New ‘Daughters of the West’ Documentary Exposes How the Transgender Movement is Especially Hurting Girls


A new documentary by videographer Simon Esler exposes a major problem with the transgender movement — its alarming effects on girls. “Daughters of the West” goes over the multiple ways that encouraging girls to transition to boys is causing harm to them, from genital mutilation to mental health problems. The statistics reveal that despite the media heavily featuring boys transitioning to girls in the media, the problem actually affects girls far worse than boys.


The film begins discussing the increase in teen labiaplasty and girls getting their breasts removed. There is now a full-blown teen mental health crisis which includes depression, cutting, anorexia and questioning gender identity. The film repeatedly shows a young woman declaring,  “I have to do something crazy that would make me happy.”


The film reveals that it’s not happening by accident. “What does it mean for developing bodies, that these trends are not generated organically?” the documentary asks. “But produced for consumption by a centralized corporate media structure, with its own agenda and political?”


The narrator laments, “What was the impact of giving the power to declare preconditions for surgery to women and girls living in a culture that is constantly declaring their bodies in their original form as an obstacle to self fulfillment?” 


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released figures in 2020 revealing that 92% of all cosmetic procedures are performed on women. Nearly 20% of all labia plastic surgery in the U.S. is performed on girls younger than 18. The film noted, “Many women's bodies do not reach full maturity until their early 20s, and adolescents are among the most influenced groups when it comes to media trends.” 


Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist and author, is shown on The Joe Rogan Experience discussing how depression among girls began sharply increasing in 2011 — when social media and smartphones started becoming prevalent among teens. Now, 20% of teenage girls have had a major depressive episode within the last year. 


Haidt said the self-harm rate for girls is up 62% for Gen Z, and up 189% for very young girls.  Interestingly, it is not affecting Millennials. Haidt believes the difference is due to the very young having access to social media and access to smartphones; Millennials came of age before 2011. He added that social media doesn’t have much of an effect on boys compared to girls.  


Seak Smith, founder of Mom Army, noted an inherent contradiction; there’s a love yourself culture but at the same time “hate your body, butcher your body.” She pointed out that when she was growing up, it was just a Cosmopolitan magazine in the grocery checkout line to influence girls, whereas now the images of women with perfect bodies are nonstop everywhere. She only allows her daughter to use her phone for calls and texts, no internet, and she is only allowed to add new contacts with permission.


Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, a licensed clinical social worker who runs The Truthful Therapist, said “feminism has fed some of this,” by claiming that “girls are just like boys” and devaluing babies. She admitted that mentality even messed with her head for a while. As she was talking, video clips of singer Miley Cyrus acting in a sexually strange manner while performing were displayed.


The documentary showed how it is kids becoming increasingly transgender, not adults — evidence that kids are being targeted, not adults. The number of trans kids has doubled, while the number of transgender adults has remained relatively the same, even after Caitlyn Jenner came out. 


The sex change clinics tell parents if they don’t “affirm” their children’s gender identity, their child will kill themselves. They set up an artificial dichotomy: “Do you want a dead daughter or a living son?”


TikTok female-to-male influencer CrySpyJvmes explained how two years after phalloplasty, the new male genitalia lacks full feeling. CrySpyJvmes has undergone 12 surgeries in the past two years, and has significant arm indentations where they took the fat to build the male genitalia. 


Dr. Abigail Shrier, who wrote the book Irreversible Damage, discussed the massive increases in teenage girls getting gender surgeries, including over a 4,000% increase in some parts of the world. She said the girls are self-diagnosing; they are not required to get a professional to diagnose them. Some clinics don’t even require a licensed therapist to sign off on breast removals. 


One young woman who detransitioned cried as she relayed her story. “I lost my chest, I don’t know if I’ll be able to have kids,” she said. “I feel like no one wants to date me or love me because I’m ruined.”


The documentary compares the phenomenon to the Salem witch trials. Just like the current movement which stamps out dissent, people during that era weren’t allowed to challenge the mental illness of the girls. Dr. Lisa Littman authored a groundbreaking study in 2019 which found that gender dysphoria is the result of “social contagion.” 


Attorney Ryan Heath of The Gavel Project, which uses the law to challenge woke abuses, told the story of a transgender child whose parents lost custody of her because they would not affirm the girl’s gender transition. The girl ended up trafficked. 


Detransitioner Chloe Cole, who had her breasts removed at age 15, testified to the California State Senate Judiciary Committee against a bill that would make California a “sanctuary state” for gender surgeries. She discussed the harmful effects transitioning had on her, and said the reason she thought she was a boy was because she didn’t identify with the drastic sexualization of girls. 


Esler has been censored all across social media for exposés like this. But instead of it stopping him, expect more. He pledges, “I am on a mission to win the ongoing war against free thought & human liberty.”

Reprinted from Townhall
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