Progressive Election Lawyer Marc Elias Attacks New Election Integrity Lawsuits in Arizona, Claims Republicans Want to Cheat

Republicans have filed five election integrity lawsuits recently in Arizona, attracting the ire of election fraud denier and progressive attorney Marc Elias.

Elias issued a video last week analyzing some of the lawsuits, which he described as “anti-voting lawsuits” that seek to make it “harder to vote and easier to cheat,” part of a “plan Republicans have to undermine elections and suppress voters.”

Elias’ Democracy Docket podcast co-host Paige Moskowitz said the video intended to review the lawsuits to see what “challenges voters may face in November,” echoing Elias’ claim that the litigation sought to make it harder to vote.

Elias said, “Republicans are going after three things: They want to undermine election administration, disenfranchise voters to make voting harder, and they want to subvert elections.”

He said they’re doing it because they don’t have majority support from the electorate, which is “an existential threat to the Republican Party.”

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