On Living in an Age of Decline

One of the more frustrating aspects of being a political commentator with a good mind is that it is easier to see what is going on in America these days than to figure out what patriotic Americans should do about it. My blog’s relative neglect of the latter subject has had strange consequences. For example, some of my readers apparently think that I am saying that the “solution” to our national predicament, insofar as there is one, if for right-wingers to emigrate to Russia.

While Russia’s willingness to take a better position than the United States on a number of human rights issues has earned that country some favorable mentions on my blog, the truth is that I have only advocated actual resettlement there for a very specific (and rare) set of people – parents who are in child custody fights in which the other parent wants to raise the child as the wrong sex.

There are a number of reasons why Russia is, in my opinion, the best place to seek asylum if you find yourself in such a nightmare scenario. Russia is generally hostile to the LGBT agenda, is not bullyable by the US, and is the closest foreign country after Canada and Mexico.

But for literally anybody else, there is very little reason to go there. To begin with, the place isn’t exactly run by open-borders liberals who would be happy to let you in. And if you did manage to get legal residence, you would still be looking at a difficult language barrier: Russian is not easy to learn, owing in part to the fact that it has retained elements of the Proto-Indo-European case system which western European languages haven’t used since before Roman times.

Does the rarity of circumstances in which fleeing to Russia makes sense mean that it is a mistake for me to talk about that subject so often? Not at all. The fact that several hundreds or thousands of people have allowed their exes and/or the state to mutilate their children without at least trying to escape to a country with a less demented concept of human rights says something important about the present state of the American nation.

I have chosen to use the absence of US transgender child cases from the dockets of Moscow’s asylum courts as Exhibit A in my case that the American people presently suffer from an almost complete lack of courage. This is a big deal, because “complete lack of courage” isn’t a trait that you find in an imperial nation unless the imperial nation is well along in the process of decline and fall.

This raises an interesting question: if you are an ordinary American with no unusual circumstances that would necessitate emigration, what should you do about the American Empire’s ongoing decline and fall?

And this is a question which is not easy to answer. In fact, I don’t think that anybody has a full answer. But I can at least provide, and elaborate on, two useful insights....

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