New Super PAC-Funded Ads Arrive to Revive Blake Masters’ Campaign Against Senator Mark Kelly

As Blake Masters pulls to within striking distance of incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ), according to new polling by Trafalgar Group, the Frontiers of Freedom Action (FFA) Super PAC has jumped in to the Arizona media market to buy ads focused on opponent Kelly’s voting record.

The Arizona Sun Times asked Frontiers of Freedom President George Landrith, who also heads the FFA, why he thought the race was still winnable after Masters lost significant financial support. Landrith pointed to the gubernatorial race in New Jersey last year, where the Republican candidate, Jack Ciattarelli, was also a little-known newcomer like Masters, and written off by some in the Republican Party. Ciattarelli surprised everyone, losing by only 3.1 points in a very blue state.

Landrith told The Sun Times, “Even if you don’t think Masters is a perfect champion for your cause, look at the horrible things Kelly has done to the state.”

He said he believes the Biden administration and its Democrat-controlled Congress have been such a dismal failure that “[t]he Left should be afraid if they’re in a state where they won by less than 10 points.” Landrith sees Kelly as a senator who could have stopped many of Biden’s bills since the Senate is divided 50/50 down party lines, emphasizing Kelly’s votes against border security measures.

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