Newly-Resigned AZGOP Chair Jeff DeWit Told NBC ‘No One Believes Kari Can Attract Independents’ and Win Senate Race

Information regarding a recorded conversation between newly-resigned Arizona Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWit and Kari Lake continues to trickle out as speculation increases regarding who the “very powerful people” “Back East” were who told him to offer her a job to keep her out of politics for two years. An inside source told The Arizona Sun Times that it was the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which was denied by NRSC Chair Senator Steve Daines (R-MT).

DeWit told NBC News after resigning that the offer “had everything to do with her being a drag on the ticket. There are people who want to make sure we win the election and that’s it. No one believes she can get across the finish line, particularly with independents.” Lake is running for U.S. Senate and is a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, with some circulating her name as a possible vice presidential candidate. She flew to New Hampshire before the primary on Tuesday.

Lake texted her campaign statement to The Sun Times. “The tape speaks for itself: The Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit attempted to bribe Kari Lake. Thankfully Kari is an extremely ethical person who rejected DeWit’s multiple attempts to offer her money and corporate board seats in exchange for Kari not running for public office. She will be an incredible Senator for Arizonans.”

Despite concerns about Lake’s appeal, a Rasmussen Reports late exit poll taken after the 2022 gubernatorial election found that 8 percent of voters chose Lake over Katie Hobbs. Independents chose Lake 51 to 37 percent over Hobbs, and women voted for Lake over Hobbs by a 49 to 43 percent margin. A majority of voters said they found it at least somewhat likely that “2022 election irregularities in heavily Republican areas of Arizona happened intentionally to suppress Republican votes.”

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