Parents Protest ‘Pornographic’ Books at Arizona Public Library Meeting

 Several parents and children attended a meeting of the Chandler Public Library Board Tuesday night to protest “pornographic” books geared to children located in the children’s section of the Basha branch library. The board, which met at that branch, let each attendee speak for two minutes, who used their time to read from the offending books and describe what was contained in them.

A young woman named Audrey, who said she was the 2021 class president of the adjacent high school, read from a book for 10-year-olds that discussed masturbation and abortion. A book about “genderqueer” discussed “strap-ons” and “blow jobs,” she said.

Natalie Cordova, a mother with a child in first grade, spoke about a book aimed at children 10 and up, discussing how to obtain consent for sex. It featured a checklist of sexual actions, where children could mark “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” or “fantasy.” She said children are not capable of consent at that age, and described the book as “sexual grooming.” Cordova complained that she’s requested to add certain books to the library, but it “never happens,” she’s told the vendors weren’t approved.

Riley Morgan, a child, read from a book titled “Will Puberty Last My Whole Life.” The book discussed masturbation for preteens, pornographic movies, and “how to get a girl to have sex,” he said.

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