Pandemic Scam Part 2

Covid deaths under tumbling Joe Biden: 165,156 souls.
Spring is here
It is a great time for people to be out enjoying life.
But not for the liberal wackos and the teachers that don’t have enough money like $300 billion... to open all the schools to indoor learning.
And they blamed President Trump for not following the science. Now the same science says 3 feet is ok. Still nonsense.
What changed? CDC claimed they never said to close the schools...seems somewhat difficult to open.. once they have been closed.
Don’t ever let a crisis go to waste. Just how much of that teacher money will go to supporting liberal politicians and their invasive and intrusive ideas.
The basic difference between a liberal and a non-liberal: Liberal wants to tell you and command you how to live. And take away all your rights except death and taxes.
The non-libs... Let me live the American dream without  government control and social media interference.
Funny how the libs seemed to want to own the flag ... Don’t tread on me.  I think they may have this backwards.
“It is often used in the United States as a symbol for gun rights and limited government.”
The main nonsense is that we are reaching 100 million vaccinations and only 113 folks have died from the vaccine up to  Jan. 13, 2021, The experts say the risk does not outweigh the reward. The risk is the loss of a love one... Marvelous Marvin Haggler for one. And we still don’t have a clue of how many people have actually died from the virus. Could be as low as....9,000  in 15 months. By the way we are midway through April.  No clue how many folks died from the vaccine.
But back to the nonsense.   Rand Paul had it out with dopey Fauci. I wrote Fauci was a dope a year ago. Now people are finding out, I was correct again.
So Senator Paul a doctor no less who actually treated patients not like Fauci, couldn’t believe Fauci was wearing a double mask after he had received the vaccine.
And he pointed to studies. And the great Fauci basically said...nah nah.  This is what I said  Do you remember Fauci sitting at a baseball game next to 2 people and he was maskless.
Fauci has changed his opinions a lot. And he now claims he made judgment calls.  Didn’t they say it was science.  There is really not much science out there. Look at climate change and systemic racism... all nonsense.
So the mask in itself is stupid. There is no reason for 2 people to wear a mask. One person should do it. And the odds of coming in contact with a person who has the disease and spend enough time to transmit the disease... is probably slim.  This would not work as well for healthcare workers, and anyone that spends a considerable amount of time with some one who has the disease and is contagious like a co-worker and family member.
Dr. Cuomo made it sound like you could pass someone on the street and get the disease... pure nonsense. In NY if you are being mugged or assaulted.. you better have your mask on. Without intimate or prolonged exposure, the odds are slim to none you could get the disease. And of course most people who got the disease were wearing masks.
So now we are reaching 100 million vaccinated. God knows how many folks have had the disease and they would have natural immunity. So that could be well over a third of the country. And then you have the smart folks who are taking C, D and chelated Zinc to prevent the disease.
So you could see that the chances of getting the disease should be very small. If non-existent for the most part. 
Their next step to make more money is to force you to get the vaccine so they can make more money.  They will tell you that you can not fly, go to sporting events, etc. unless you had the vaccine.  I don’t think that will stand up in court. And there is no science to back it.
So in essence the liberal lunacy will need to come to an end.
The global number for getting the disease in a serious form is below .6%. That is globally. Once a third of the population is vaccinated, then that means one out of three can not get the disease allegedly. So the disease will have a much harder time finding an acceptable host and being able to spread it in a variant form. That is assuming the vaccine is effective. And if we have the means to test accurately if one has the disease... or had it.
My gut says stop giving the teachers money and give them a vaccine shot instead.  It is hard to imagine the effect all of these lockdowns had on our children. Of course if you are smart, probably not a big deal. But if you are in the middle of the pack... it could be tough to catch up.
But maybe this Fauci experiment may prove that we don’t need all the teachers after all. 
I have always suggested that most classes should be taught by computers. Get the best teachers in the world and have them put the curriculum together. Then the testing can be immediate. And if the subject went over the student’s head... the computer can readjust the testing in such a way to reinforce what the student did not comprehend. Can’t do that in a full class  with one teacher... but a well programed computer can do that all day and all night long. And the smart students can move along much faster... wouldn't have to wait for the pack to catch up. And if the loons want to use propaganda on the skulls of mush... you would know about it before it happens.
Teacher’s union won’t be happy. And they will have less money to donate to liberal causes and curriculums like critical race theory.
Instead focus on what is needed to achieve the American Dream and be a Great American Patriot... Mathematics, reading and True History!
How come no one talks about the TV shows. They seem to be shooting their programs without much regard for the spread of the virus.  Ok so they are essential. They are within 6 feet of each other. And there must be hundreds of people on the set. Most of these folks are liberal. So do they have a natural immunity we don’t know about.  Where is Chris Cuomo when we need him. The liberal media is marked absent on this one.
I actually wrote this a few weeks ago. And there is so much coming down the pike.  So let me just list what is happening,
1) The science is now saying if you had covid and still have it... the vaccine could cause complications.  Whoops.  This could cut into their money mill.
Didn’t we have immunity testing a year ago. So just maybe that was a failure and so was the covid test.
So just maybe tumbling Joe has this all wrong. If more people are dying from the vaccine than the disease... don’t need a Fauci judgment call on that one.
2) CDC director says Michigan should shut down.  I suggest you stop paying these alleged “experts”.
3) Regeneron is found useful for treating the disease and preventing the disease. . They call it an antibody. This is the same stuff they used on President Trump. And doctors have been using it since November. So how come the liberal media isn’t bragging about it.  Instead...Get the vaccine and get your passport and double mask.
4) Fed Powell says opening the economy too soon can cause a new spike.  Wait this dope is a financial expert. Is he looking to take over the Fauci spot. What’s the difference.  The question is obvious is Powell as good at finances as he is as a health expert?
5) Physician says masks are a ticking time bomb. Health professionals wear masks all the time. But they are not walking etc. They are generally in one spot doing a procedure and then throw the mask away. This physician claims there is stuff in the good masks that can end up in the lungs etc. But the folks wearing the cloth things should be good. But of course they are basically useless.  But they look cool if you plan on robbing the stage coach.
6) Vaccine can cause brain clots.  Risk outweighs the reward.  Yahoo!
7)  WHO: No guarantee that vaccine prevents transmission.  What!
8) 246 fully vaccinated Michiganders got COVID-19, 3 died, state reports.  Again...What!
9) Facebook 'corrects' woman's complaint vaccine 'is killing me,' then she dies. 
10) Vast majority of U.S. COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented, Birx says.  She is obviously an idiot. What proof does she have that if you closed down the economy 2 weeks earlier she would have saved 100,000 lives.  Again folks you have been had.
11) Bill Maher makes fun of the scare tactics of the left:
“If you've ever driven by someone wearing two masks alone in the car or while jogging outdoors at a park, and I know you have, you've probably wondered how two worlds can exist at the exact same time, right beside each other. On the one hand, COVID-19 is a potentially deadly virus to those who are vulnerable and it merits reasonable, sustainable precautions. On the other, our Chicken Little medical overlords and the lapdog media who give them a platform have been predicting a literal zombie apocalypse for more than a year. And people keep believing them.”
12) This just in a J&J vaccine caused paralysis on a 43 year old.  Not much in the liberal media about vaccine complications and deaths.  After all the benefit outweighs the risk.   Really?
The above has popped up in the last few weeks.   Mostly nonsense and needs to be verified with real reproducible science.
The other reason the numbers are going down is that they are actually treating the patients instead of waiting for them to die.
No proof yet the vaccine has done anything except make a bunch of liberal folks very rich.
Tribute to Rush.
Hey folk, you must have heard the liberals want to pack the court. They want to add 4 new liberal justices to the court. We don’t even know if there is room for 4 more justices in the building. With all their staff etc... They may have to build a new building or wing. We could be talking billions of dollars to add 4 justices, security, staff, building, etc.
Leave it up to the liberals not to be concerned about the spending,
But why stop at 4 justices. 13 circuits so it is an unpacking. But there are 50 states at least for now. Why not 50 more justices.
When you let the children loose in the hallways it is always playtime.
At that my friends is the rest of the story.
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