My Tribute to Bob Enyart

The major media at large will paint Bob Enyart as the fifth radio talk show host who protested the COVID-19 jab and died, but for those who attended or watched Bob Enyart’s memorial service coupled with his longtime fan base, you will be told a greater story about Bob Enyart and what really happened to Bob when he made his final stand and sacrifice regarding COVID.

Robert Rob “Bob” Enyart was born January 10, 1959 as part of the Baby Boomer generation.  He was born and raised in the state of New Jersey, and not far from New York City as well as New York State.  As a child, he attended Catholic school, in which he would debate the need for America to stay in the Vietnam War.  It was not until he attended public high school that Bob Enyart truly embraced Christianity and trusting Jesus Christ as his savior, when Ron Hutchcraft presented the Gospel to the 14-year-old Enyart. 

With the Jesus Movement in full swing miles away in the state of California, Enyart started a Jesus Movement of his own when he was part of a local rock band and he converted the whole band to the Christian faith and then playing its own kind of Jesus Music.  Enyart became the leader of a group called Agape Kingdom which was spun off from this musical group.  This group of young teens attended a local Nazarene church and Agape Kingdom helped with this local revival.  These same kids were also students at Enyart’s high school and had prayer meetings daily during the lunch hour.  The leader of the group was none other than Bob Enyart.  Enyart and his Agape Kingdom group would be known as the Jesus Freaks.  When Enyart was told directly by the principal that he and his group could not pray on school grounds, the prayer meeting would take place in the main lobby of the school every morning before school went into session.  There was a move of God indeed in Enyart’s old school, and the principal could do nothing to stop it.  Enyart’s passion to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ was in plain view…and he was a fire brand.  Eventually his passion to save his parents would pay off (thanks again in part to Ron Hutchcraft).  Sadly, Enyart’s mother Connie will outlive his son.

Enyart wanted to learn theology really bad and his long journey began at a private Christian college in New York City after he graduated high school.  In 1979, Bob Enyart would drive himself along with seven teenagers in his own van to Orange County, California just to make contact with Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa.  A few years later, he would make another trip to CC Costa Mesa on a moped (or small motorcycle/scooter).  His theology quest would be sidelined for a while as Enyart took work with McDonnell Douglas and contributed to the work on the Apache Helicopter.  Later on, Enyart would work for telephone company US West (which would fold into Qwest and later Century Link/Lumen Technologies), and then Microsoft (even had dinners at the residence of Bill Gates); and also wrote articles on computer programing for a magazine focused on personal computers called PC Week (now known today as eWeek).  When Microsoft tried to make him sign a form promising never to disclose any secrets and ideals of Microsoft (including from Enyart himself), he successfully dodged that very bullet, and Enyart was able to expose a fraud concept that Bill Gates promoted at the time.  Proved to be just a scratch coming from Enyart, as Microsoft would grow into a powerful company in the 1990’s and beyond.  Eventually Enyart returned to learning theology and was mentored by Bob Hill, a pastor of a lesser-known non-denominational church called Derby Bible Church (and head of Derby School of Theology) in Denver, Colorado.

Enyart would get involved with Operation Rescue and would protest daily at the local Planned Parenthood clinic in Denver.  Bob constantly risked jail time, as OR was known for blocking the doors to Planned Parenthood in order to prevent abortions from taking place.  Enyart’s passion for fighting against abortion would become a keystone in Enyart’s worldview.  On May 1, 1991, Enyart made his moves into radio, starting a radio talk program on a local Christian radio station in Denver called Bob Enyart Live.  One of Enyart’s early programs, he did an interview with famed late term abortionist Dr. Warren Hern who since Roe vs. Wade is a practicing abortionist in Boulder, Colorado.  Hern demanded a list of questions from Bob Enyart in order to control the interview and come out smelling like rose as if providing abortion services was humane.  Enyart complied, but he was ready pull out a joker and ask a question that Hern was not prepared to deal with.  Enyart asked that question in which Hern himself was caught off guard.  Enyart was able to call Hern’s bluff for a brief period of time…although he could never stop Hern completely or his abortion practice.  To this day at 83 years of age, Hern continues to perform abortions.

Bob Enyart caught the attention of a local television station in Denver called KWHD-TV (now KETD) which was owned by LeSea Broadcasting (now known today as Family Broadcasting Company) out of South Bend, Indiana.  They offered Enyart a late-night slot at 10 p.m. Mountain time and his audience continued to grow.  LeSea then took Enyart nationally and gained a greater audience, and was beating out the likes of then late-night hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman (even beating out PBS’s long running UK TV drama showcase program Masterpiece).  During this prime time, Enyart was able to buy most of the items that O.J. Simpson owned and burned them in front of the Los Angeles courthouse, protesting the fact that Simpson should have been put to death, and help establish justice on Earth.  Enyart’s time with LeSea would come to an end when Oral and Richard Roberts (father and son ministry out of Tulsa, Oklahoma) offered more money than was Enyart was offering in the late-night slot.  Needless to say, Enyart’s audience did not care for the Roberts.’

Bob then used his tech knowledge to create his own websites.  Mostly notably, which would become the official website for his long running talk program.  Bob Enyart Live (or BEL) eventually returned to being a Denver area radio talk program which would run on Crawford Broadcasting’s 50,000 Daytime blow torch (1,400 watts at night), KLTT 670 AM as a half hour program.  Granted, Enyart paid Crawford for the air time but he was able to become a successful businessman in the 1990’s selling his teachings on government, death penalty, “God’s Criminal Justice System,” and on the Bible itself and certain areas of the Bible. 

Enyart believed in defending the truth, and the truth as he understood it, especially in his understanding of God’s Word, The Holy Bible.  BEL used the internet to maintain a connection with his audience outside of the Denver area.  He started up a podcast version of his now half hour talk program.  He also brought on Fred Williams and began a feature called Real Science Friday (which was done to mock public radio’s Science Friday program which has been on the air since 1991).  Ira Flatow (host of the show and also hosted the PBS TV program Newton’s Apple) and ScienceFriday, Inc. did not find it funny, and sued Enyart for use of the name.  Enyart and ScienceFriday, Inc. settled out of court, as Enyart changed the name of his feature to Real Science Radio…and even had a short little theme composed for the feature…the same musician also did BEL’s theme song…which promoted BEL itself.  The Thursday broadcast of BEL, would later became known as Theology Thursday which featured the sermons and Bible Studies from Enyart himself.  With his new station and websites, Enyart completed his studies with Bob Hill, and Enyart became an ordained minister in the Christian church and started his own church in the Denver Metro Area called none other than Denver Bible Church which began its ministry in January 2000.

Enyart became contend on his arrangement with Crawford’s KLTT and on, and his audience would keep him on the air and on the web.  Enyart would become more vocal and supportive of the Abortion Abolition movement in which it attempts to recriminalize abortion yesterday.  Enyart helped support Colorado Amendments that would declare the unborn child a person in the state thus making Abortion a crime in the state.  Of course, the amendments failed as Colorado is one of the states in which abortion is easy to get.  He also bought the dominion name which will send the user to the website of National Right to Life ( in protest of not supporting personhood and abortion abolition.  Enyart also helped found the lesser-known American Right to Life ( which supported Personhood but now supports abolition of abortion.   When the Democratic National Convention came to Denver in 2008, Enyart asked for donations of bed sheets (or “Sheets of Shame”) that would be used to make a statement that the “DNC, Destroys uNborn Children.”  It was also an attempt to make the official Guinness Book of World Records, with the largest protest sign.  Even if it did not make the record books, that statement against abortion could be seen for miles through the Denver Metro area and once again brought publicity for Bob and his cause to end abortion.   Enyart lead tours of Israel, made appearances on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect TV program before Maher made the switch to HBO.  Enyart used his publicity to promote his worldview, and his faith in Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

Enyart’s passion to end abortion and stand up for the right to life for the preborn child, would set up Enyart to make a big decision and would be his greatest sacrifice.  His wife came down with COVID-19, and Bob made sure she had the care under her husbands’ terms and convictions…she would not have it any other way.  Bob himself checked into a hospital for his own COVID-19 treatment.  Bob Enyart’s health declined and was moved into an ICU.  Enyart was unable to recover and he passed away on September 12, 2021.  Neither Bob or his wife had any of the COVID-19 vaccines on the market, since both claimed that the vaccines being offered used fetal tissue from aborted babies.  For the record, Enyart did not discourage his audience from taking the vaccines and promoted alternative means to fighting COVID other than the syringe.

While the major media will smear his legacy on not taking the vaccines, his audience and those who will listen will hear and know the rest of the story.  Those who knew Enyart also knew that he was trying to be honest with friends, family, and his listener/viewership.  Now that does not mean Enyart was a Saint and perfect.  He was not and he made mistakes and was a Chief of Sinners in his own way.  However, Enyart knew how to dust himself off, and keep going.  You may not agree with his worldview, or how he raised his children and literally used “the rod” (or a belt to punish his children), or if he actually destroyed eagle eggs so that he could enjoy a late-night breakfast (and expose how we as humans prefer to kill a human preborn baby in the womb), and read obituaries of diseased homosexuals who died of AIDS (KWHD-TV actually stopped him from doing that after multiple viewer complains),  but you can’t deny the results and impact Bob Enyart made himself, his message, and his passion to further the Christian faith to the people he encountered or speaking to the masses via mass communications. 

There will never be another Bob Enyart of course, but we can pray for someone like Enyart to rise from the herd and call people back to the man who died on a cross many years ago under Roman ruled Israel.  We also need to pray for someone that preaches and teaches real and honest grace instead of cheap grace that too many pastors have fallen under its feel good but dangerous ideals.  We need someone to remind us of the disciplines of being a Christian and honoring the Law of God.  Otherwise, we will become another society that became history, because we fell estray.

Robert “Bob” Enyart
January 10, 1959- September 12, 2021 (aged 62)

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