Parental Rights vs. "Don't Say Gay"

Florida’s Parental Rights Law has been made controversial by the Progressive Zeitgeist, claiming that the its bill in which teachers can’t say “gay” to children in grades Kindergarten through 3rd.  The words “don’t say gay” do not appear in the law at all, but rather that teachers can’t indoctrinate young children into the gay culture or talk about things that are considered not age appropriate, which certain parents along with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis agree with.

Yet the hard progressive left has decided to take sides, and the chose to go with the militant LGBTQ+ Jihad who as a group have been licking their lips, as they have acquired so much power over the years.  They have been recognized as a minority, and thanks to SCOTUS they have a right to have the kind of sex that they do and later on, the right to marriage; but it will never be enough.  Now they are pushing to mainstreami transsexualism/transgenderism, and they want to be able to teach such issues if not groom certain children into the lifestyle with and without the approval of the parents.  The children who enter the LGBTQ+’s web will either come out one of two different ways.

1.  They will be the foot soldiers and visual aids for the LGBTQ+ cause in the future.  They will eat, drink, live, and breath the agenda; and more likely than not the overall Progressive Marxist agenda in America.

2.  They will turn against agenda along the way, after being exploited by puberty blocking drugs, sex-change physicians who seem to be ready, willing, and able to mutilate certain young people into the gender they think they are or feel comfortable with.  We can only hope that these students were just crossing dressing throughout later elementary and secondary high school (ala Maxwell Q. Klinger from M*A*S*H) and not take or undergo anything that would have lifelong consequences, but sadly public education will give in the pressure of the progressive masters and LGBTQ Jahid who don’t care about the mental health of certain children…only their power in numbers.  Truly destructive.

That said, let me say that there are people that have been made in unique ways.  Think of people like a house.  You have your wiring, plumbing, heating, and maybe gas and AC installed in the typical places.  But now, think of a house that is wired and set up differently from the others, but yet if you can figure out how it all works in the home, you will be able to live comfortably in that uniquely made home.

Certain people have been given certain gifts and quarks.  People like me have to deal with the fact that will have to be introverts and don’t necessary function well in big groups.  We can be sensitive to loud noises or in my case loud noises I did not expect.  Yes, there are people (and animals) that are truly born intersex, and there are people who may very well be wired to be attracted to the same sex.  However, in most of world’s religions (including Islam), it is forbidden to engage in homosexual acts. Even Soviet Union Russia was not fond of homosexuality.  Homosexuality as an act as proven to be self-destructive to the people that engage in it. 

Not everyone who does engage in homosexual activity lives shorter lives of course…everyone is different.  Look at the likes of American pop singer Barry Manilow and British actor Derek Jacobi.  Manilow is in his later 70’s and Jacobi made it to his 80’s.  Others however, like Sylvester James Jr. (who’s stage name was simply Sylvester), Rock Hudson, songwriter Paul Jabara and Queen’s Freddie Mercury had their lives cut shot due to their sexual acts.  It’s that underground culture that has been mainstreamed more/less by the major media.  A culture that middle America could care less about as long as did not impact them. 

Well thanks to certain LGBTQ activists and their allies in public education…we will be made to care about their underground culture they are trying to mainstream.  Currently one of the biggest spokespersons against DeSantis and Florida’s parental rights law is an openly gay and crossing dressing high school student named Will Larkins out of Orlando.  Larkins who apparently feels that he is really a woman who was able to express who he truly was after going to an Arts Summer Camp as he was entering seventh.  A girl asked Will if he was gay, and showed him pictures of famed drag queen performer RuPaul (born RuPaul Andre Charles), and felt that burden was lifted. 

He then embraced his gayness and is now one of the youngest spokespersons against Florida’s Parental Rights Law, also agreeing with the Freedom From Religion Foundation that teachers should be able to intervene should the parents not embrace that child’s gender that they think they are.  The bottom line is that Larkins and his new fond allies at FFRF (who gave him a scholarship award for his activism) that the state should be able to get in the way of the parent-child relationship and “save” that child from misery and pain.  By the way Larkins was dressed in nothing but women’s undergarments when he did the interview with FFRF for their weekly TV program Freethought Matters.  Otherwise, he is a cross dresser wearing women’s dresses and clothing.

Children will find someone to bully and they will always find some way to bully them, and believe me as someone that was bullied himself, I despise bullies without a cause other than wanting attention.  That said, I strongly support the right of parents to protect their children from those who may or may not have the child’s best interests and when it comes to the LGBTQ, THEIR first interest is power…and if they can recruit and groom children at a young age, the more likely they get that power and more they eagerly crave.  It does not matter if certain children are harmed along the way.

Emerging Latina pop star Camila Cabello, did a Mother’s Day fund raising for “Protect Our Kids” who is trying to push back if not repeal the Parental Rights Law in Florida.  Cabello said on Instagram;

I am sooo honored to have spent Mother’s Day supporting @lambdalegal and @equalityfl in launching the Protect Our Kids Fund which supports litigation against the hateful Don’t Say Gay or Trans law in FL.

Cabello also did a charity concert for Protect Our Kids Fund.

As someone who grew up and still lives in Florida, I am appalled that my home state is putting the health and lives of young Floridians at risk by passing this law and inviting discrimination into our schools.” And urged people to donate in order to stand in “solidarity with LGBTQ youth and families.

Cabello will be just another cog In the Marxist/Pagan/Counter Revolution cause that the entertainment industry pushes.  An agenda which has plagued the business at least since the early 20th Century.   

People, the far Left are hopelessly utopian and as David Spangler said; No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer.  Regardless if you believe in a devil or not, the angel who once called himself Lucifer is in the details, and is admired by many Marxists and/or Leftist Radicals.  The heart of most radicals is that they want to take God’s place and are flat out selfish with very little or no love for their neighbor or even their own friends.

The emerging radical named Will Larkin is going to serve the cause of the counter revolution, but he will need to race up the lefist radical LGBTQ food chain in order to forward not only the LGBTQ Cause but the overall counter revolution that many in our government including public education are pushing for.  If he can do that, he will be a household name among the radicals, and a name we must put out to demoralize and fight back in order to preserve what is right for America and the world.

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