Pennsylvania State Court voter fraud case will not give Donald Trump a second term.

I just read the court docket on the case of voter fraud before the Pennsylvania State Court. Its merits will be considered this coming Friday because a judge essentially uncertified the election results in Pennsylvania until after further scrutiny can be given to the argument presently before them.

The case is very impressive and based on existing state constitutional law that was just as egregiously ignored as the federal Constitution has been across America all year, "because germs."

See, this is where some folks get to reap what they've been sowing with their mask-mandates, business and church closures. Let me explain.

This Covid-19 excuse to flagrantly upend the high-laws of our states and nation is utterly deadly, and most of the public (prepare yourself for my candor) are much too stupid to recognize that their elected officials are truly, lawless tyrants.

What has happened in Pennsylvania with mail-in ballots is clearly unconstitutional in Pennsylvania, so far as I can tell, (just like mask ordinances, business closures, social distancing orders, church closures etc. etc. in most of the United States), but how many American citizens (even pastors) have been banging that same drum ("Romans 13! - Romans 13!") will totally contradict themselves once they realize that this precise lawlessness has upended the efficacy of THEIR OWN VOTE cast on election day?

Donald Trump will not get enough electoral votes to remain the President, from what appears to be a very valid and legally solid case against election malfeasance in Pennsylvania, but the case is still VERY IMPORTANT to our future, because SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has got to do a smack-down on these lawless fools in Governors mansions, Mayors offices and Sheriffs offices.

America is either going to remain a "nation of laws" or it will be an infected nation of lawlessness.

Most ironically, President Trump is very much responsible for much (not all) of the ongoing gubernatorial lawlessness that he now alleges may have cost him his re-election. Many of the Governors in America's 50 states could not abuse their citizenry without his national declaration of emergency. As soon as they arrested the first preacher in Florida, and we all witnessed the First Amendment treated as a suggestion, he should have rescinded his own exploited declaration and disemboweled state-level tyranny.

President Trump would have done well to have surrounded himself with strict originalist advisers who comprehended the cancer of judicial supremacy and "living constitution" heresy, but he did not surround himself with such men. Had he done so, he would not have set the Covid-19 usurpation of self-government into motion while bragging about it and applauding it across the past year, and, who knows, he might well be on his way to a second-term.

He did not.

He is not.

Here is what President Trump should have said as soon as he believed a pandemic was coming to American shores:

Self-government is the hallmark of American freedom. No matter the threat we face from a frightening pandemic, we must all remain strictly submissive to the limitations imposed against all three branches of our government by our state and federal constitutions. If we've learned anything at all from history, we have learned that free men can overcome all obstacles, and big government is almost always the biggest and most dangerous obstacle that threatens men's lives. So we must not allow a virus potentially created in communist China to strip us of what makes us a free people, and conform us to begin thinking and acting like the communists where the virus originated.

Clearly, this was not said. Just the opposite, actually. So here we are.

President Trump promoted and adulated the folly of Dr. Fauci and company and became the unwitting first-cause of layers of unconstitutional, fascist-masking crusades, business and church closures across America, etc.

The left took their cue from the "we can suspend the Constitution... because germs" argument that ORIGINATED IN THE WHITE HOUSE and created a scenario through which election cheating in Pennsylvania would be much easier for them. It turns-out they thought they could upend their own state constitution that regulates voting..."because germs"... too.

See how I just did that? "Because germs" is a very dangerous argument for lawlessness aint it? Yes it is. Especially if you want a fair election in Pennsylvania.

I support the argument before the court of Pennsylvania and I sincerely hope the President's legal team WINS on constitutional grounds. Their case seems very clear to me. May God favor their cause! May ignorant Americans learn something VERY important about the rule of law that will extend to so many other areas of lawlessness going on WITHOUT ANY PROTEST from the White House, at this very hour.

I support this legal challenge, but I do not support the contradiction of populist statism that came right across the Resolute Desk at 1600 Pennsylvania and set in motion the entire mess we are all suffering from on Thanksgiving Eve, of 2020 - called "tyranny."

Cary Gordon is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City, Iowa.  The article first appeared on Gordon's personal Facebook page.  Reprinted by Don McCullen with permission from the author.