Random Thoughts March 2022

Biden has just recently declared that we will not to any buy any more oil from Russia as a statement that America stands by Ukraine.  Do you think Putin cares?  Besides he will cut a deal with China and President Xi Jinping and Putin will be just fine.  The tyrants will have all the oil in the world, and you can thank the American Marxist and dirt worshiping allies that we have to put up with in the Red, White, and Blue for skyrocketing gas prices and not mention higher energy pieces overall.

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised.-Romans 1:25 (NIV)

Yes, these dirt worshipers do indeed worship the creation and the creatures than the one who actually created them.  They hug the trees, the rocks, and you try to be gentle with the flowers.  You love the animals more than you do humans.  Women would rather have dog than a actual human baby.  Plus they don’t mind killing the baby if they don’t want it.  Afterall it is about girl power.  That is what abortion does, or so the zeitgeist says.  That is why they encourage women to defend abortion rights and that abortion and sexual empowerment is all that women need.  So what, if you have to compete with men who claim to be women one day.  But then again, it was never about saving the trees, making women equal than men…it was all about decriminalization of sexual morals and the enslavement of America.  Lia Thomas meanwhile makes history by beating the records of a honest female swimmer named Katie Ledecky…likely with the approval of the likes of Annie Laurie Gaylor, Jill Filipovic and other feminist who have to give payback to their allies in the rainbow jihad for their quest of woman’s unlimited sexual gratification.  Women love sex, just as men do…if not more.  These feminists just hate the procreation part of it…it does not bring pleasure and happiness unlike the sex act itself…and that is bad.  Another classic example of Situational Ethics.

Colorado Republicans need to let go Donald J. Trump and find someone that resemble a Ronald Reagan.  Someone that is truly concerned about what is happening in America right now coupled with the issues of Colorado.  Just as Glenn Allen Youngkin focused on education and the bluntness of his predecessor Terry McAuliffe declaring basically…that children don’t belong to the parents (or God) but rather they belong to him as part of the State.  McAuliffe sided with the advocates of Critical Race Theory and having his heart set on teaching our current generation of children with this kind of stuff.  Convince the white boy or girl that they are garbage while empowering the black boy and girl.  How does make things better?  Well public-school parents felt it would not make things better and they voted against McAuliffe and Youngkin is the Republican governor of what is suppose to be a blue state.  What are they are going in Colorado?  Focused on electronic voting machines, and suing the state so that a prospection that allow unaffiliated voters to vote in primaries becomes void.  This will not convince the unaffiliated to herd back into the Republican Party of Colorado.  It will only drive them more to the Democrat coalition, as the Republicans continue to choose people that can’t win in Colorado, but are so focused on help their Messiah of the moment Donald J. Trump. 

But then again, we can hope that the real conservatives in Colorado rise up and form a new coalition to eventually replace the Republican Party.  This country needs it.  When old institutions are corrupted, they can’t be redeemed.  They must be replaced.  This is what I believe Jesus Christ meant by New Wine and Old Sheep skins.  Old Sheep Skins eventually break, as it can’t handle new wine.  Christian denominations have done this in recent years, and now we shall have a brand-new Methodist church body that is not only emerging…but LONG OVERDUE!  Conservatives especially Christians need to give up trying to reform and retaking a political party that does not want to be retaken…and I am talking about that Grand Old Party that also is known as the Republican Party.  Retaking the Republican Party is a classic example of how humanist thinking is harming politics and public policy.  I am not saying never vote Republican for this moment…but rather see this as the long-term strategy and plan that we need going forward.

If you have not seen the 2021 version of West Side Story, you really are doing yourself a disservice.  Yes, it’s a bit woke, its bilingual, Tony is a convict, and you have a Jet who is more feminine and perhaps feels better if he could be a girl, and sure…its implied that Tony and Maria made whoopee…but nothing in your face, they don’t push the envelope too far, and the movie stays true to the overall story which has not changed and neither has the musical numbers themselves.   Its still that 1950’s Romeo & Juliet story about the white American boy meets Puerto Rican girl and they both fall in love with each other...and two groups of gangs full of rage, hate and blind to the real feelings of Tony and Maria, and even in this version, Maria chews out both the Jets and Sharks for their hate of each other after Tony dies (although the Jets get an earful first from drug store owner Valentina played by Rita Moreno and also played Anita in the 1961 version of WSW) .  There are movies that deserved to fail…the 2021 version of West Side Story is not one of one…and hopefully over time it become a classic movie just as the 1961 version.  In certain ways, this is closer to the versions of the musical done on stage.  At least the performers in the movie did their own singing…even if for the most part, their vocals were prerecorded before the movie shoot.

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