lawsuits will be discussed in my next article and are being sent directly to President Trump now.

The per-weed-user cost of marijuana legalization to the state ranges between $650 to $2,200 depending on the amount of weed a user smokes according to the University of Colorado Centennial Institute.  According to Statista, 16.72% of Missourians are pot users. With a population of 6,168,187 people, and averaging the Centennial Institute per-capita cost, the total cost of pot smoking in Missouri could be far higher than our estimate.  It could be as high as $8.78 billion ($1475 x population), or 17.9% of the Missouri budget.

As we expect, the Missouri Department of Health “professionals” calling out Missouri Health Department policy at the University of Missouri, who are working with the pro-pot conglomerate, are silent about the true social, economic, and health consequences of pot legalization.

Major corporations responded by leaving St. Louis and Kansas City, or flying over Missouri to locate in other states.  Take the Centene Corporation, which decided not to move 2000 jobs in West County due to high crime rates, but instead is building a new corporate HQ in Charlotte, NC due to high crime rates in St. Louis

Shamed Dogan is without doubt a radical Democrat running as a Republican for St. Louis County Executive.  His agenda is costly and dangerous.  In interviews, calmly says he will stop corruption in St. Louis County.  But his record indicates he might well be worse than Sam Page.

I recommend that voters vote for anybody else on the Republican ticket for the primaries. 

I hate to say this, but Jane Dueker would probably be a better County Executive than Dogan.  If she wins, conservative media would be stuck spending another four years complaining about Democrats flushing St. Louis County down the vitreous china instead of pretending that Shamed Dogan is the savior of St. Louis County.
Shamed Dogan legislation for the Missouri House 2021-2022 session – partial listing:

Please note that almost all the bills below were also introduced in the 2021 session.

Full legalization of marijuana – constitutional amendment – HJR 83
Synopsis: Voted “Do Pass” in committee, this proposed constitutional amendment would legalize weed for individuals over age 21, but leadership pulled it off the calendar and sent it to die in the House Rules Administrative Oversight committee.  The Amendment would remove pot from the state’s list of controlled substances and schedudules and be considered as safe as bottled water. All businesses could legally grow, distribute, and sell pot products. DUI drug testing provisions are unenforceable as there is no field test able to quickly test for inebriation. Riders in vehicles pulled over for DUI could not be charged even if they were smoking a joint right in front of police  Courts and law enforcement would be required to protect pot users and property without discrimination. Federal laws restricting controlled substances would be declared invalid.  Local ordinances would be invalid.

The legal impact of this Constitutional Amendment would be disastrous.  Drug traffickers delivering millions of dollars of fentanyl, cocaine and other drugs would be let go if stopped by police simply by having the rider smoking pot in front of police.  This Amendment would protect drug cartels at the direct expense of Missouri citizens and the State.

Discriminatory policing (hijacking John Ashcroft’s name) – HB 1935

Synopsis:  "The John Ashcroft Fourth Amendment Affirmation Act" requires each law enforcement agency to adopt a policy on discriminatory policing, as well as a policy eliminating discriminatory policing in the administration of consent searches,and it provides what such policy shall accomplish. It would be a paperwork/reporting nightmare for police, who will be strongly motivate to not stop people of color when violating traffic laws.  This bill was immediately sent to its death by House leadership in the Special Committee on Criminal Justice.

Officer-Involved Deaths – HB 759
Synopsis: This bill requires every law enforcement agency to have a written policy regarding the investigation of officer-involved deaths. The written policy specified in the bill requires an investigation to be conducted by at least two investigators in the case of a traffic-related death; the investigation to use a crash reconstruction unit; and allows for an internal investigation. 

The intent of the bill is to end police pursuit of criminals and armed drug dealers.  The paperwork load and cost to departments would place criminals in a protected class. This bill was immediately sent to its death by House leadership in the House Committee on Crime Prevention. 
There are three dangerous political objectives to this bill:
  1. To protect Soros-owned city prosecutors so they do not have to take public heat for refusing to prosecute dangerous criminals, and
  2. To prevent courts from prosecuting violent criminals.
  3. If nobody gets arrested, corrupt prosecutors are as clean as Mother Theresa and drug dealers like George Floyd and Michael Brown would still be dealing drugs because police would have not stopped them.  This would protect drug cartels at the expense of the Citizens.
Juvenile Certification for Trial As An Adult – HB 1745\

Synopsis: This bill raises from 12 to 14 the age for consideration of a child
who has committed an offense to be tried for a felony as an adult.  It is well known that drug dealers and criminals use children to do their dirty work knowing that juvenile courts often refuse to try children as adults even in the worst situations.   This bill was promptly sent to death by House Leadership to the House Judiciary Committee.

This has been a chronic problem since the 1960’s.  HUD moves criminal families to the county as part of affirmative action.  The kids loot and steal while adults take the goods to the city for sale on the black market, while kids who do the looting get off scot-free. I personally witnessed this problem, which became a big problem in Webster Groves and an Gordian-knot headache for City Council and police Chief Robert Zinn.  On Marshall Place, we actually had volunteer citizen neighborhood patrols bearing nightsticks to stop the problem.  

Employment Discrimination – HB 1737

Synopsis: This is perhaps the most dangerous bill Dogan introduced last session.ostensibly prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. Such discrimination includes unlawful housing practices, denial of loans or other financial assistance, denial of membership into an organization relating to the selling or renting of dwellings, unlawful employment practices, and denial of the right to use public accommodations.The bill was immediately sent to death by House leadership to the Special Committee on Litigation Reform.

The definitions make this bill open season for tort suit fraud.  The bill changes laws regarding complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights by revising the definition of “discrimination” to include unfair treatment based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It specifies that discrimination includes any unfair treatment based on a person’s presumed or assumed characteristics. In other words, regardless of the legal name listed on leases, real estate purchases, tax documents, employment agreements, other legal contracts, or any other public documents; the person would have a right to sue because you did not know about their unannounced “presumed or assumed” identity. This would be a progressive tort lawyer’s dream that would cost unsuspecting individuals and state agencies a fortune.

Hazel Erby Day – HB 1739

Synopsis: This bill was voted "Do Pass" by the Special Committee on Criminal Justice by a vote of 10 to 0.
It would designate September 22nd of each year as "Hazel Erby Day" in Missouri, but was sent to disappear  in the House Rules and Oversight Committee.

Hazel Erby was the first black democrat female on St. Louis County Council who was Director of Diversity and Inclusion in St. Louis County hired by Sam Page and fired after she filed an employment discrimination suit against St. Louis County, and established a number of progressive community programs.

Obviously, since Republicans would never enact a bill honoring Kamala Harris as the first Vice President who is a woman of various colors, Missouri should not create a day honoring a hard-core Leftist woman (regardless of color).

David R. Usher (@David_R_Usher) is CEO of Civitas Economic Engineering LLC,
a supply-side strategic planning and policy consulting company with over 30 years of experience
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