No, Abortion Does Not Drive Moderate Women to the Polls


The left started a myth a few years ago to deter pro-lifers from drafting legislation. They asserted that passing pro-life laws makes moderate women angry, so they show up in larger numbers to vote, hurting conservative candidates and conservative ballot measures. This myth has become such an effective tactic that in Arizona, after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the state’s old strict abortion law could go into effect due to the U.S. Supreme Court reversing Roe v. Wade, the conservative Arizona Legislature rushed to repeal the law. Legislators claimed that if it wasn’t repealed, moderate women would rush to vote for the left’s radical 9-month pro-abortion proposition that is likely to be on the ballot this fall. 


The legislators who voted for the repeal didn’t seem to care that the left cheated in Arizona’s 2020 and 2022 elections, ensuring that their propositions passed and ours didn’t, and since no meaningful election integrity legislation has passed since the botched 2022 election, there’s no reason to think they won’t cheat and steal the 2024 election too. 


No one believes that conservative Kansas, which has a 20-point Republican advantage compared to the rest of the country, really defeated a 2022 pro-life measure. It would have amended the state Constitution to say it contains no right to an abortion. Try to find a poll of Kansas voters on abortion — there’s a reason you can’t find any. 


Unfortunately, state legislatures all around the country are now terrified to put pro-life legislation on the ballot. The MSM gloated about all the failed attempts this year. Instead, there are pro-abortion ballot measures likely to make the ballot in several states, including in red Montana, Florida, South Dakota, Arkansas and Missouri. 


Everyone knows now that Democrats cheat in elections, so why are Republicans giving them a free pass on this issue? Since the cheating started in significant amounts in 2020, it’s becoming even more difficult to tell if abortion drives moderate women to the polls.  


After Roe v. Wade was reversed in 2022, the left ominously warned that it would hurt pro-life Kari Lake’s run for governor in Arizona that year. However, a Rasmussen Reports exit poll found that Lake — whose election was clearly stolen from her — won by a significant 8 points over her pro-abortion opponent Katie Hobbs. The poll showed that women voted for Lake over Hobbs by a 7 point margin — statistically no different than men. Even numerous left-leaning pollsters showed Lake ahead of Hobbs right before the election. 


A poll released in March from Rasmussen Reports found that independent likely voters did not consider abortion a significant issue this year. Only 32% said it is, not much more than Republican likely voters at 28%. In contrast, 66% of likely Democratic voters consider it a significant issue — who were already going to vote. 


The left and their comrades in the MSM now issue gushing article after gushing article leading up to elections warning that pro-life legislation or pro-life court opinions will drive moderate women to the polls. But after the election is over, there’s a strange quiet. There’s no victory lap boasting about how the extra women supposedly showed up. This is because their victories in 2020 and afterwards were due to cheating; they didn’t have the raw numbers to show the supposed increase. There’s never any study that comes out afterwards showing this alleged bump.


But they’re huge on anecdotes, pretending it’s evidence that beefs up their myth. There’s always lots of interviews in the MSM with leftist looking women — notice they always look like leftists, they’re never actually really moderates — who go on and on claiming they only went to vote due to being so outraged about abortion. They’re not even believable. Just a few seconds of listening to them reveals it’s obvious they’re radicals who never miss an election.


Texas banned abortions after six weeks in 2021, and it had no effect on the 2022 election, as Republicans remained in power throughout much of the state. 


The left also perpetuates a myth that women are overwhelmingly pro-abortion. The reality is the majority of leaders in the pro-life movement are women, because a large percentage of women also feel very strongly about preserving life. This may in part be due to the fact more baby girls are aborted than baby boys. These women cancel out the votes of the leftist women who support abortion. The left never discusses all the women who have had an abortion who now regret it or feel sad, so they change their mind on the issue.  


Over half of likely voters agreed with SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade. Sadly, that decision is now proving to be a Pyrrhic victory. The left has gone into an absolute frenzy to ensure that red states adopt pro-abortion laws, and since they’ve mastered cheating in elections, ballot measures are an easy way to do it. Polls show that voters are overwhelmingly against abortion after about three or four months, but these radical measures are passing anyway. A poll from Rasmussen Reports released last month found that 67% of voters oppose abortion after 12 weeks. 


The left’s comrades on the bench — the legal system is now hugely dominated by leftists — are heavily assisting with this, ensuring that pro-life legislation and ballot measures are thrown out and pro-abortion legislation and ballot measures go through.  


By avoiding pro-life legislation, politicians are sacrificing the lives of unborn babies in exchange for tax cuts and other ostensibly more pressing priorities. Why is the right so naively believing the lies of the left? The left lies about everything, there’s no reason to believe them on this myth, especially since they have little evidence to back it up; just their big mouths. 

Reprinted from WND
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