School Social Work Association of Arizona Holds Conference Pushing SEL for K-12 Educators

The School Social Work Association of Arizona (SSWAAZ) held its annual conference earlier this month in Glendale for teachers and administration in K-12. The March 2 event focused on implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools. According to Mom’s for Liberty (MFL), “SEL teaches children to adopt the skills through an “equity lens” aka the viewpoint of a critical race theorist. The purpose of SEL is to change the consciousness (attitudes, values, beliefs, morals, and worldview) of the children to view America as a society that gives privileges to some and oppresses others.”

MFL is a parental rights organization that empowers “parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”

A spokesperson for the AZ Informer, who has been following the developments of SEL in schools, told The Arizona Sun Times that social workers are being hired specifically to push Critical Race Theory (CRT), intersectional theory, and other aspects of a radical Marxist agenda through SEL.

“They use the guise of preventing suicide as an excuse, rattling off a number of traumas, to skirt stuff through these social workers and groom children,” the spokesperson said, “Basically SEL is the vehicle to drive that Marxist junk. And mental health is the excuse.”

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