Registered Republicans in Arizona and Maricopa County Continue to Increase Their Lead over Democrats

Registered Republicans in Arizona increased their lead over Democrats from about three percent to over four percent over the past year. This is the biggest gap since 2018.

Similarly, in Maricopa County, Republicans increased their lead from about four percent more than Democrats to almost 4.5 percent more, according to the latest numbers from the Arizona Secretary of State.

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Jim O’Connor, who led the effort to stop the use of voting machine tabulators in last year’s midterm election, told The Arizona Sun Times the numbers show Democrats really didn’t sweep Arizona’s top offices this past election.

“Democrat policies have been failing miserably nationwide, statewide and internationally,” he said. “The pretended losses of Donald Trump, Kari Lake, Abe Hamadeh, Mark Finchem and others dating back to 2018 cover the truth of the matter. Arizona officials at every level of government in both political parties corrupted the votes of our citizens through maladministration, human error, bullying, intimidation, arrogance, ignorance,  gross lack of accountability, and cover up.”

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