Rob Canterbury Plans Run for Maricopa County Supervisor in District Where Bill Gates' ‘Smart City’ Is Planned

Rob Canterbury, sergeant-at-arms for the Arizona Republican Party, announced he will run for Maricopa County Supervisor (MCBOS) again in the 2024. Canterbury is challenging Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates in District 3 — and at the same time, also taking on another Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder. The latter Gates is constructing a “smart city” in the district, and Canterbury wants to ensure his project does not get subsidies from the county and make demands “with strings attached.”

In a statement, the Navy veteran (pictured above) said, “What could possibly go wrong with having any government services (not including those that aren’t already) bought and paid for by Bill Gates, or what could possibly go wrong with students in schools in a Bill Gates owned city?”

He added, “There is only one thing that rich people want more of and that is more money. For Bill Gates to maximize his $80M investment for this ‘smart city,’ he will need local and state government assistance. Do you really think that someone like Katie Hobbs will refuse a phone call from Bill Gates when he needs a government favor ‘with strings attached,’ or do you think that Bill Gates will refuse a phone call from Bill Gates for the same thing?”

Canterbury told The Arizona Sun Times, “I want to protect and save Maricopa County’s future. We’ve been the fastest growing county in the U.S. for the past two years. Every corporation in the world is looking here to build their plants, but we have to do that smartly. Let’s say someone from China or a communist country comes in, they will start influencing our communities regarding communism. The county supervisors are the ones who approve leasing county-owned land. I will never let that happen.”

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