Political Blues: I Was Right, but I Was Wrong

I've been a big supporter of President Trump ever since he announced his candidacy in 2015. I've been mostly pleased with his actions as president, and I've been very happy with his unconventional, blunt, pugnacious approach to the job. However, my natural pessimism, as well as my belief in the increasing mass ignorance of the American population, have long caused me to predict Trump's defeat in the 2020 election. I thought he would lose because the vast majority of Americans have been brainwashed into hating him by the Left-loving media, social media, pop culture, and education system. I was convinced that Biden would hand Trump a big defeat in both the popular vote and electoral college.

It looks like I was right about Trump losing. But I was wrong about the magnitude of the loss (in terms of vote percentages). And I was very wrong about the reason for the loss. I had not expected Trump to "lose" in the way in which things are currently playing out.

It turns out that about half the American population still supports Trump, and these folks—male and female Americans of all races—seemed enthusiastic about getting out to vote for him in record numbers. It is also clear to me that if the votes of these Trump supporters and the votes of the Biden backers were all honestly counted, Trump would actually win this thing! An honest count of the votes would have re-elected Trump, and I would happily have been proven wrong in my pessimistic election prediction.

Unfortunately, the Democrats—who were surely shocked by the huge support for Trump in the election results Tuesday night—quickly figured out another way to win.It is the old Chicago Democrat way—the crooked, fraudulent, deceitful, cheating, criminal, gangster way.

On Tuesday night, Trump was leading in several states that he needed to win to get to 270 electoral votes. It really looked like he was going to win those states. So, the Democrat powers-that-be, sensing an emergency situation, responded by stopping the vote counting. Then suddenly and amazingly the next day, tons of new Biden votes suddenly materialized. And vote balances in all the key states shifted in Biden's favor. 

I don't believe this BS! There is undoubtedly massive fraud going on in these states—and much of it has already been exposed by numerous reports (though denied by the mass media). We've been seeing these kinds of crooked political shenanigans in Illinois for decades. And now the whole nation is witnessing it. The establishment candidate and the establishment position always manage to triumph, regardless of what the voters may really want. 

Trump keeps fighting

I know that Trump's lawyers are trying to expose the fraud and taking the battle into the courts. Trump is a perpetual fighter, and he will keep fighting to the end. But the court system, like the election system, is untrustworthy and politicized in favor of the Left. We have already seen this in some of the latest rulings. So, I doubt if Trump will prevail in the courts. I hope like hell that he is able to prevail, but I seriously doubt that he will. What about the U.S. Supreme Court? You think Amy is going to save the day? Ha! Do not count on the Supreme Court and Amy Coney Barrett to ride to Trump's rescue. I suspect that a majority of the high court justices, including the "conservatives," would just defer to the states, allowing them to count the votes in whatever ways they want to count the votes…. Keep pulling those Biden votes out of your butt!

Still, I'm glad that Trump is fighting this crap. After all, the Democrats are blatantly stealing the presidential election! Everyone knows it! It is an outrage! So I hope that Trump keeps fighting with whatever ammunition he has left. Maybe a miracle will happen, and the truth and Trump will prevail. But, I'm sorry, I always like to stay grounded in reality. Miracles do not happen in this decadent nation anymore. Not after 2016. After that, the establishment permanently banned miracles.

I do not have any faith in the court system to eventually rule in Trump's favor. Most of the robe wearers in the "justice" system throughout this country belong to the same corrupt political and government establishment that has always despised Trump. And they will be very happy when he is finally gone. They are eager to see The Return of the Swamp. And they will get to see that and to be part of it when Biden the Creepy Old Five-Decade Swamp Creature brings all the foul stench back to DC.

I don't know what Trump is going to do after all the legal battles are inevitably lost. I'm tempted to advise him to never concede defeat, to declare martial law, and to barricade himself in the White House as president for life. But that is just a silly fantasy. The military establishment hates him, and they would certainly support Biden and the Democrats, should the situation ever descend into the armed conflict stage. If I was Trump, I would just flip off the country, go back to my comfortable private life, and make as much money as I can for the rest of my life. He gave America his best, and he fought the crooked system as much as he could. But the crooked system is simply too strong, and it always ultimately wins. And things will keep getting worse in a decadent society like America. So the hell with it all!

It is so depressing

It is all so very depressing—so thoroughly and profoundly depressing. It seems that all the big powerful institutions in America—including both the government and the corporate institutions—have become completely corrupted. All this powers-that-be have become the enemies of the people. They hate the half of the population that voted for Trump, and they are joyously disenfranchising them…. letting out evil laughs as each Trump vote is erased.

As for me, I will never vote again. I have lost all faith in the system (my faith was minimal to begin with). It is clearer than ever that the crooked, corrupt, criminal establishment will not allow my vote or my opinion to count. And I am not going to be a useful idiot for them anymore by voting just so they can cite that as an example of how democracy is alive and well in America. That is a lie. The truth is that democracy is dead in America. Let me give another example, from my sick state of Illinois. Governor Pumpkinhead Pritzker had a phony "fair tax" amendment on the ballot in this election. Despite the misleading name, it was designed to raise taxes. I voted against it, as did most other voters. The next day, Pritzker responded to the defeat of the amendment by saying that he will simply find another way to raise taxes.  

So why the hell did we even vote? Just so the crooks in the government could laugh at us. That's why.

But perhaps in your state, you saw some positive, encouraging results from the election. The Republicans apparently kept the U.S. Senate and gained a little in the House. Whoopdeedoo! Big deal! So now you're going to put all your faith in Mitch McConnell? Don't be so foolish. Don't fall for the illusion. Trump was the only thing that gave the Republicans a spine. Without him, they will rapidly return to their swampy invertebrate ways. AOC and her socialistic comrades are going to be the real group running America from now on. You better get used to it—unless you plan on fleeing the country (which is an idea I toy with).

I'm finished with politics. All it does is get me angry and depressed. I am not going to participate anymore in a game that is rigged against me from the start. From now on, I'm just going to focus selfishly on my own life, and do whatever I have to do to survive and to live as free as I can in the face of the growing tyranny. The country and the government can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. They both are going to that deep dark destination anyway, regardless of whatever I do or do not do. I will focus only on me and those few people that are close to me. We are now officially at the point where it's every man for himself.

I've got the political blues

Two of my self-satisfying pursuits are listening to music and playing music. I enjoy music—especially 1970s-style rock, country, and blues. I think I'll be doing a lot more of that in the days to come. Music carries my mind and soul away to a better place. I'll also be writing, drawing, reading, watching horror movies (avoiding the horror news), drinking whiskey and wine, playing with my cat, walking in the woods, staring at the stars, and other private pursuits that give me enjoyment.

I recently made up a song that I call "Political Blues." It's mainly a guitar jam with a friend. The only lyrics are: "I've got the political blues, I'm afraid my side will always lose."

Reality today is a total downer. I need to get drunk.

Go ahead Dems, I don't care anymore: MAKE AMERICA CRAP AGAIN!

About the author:
A. J. Smuskiewicz is a freelance writer with a major case of the blues. He can be contacted at: [email protected] 

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