RINO's Start Your Own Party

Covid deaths under Joe Biden’s regime  over 92,969 souls. Won’t see this in the Liberal Media.
It was fun to see all the Rinos come out of the woodwork, once President Trump left office.
First you had the losers trying to impeach him. And Cheney floated to the top like scum in a bucket.
Liz was a classy lady. Why would she want to impeach a president for a non crime when he only had a few days left in office.
It wasn’t worth it. 
Then you had the clowns that voted that it was constitutional to remove a president from office when he was no longer in office.
Duh. It is like dumb and dumber. And the regular clowns came forward. Romney, Toomey, Collins, Sasse and Murkowski.  In effect they claimed it was constitutional to remove a president from office who was no longer in office.  And they should have taken a hint from the fact that SCOTUS Roberts marked himself absent.
The parchment known as the constitution is very clear. But these above mentioned clowns either had nothing to do the following week and wanted to hear more lies and arguments to make laws or facts about fake laws.  It was intended to hurt President Trump... it did the opposite.
They imagined words like insurrection, coup, riot etc. and made up their own laws. Now the clowns in the first group knew that there was not enough votes to remove a sitting president from office who by the way was no longer in office. Did I mention that!
And it was just an exercise in how much they hated President Trump. Did the clowns hate President Trump and did they really think that President Trump would not return to continue to drain the swamp of the clowns and all the folks that claim they are moral and represent the wishes of the people in the country.  These are actually people who think they know better than their constituents.  I think that is how they define democracy.
And then it came time to make the final vote. The grand vote to remove President Trump from office an office he know longer legally held.
And the clowns were joined by Burr and Cassidy. Clearly not enough to convict but enough to end their political careers as Republicans.
So maybe they should start their own party. The Rino would look good on their flags. Rino is a large and strong animal. Like a elephant. But in this case the missing H may represent that none of these clowns have spines or backbones.
About 77 million citizens voted for President Trump. Without getting the spineless excited, this is the army and then some who are the soul of the nation. Slo Joe does not even remotely represent the sole of the nation. Maybe he meant fish. I can’t believe the dopes did not know he was not a moderate. But a full fledge card carrying liberal.
So it seems that President Trump was considered an evil man because he questioned the election. He does have the right to question the election. And even today we still don’t know who won the election. Who had the most legal votes!
President Trump still claims  the office was stolen. 
Liz Cheney speaks of morality. We must assume it was hers. Clearly not her constituents. And Liz should question why doesn’t the state houses reflect the Federal congress. And Republican seats were gained in the Fed house.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with mail-in ballots. As long as they are legal, valid votes and generally only one to a customer.  And unfortunately the customer should be a legal living citizen, living in the state where they cast the ballot.
Very few people wanted a labama third term. No one liked his policies and most were afraid to say they didn’t like him. They would be called racists. Whoops they are calling us all racists now any how.  Give an inch and they start looking for more.
We all have a right to question the election. A vote by the people is the only thing that stands in the way of democracy and totalitarianism.
And when they start silencing people and businesses... you have to begin wondering what they have to hide. What is the end game. For the libs the means no matter how illegal justifies the end... their end... not yours!
Trump’s book on the comeback is most interesting.  I had no idea he rebuilt so many buildings around the world. When it comes to a comeback he is the greatest. And the payback will be fun to watch.
Even McConnell the grim reaper sold his soul to the devil. He too is a lawyer. And he was able to see illegality in the actions of the Greatest President of the United States.
Show you how classy these clowns are... How many of them were endorsed by President Trump to get elected or re-elected. Even the Ambassador to the UN was a joke.  Some times it would be wise for the RINOS to keep their big mouths shut. 
PS. For those from Rio Linda:  RINOS is an acronym representing a select group of clowns who are Republicans In Name Only.
RINO's Flag by N/A is licensed under self Phil Taverna