Saudi Company Draining Arizona’s Water Hires Business Partner of Hobbs’ Top Campaign Advisor as Lobbyist, Who Quits After Uproar

Saudi Arabian company Fondomonte has come under fire recently for using large amounts of water in Arizona for its alfalfa farms, obtained through a very inexpensive land lease. Despite the outraged responses, a lobbying firm connected to Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs signed a contract representing the company two months ago — which suddenly ended, likely due to the negative publicity. Hobbs has a mixed record on allowing Fontomonte to continue draining Arizona’s water.

Kari Lake tweeted on July 27, “A Saudi Arabian company has been exporting Arizona water overseas despite our historic drought. They just hired the business partner of @katiehobbs’ TOP campaign adviser to lobby for them. This is corruption in broad daylight. Hobbs is selling Arizona out to the highest bidder. And I will fight like hell to stop her.”

The Kari Lake War Room account added, “It’s a corrupt bargain. Hiring Hobbs loyalists to look the other way while they export our precious resources during a HISTORIC drought. Frankly, it’s impeachable.”

Arizona is currently undergoing a megadrought, experiencing two consecutive years of federal water cuts from the Colorado River, a primary water source. While Fondomonte, a subsidiary of Almarai Co., has been drilling water for its alfalfa farms without limits, some Arizona residents in Rio Verde have seen their water cut off, and other Arizonans were told to cut back on consumption. The Scottsdale City Council recently voted to ban natural grass in future single-family homes.

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